Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Real Beauty. A stampy Step by Step...

Hello there!

Happy Valentines Day

All a bit too commercialised for me, I’m afraid.
Maybe I’m just getting old and cynical.

Thanks for popping in today.
 Sunday and I’m working from home today.
The sun is pouring through the window here, 
and throwing a light prism across the desk.
Beautiful. Warm too.

Yesterday we had a great day out at the Royal Albert Hall.
Went to see Amaluna, Cirque de Soleil.

Although the reviews weren’t great we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Great production, Fantastic costumes and brilliant stunts!
Blimming critics. I’d like to see them have a go.

Anyway. On the subject of fabulous dancers,
our 4 elegant dancer stamps would have fitted in perfectly!

Let’s go back a week to last Sunday,
when I was pedalling away at HOCHANDA.
Here’s a stampy step by step from the 2pm show.

It’s all about the masks...
Stamp the Beauty Dancer onto a printed page,
using black Archival.

An old book, an old magazine, an old newspaper.

Cover the dancer up with her mask.

Use a couple of mellow colours to brush across the 
masked image, using our Clarity Brushes.
The make-up sponge is great for wiping the ink off the mask 
into the background. 

When you remove the mask, the dancer stands out beautifully.
You can easily replace the mask and add more depth to the background if you like...

Colour in the dancer’s outfit.
I used Faber-Castell Polychromos.
Spectrum Noirs work well too.

Add a base underneath her feet with paper and a make-up sponge,

then layer up on a complimentary colour.
I used yellow card and our little corner slot punch 
to catch the artist.

Well, I must go and make a dent in the mountain of work 
that is in front of me.
Happy to have it. A mountain of work.
Wouldn’t want it any other way!

Happy days.

love & hugs.