Wednesday, 28 September 2016

It’s a Monkey of a Month!!!

Hi there.
Thank you for joining me today.
Wednesday’s blog - when we just stop and try to figure out 
what we are actually doing!

We’ve been back on the TV prep today, Paul and I.

Paul and Dave are off up to Port Sunlight tomorrow, 
to hook up with Heather, Len and Maria 
for another very, very busy little one-day event.

I am staying back, to get ready for TV Sunday and Monday.

To be honest I need a little time alone in my art room, 
just so that I can get on top of stuff and have a clean up.
File some stamps and stencils, tidy the room,
clear the mind.

I cannot see the spot I am standing on;
I need to step back and reconfigure....

We knew September would be a monkey of a month -
and we weren’t wrong.
But when it goes right, as it did at Tennants in Leyburn last weekend, then it is so worth all the effort.

This was a couple of hours into the set up on the Friday.
To build a Demo Day from scratch is no mean feat!

The next day the whole Clarity Crew were there, 
all set to rock n roll.

A couple of hours later, the hall was packed with friends of Clarity!

The hall was full of you guys from this here blog, too!
I had a shout out and arranged for us to meet outside the Clarityroom at the huge antique table, didn’t I?

It was superb.
You should have seen your faces as we went round the table, 
giving our names!
So much excitement and chatter!
It was about time you met up properly, eh. 

And in the twinkling of an eye, it was all over, 
everything back in the van.

Was it successful? I’ll say!! And I don’t just mean financially, although those that attended certainly came with a shopping list!

The atmosphere, the vibe, the energy in the room. 
That was the magic.

Will we be back to Tennants?
We have reserved the same room for next year already - and the one next door! It was a little bit tight, and we just needed a little more room to manoeuvre.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rodney Tennant,
 the owner of said Auction Rooms.
Very nice gentleman. 

There was a large Country House Auction/Sale in progress during the 2 days we were there - hence all the amazing antiques everywhere.
Whilst in conversation with Rodney Tennants, 
I said that I found it quite sad to see a whole household, 
a family home, being dissolved in that way.
He nodded, and told me that many years ago, when he had first joined Sothebys as a young lad, 
his then boss told him the following:

“Welcome to the world of Divorce, Debt and Death. These are mostly the only occasions when people sell their belongings.”

Now of course, he runs his own immensely successful 
family business.

But I made my own observation too...

When everybody had left, the public had gone home, 
and we were the last people in the building, breaking down the stands again and loading up the van,
there were two men still in the building with us:

Rodney and his General Manager, another very pleasant chap. 
That impressed me.
They both waved us goodbye before locking the door for the evening.