Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Random Acts of Kindness

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Sorry I am so late blogging again today.

Had an important supper date with some special people
who aren’t in town very often.
We spent the time hatching a brilliant Groovi plan -
to be continued tomorrow evening!

You know I sometimes use the expression,
“We are much greater than the sum of our parts”?
Well, believe you me, each one of these ladies is formidable,
but put them together and they are a force to be reckoned with!

More will be revealed.....

So to the blog.
In the wake of all the violent atrocities which have been ripping the world apart recently, it is not difficult to become sad and negative.
Good grief! It’s all too dreadful! It beggars belief!

But I do believe that we attract what we emit. 
It’s called the Law of Attraction.
So if we emit fear and shock because of evil events, 
then we attract even more fearful, shocking events.

Perhaps, if it is possible, we should focus our minds on positive 
and not negative things, on kindness not cruelty.

Indiscriminate, random acts of kindness are a brilliant way to release positive energy. 

Lovely Brenda M talked about RAKs yesterday, about Random Acts of Kindness, and I think she is absolutely right. 

So imagine if we doubled our efforts?!

If each one of us made a decision 
to do two kind things for somebody else every day,
- for a stranger, for a friend, for an animal - 
I think we would make a difference.

I believe it would help at different levels too,
apart from redirecting the energy of the universe!

There’s nothing quite like putting a smile on somebody else’s face;
especially when it is in response to an unexpected act of kindness.

During the retreats these past days, our crafting friends have given Dave and myself the most thoughtful, considerate presents. It’s not only the fact that somebody would go to the trouble of wrapping a gift or making a card - it’s the thoughtfulness, the amount of actual thought which has gone into the gifts! You know that these generous people really took time to consider you, to think about you. And that feels so good. 

But Random Acts of Kindness need not be material.
You can give your time, you can lend a hand,

Tell you what though - it feels extra good if you keep your kind deeds to yourself and don’t tell anybody what you have done. 

It’s one thing to talk about kind acts you have experienced;
it’s another to shout about what you have done 
and what a great guy you are!

So how about it?
How about we make a pledge here, 
starting tomorrow, to do 2 random acts of kindness 
for somebody else every day?

Who’s in?
It starts with me.
I’m in, and I mean it. 
Who’s with me?
Brenda M, Barb,

Hands up.
Positive Energy has to rise.
Copy this and paste it 

Love and Hugs and Peace,