Friday, 22 August 2014

A private peek...

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
What a week this has been!
Laura had her beautiful little Evie Jennifer,
who came a little early, but just perfect. A miracle.
Both mother and baby are doing well, 
and Grandad is as proud as Punch!

Evie really is a miracle baby. Almost 3 years ago, many of you may recall that Trevor, the Dad, was very badly burnt in an industrial explosion. We spent several months holding poor Laura’s hand, wondering whether he would even pull through.
So little Evie is a real gift from God.  

I was actually going to have a few days off this week, 
to sort out the new art-studio above the garage,
but that didn’t really go as planned. Does it ever?
Never mind. Not important.
It is exactly as it is supposed to be, today.
It’s been quite nice just blogging and making do and trying to get used to working in my new space.
Want to see a real mess? Make you feel better?
I’m waiting for a big island to go in the middle, 
or an incinerator - whichever arrives first!
But there’s a phone and there’s WIFI, so we have lift-off!

It didn’t take long to turn it into a tip, did it?
But the Money plant likes it, so we’re staying!

I remember a few years ago, when we first came back to England from the States, our whole house would have fitted quite comfortably into this space, 
with room for a washing machine and a fridge!
What a lucky girl I am.

This morning I am off to Tunbridge Wells with my brother for breakfast and a mooch for a baby present, and then this afternoon, Dave and I are going to the Rye Jazz Festival. 
Sounds like a fine time to me.

The only way I can do this thing called Life is one day at a time.
My job today is to get through today as best I can, help where I can and maybe even have a little fun along the way. 
Not that hard really. 

More will be revealed. 


Let’s not forget the trusty brayer and the blending mat.
Even if you already have these, they do have a shelf life. 
They are, after all, our most basic tools for the trade.

Speedball Brayer 
rrp £11.99. Now just £8 

A4 Clarity Blending Mat 
rrp £8.99. Now just £4.99
The lucky winner of yesterday’s Blog Candy prize 
- an 8"x10" Gelli Plate -
(email me your mailing address, and I will get it sent out to you.)

More blog candy...
I think another £10 Gift Voucher, 
sent in a piece of beautiful Clarity artwork 
is cool.
Leave a lovely comment today, and maybe a lovely card and voucher will be yours!
much love,