Thursday, 21 September 2017

Chase your Dreams - a stencil technique

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Woke up this morning with a list of things to remember as long as your arm next to the bed, because this morning we have to start our trip up north for the CLARITY OPEN DAY in North Yorkshire.

And at the top of the list was BLOG.
The girl’s got her priorities right!

So I packed my little suitcase, and then skipped off past Dave, 
who was working on the Porsche (another one who’s got his priorities right!) and came up here to try something which I woke up thinking about...

How would one of our Whimsy stencils which our Annie designed look in black on one of the new Designer Papers?
And how do you get the plastic part of the stencil to be the line art? The black?

This should read Chase your Tail !!!

Here’s how:


Spread the Golden Open Payne’s Grey paint over the back of the stencil. You can use a brayer and roll it directly onto the stencil.
Use copy paper underneath the stencil.

Use the  Gel Press plate, the 8"x10" as a paint transfer plate if you prefer. 

Spread with a brayer.

Lay the stencil down on the wet paint face up.

Blot with copy paper. 
This will help you push the stencil into the paint.

Peel the stencil off the Gel press plate and transfer to a sheet of our Designer Paper.

Since Thursday’s blog is always blue, I went with this one from the new Indian Summer Set.

Now to get the pressure you need to transfer the paint beautifully, you need a mangle.
I have an E-Bosser. Any one of the many die cutting machines will do the job.

You just need a rubber shim in the sandwich.
This was my sequence from the bottom:

Rubber shim
Copy paper
Designer Paper
Copy paper

If you flip the stencil and the paper as I did, you will get the embossing the right way round too. 
Basically, you’ve got a 50/50 chance.

Trim the paper....

Then lay it onto another sheet of the same, 
creating continuity in the background. 

It worked so well!
What I woke up visualizing is just what I got.

Love it when it works, don’t you?
A couple of tips:
Not too much paint.
If you don’t have a Gelpress plate (less messy) 
just spread the paint over the back of the stencil with the brayer.

I love this stencil set. They are all available individually. 
But what a delightful set Annie has designed.

click here
Anyway, I must go now, I really must.
It’s a long way.
But there are loads of the Clarity team from the Northern Quarter pitching in to help and play, so it will be a delight to hang out with them all for a couple of days.

Join us if you can, on Saturday, at Tennants Auction House in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

It is a fabulous venue. 

Love & Hugs,