Sunday, 4 October 2015

It’s Sunday and we are dancing!

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in!
Sunny Sunday, and a day off.
So I shall just blog something from the TV show last week 
if you don’t mind.

A simple step by step, using our new background stencils,
which come with a FREE stencil folder
(and you only pay for 4 stencils) 
CLICK HERE for special offer

and the beautiful dancing stamps.
My absolute favourite designs at the mo.


Amazingly, a lot of people haven’t figured out yet that the words are woven into the designs...

Using Clarity Brushes
load a sheet of A5 Theuva Card with

until it is full.

Add double sided adhesive sheets to the back 
and trim back to fit the sticky sheets.

cut half inch strips

Peel off the sticky backing and lay down the strips on a sheet of copy paper, alternating them.

Lay the bubble stencil over the striped piece and dry dust the stencil with the brushes you have already used.
By not reloading, the colours will be subtle.

Stamp one of the lovely dancers in Black Archival.
I went with Elegance, because I saw her using the horizontal strip as a dancing bar.
You know, the bar ballet dancers use.
No! She’s not a Pole Dancer!

 Coloured in the word Elegance, to make it stand out.
See it now?
Not that you didn’t before of course.

Ribbon mount.
Keep it simple, eh.
But I think a little depth is called for.

Lovely as she is, she looks a bit flat.
I remember getting criticised on a forum once,
 because “my cards were too flat”.
No comment.

So let’s add a little dimension 
by adding a drop shadow with a grey Distress Marker,


Let’s try the same thing with Charm.
She is fab too.

Before Drop Shadow.

After Drop Shadow.

Darker background.
Ribbon at a jaunty angle. 

What a difference a little shading makes!

So there we are.
Time to get my boots on,
find Dave and go for a stroll through the leaves.....

love and hugs,

Candy Blog Winner to be announced tomorrow, 
when I have counted all the clouds and rains !!!!
If one of you has time, that would be brill !!!!