Sunday, 29 March 2015

No birds were harmed in the making of this art. How to embed a Bird Table...

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Bit drizzums out there today, 
so let’s do some artwork instead I say!!

Yesterday I really enjoyed stretching myself,
 and trying something new with card stitching.

Found a nice home for it in the inglenook, too.

But today I really must have a tidy up in here ....
It’s reached that beyond-a-joke stage again.

Strictly speaking, I could keep going in this mess for weeks,
but we are supposed to be filming the next reel of 
YouTube videos in here tomorrow.

 Before I turn into the White Tornado,
let’s do something easy and lovely,
to focus the mind and dispel all those demons, Barbara.

Route 1

Brayer a little Cheesecake Fresco paint over a little A6 canvas 
with a brayer.

 Drip a drop or drop a drip 
(which ever comes easier to you) 
of Taupe in the lower half of the canvas,
and brayer into the Cheesecake, to create a bleed.

Whilst the canvas is drying,
let’s use the Bird Table stencil 
and the birds which come with it, 

This stencil is in the 40% Spring Sale on our website.
Hurry though - Sale ends at midnight tonight. 
Instead of £4.99, it’s £2.99.
That’s a very good price for a double stencil actually.
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Smother the pieces on one side 
with the Potting Soil Archival ink pad.

Put a sheet of copy paper underneath...

Then take the grey Archival, Watering Can
and add shadow up one edge or where you think.

Once the canvas board is dry,
lay the inky sides face down and arrange your  stencil pieces.

This is going through an embossing machine.
I used the following plates with an E-Bosser:

Copy Paper
Canvas board 
Stencil pieces in place.
Copy Paper

Through it goes and out the other side.
Peel off the stencils elements, which incidentally could easily go through again, 
and look delightful on the smooth BACK 
of the A6 Canvas board too.

Dry it with a heat gun, so you don’t lose the colour by blotting.

It looks so classy!
Because the image is actually embedded.
Can you see that?

Run the grey ink pad around the board edges.

I did a second one, went down a much more challenging path,
with ink pads and sanding blocks and all sorts. 

You see, because the images are recessed/debossed/embedded, 
albeit only slightly, 
you can sand around them beautifully. 

So there we are, two takes.
Little A6 & larger A5.
If you are  thinking of trying canvas boards,
we really do have a great selection at very competitive prices.

You can get a whole collection of 24 boards, 
3 x 8 different sizes 
in a beautiful FREE felt Portfolio

But now I really must go get a black sack 
and sort this mess out!

Whatever I’m doing today, the operative word is DOING.
Whether it’s art, cooking or cleaning, I just have to stay busy until this old washing machine head of mine stops its spin cycle.

Bad thoughts be banished!
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much love,