Friday, 24 October 2014

Mary Jones and the World of Word Art

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by each day this week;
Friday already. Private peek.... 

Grace and I met a fabulous woman in Central Park the other day; 
Her name is Mary Jones.
We were walking away from the Boathouse 
(check out last Friday’s blog! It’s hilarious!)
and a black lady called over to us. 
She was standing by the railings on the corner.
“Do you like Poetry?” she asked.
“Of course,” we replied and walked over to her. 
A little cautiously, I have to add...
She proceeded to speak to us in the most beautiful voice, and all in liquid flowing rhyme. She reminded me totally of Maya Angelou! Turns out they knew each other. Wow.
Mary Jones, Grace and I proceeded to have the BEST hour!
She asked me my name and what I thought about more than anything, to which after a little thought, I replied, “my children.” What followed was unbelievable. She proceeded to create a poem just for me. It was as though she read me, understood my innermost thoughts and fears. Knew that Grace lived thousands of miles away and that the separation was painful.

She was clever, and eloquent, and witty,

so kind, gracious and pretty.

And then it started to rain, and this wonderful Word Artist, in the middle of Central Park New York, started rummaging in her bag, and extracted not one but two telescopic umbrellas.
She wanted to give them to us! Of course we declined graciously. But the gesture! The gesture!

I have to say, I am so so glad we stopped and made her acquaintance; our day was made all the richer for knowing her, and Grace will hook up with her again I’m sure. 

A NYPD cop car was cruising past us through the park as we were speaking, and came to a halt. For a split second I thought, Oh no! He is going to tell her to move on! He wound down the window. 
“Hi there. Isn’t she fantastic? I love this woman! Have a great day ladies!”

 Which just goes to show how little we know. 

much love,