Thursday, 23 March 2017

Hares and Alcohol Ink on Parchment

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Decided to spend the morning alone in my artroom,
clearing the head, focussing on positive things,
and doing something constructive.

Here’s the result. 
Plus a clear head. 

First thing:
find my favourite Groovi Plates: 

 Composition. Group the hares. 

Add the background.
One panel of the treescape will do. 
Shall I cut it all out? Lot of time. 
But then again, it will help the head.

Besides, I want to practice my picot cutting.
Pergamano fine 2-needle tool and the soft side of the blue mat.
You can get the tool individually, or you can get it in the new Perforating Bundle

Going round the ouside, it’s easier to perforate through the straight grid on the Lightwave. 

Certainly keeps you on the straight and narrow!
We have got large A4 grids now. They are very cool.

I like the exclusive scissors best.

Look at the state of my fingers!
I have been playing with alcohol ink on parchment.
Rosie said it worked, so I had to have a play.

snip snip snip.
Good for the head.

Alcohol ink background here we go!
larger piece of parchement.

Bring the background piece to the foreground and 
begin to create a landscape, using bottled alcohol inks and the felts.
We stock some fantastic alcohol ink colours.

The dark inks are pretty severe, 

but if you dab over them with clear blending solution
they are superb.

On parchment!
Well, I’ll be blowed!
And a little blending solution wiped the counter clean easily. 

Can you see the picture in my head yet?

Trouble is, the hares are green and yellow.

But never fear!
She has an idea!

Flip the background and tape it to the front parchment.
See? The sun is on the other side now. 

Using the little No. 2 paintbrush and blending solution 
I can remove the alcohol ink at the back, behind where the hares sit.

Mind you, the lightwave is a must for this one; the parchment is very dark with the ink!

It’s very easy. You just have to blot quickly after each area, 
so that the blending solution doesn’t spread. 

Actually, I really like this as it is!

Time for assembly.
But before that,
a little colour to the hares at the back - 
Antique Linen Distress marker and a little dark pencil on the undercarriage. 

I have also added a frame on the inside with the nested square plateso I can colour it in.
Should have done all the colouring before the cutting.
Head’s a muddle today.
But never mind. It works fine along a ruler. 

Now I can use a glue runner behind the frame.
It isn’t great for the picot edge; 
looked better before I ran glue along it!
But do you know what? I am happy with it. 

And in the big scheme of things, how important is it?

I am really impressed with how the alcohol ink worked on the parchment though.

I feel another couple of Background Paper books coming on...
Do you think I should include a few landscape pages, like this?
I think yes.

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Love & Hugs,