Thursday, 27 April 2017

Back to Basics - a little Quiz..

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Talk about hit the ground running!
It’s certainly been a whirlwind year thus far!
Sometimes I feel I have lost myself a little in the business of Clarity, the day to day holding on to the reins of the company and steering it in the right direction. 

So today, I thought I would take it right back to basics.
Keep it simple.
Make a card using old techniques which I used for many years, in fact, which this little empire of ours is built on!

We are always forging ahead, developing new ideas.
But from time to time we should stop and look over our shoulders,
It helped me immensely this afternoon, 
doing something old and comfortable,
re-establishing my skillset. 

In fact, let’s have a little quiz.
See how many questions you can answer.
I know for sure that many of you have been treading this road to happy destiny with me for many years...

Stamp the stamps from the brilliant Tree Rows set
 and the girl and lab from the Wee Folk onto A6 Claritycard.

Which ink pad should I use?
If I want to use Dye-based inks and Distress markers to colour in, which ink pad should I being using?

If I wanted to colour in with alcohol inks, or Promarkers, 
or Copics or any of those pens, which ink pad should I use?

Use the blending mat to spread some Artistry Mellow Green ink onto the brayer, and transfer to the lower part of the card.
Use a piece of copy paper to block off the sky.

Tear across the copy paper to get hills.
Go over the green ink with a darker blue ink. 
Blue Chase is a great colour.

What do you think would happen if I spritzed water at this coated card at this stage? Would the black ink bleed? 

Would the card blister?

Add a moon mask.
Load the brayer with Blue Chase ink and start rolling in the sky.

What have I done in the next step?

Use the ink on the blending mat to paint the trees, 
using a paintbrush.

Which size paintbrush would you recommend?

Would you add water to the ink?

Fill in the tiny areas of the trees using Distress Markers.

What can I do with this card to get rid of the blotchy inkwork?

Drag a Sharpie pen around all four sides of the card.

How have I made the background paper?

What’s the name of the dog?

Ha ha. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

So there we have it.
A very simple step by step and 10 questions regarding the process.
Please email me the answers, 1 to 10.

Loads of you are bound to know the answers, 
so I will pick a random champion from the winners 
to receive a £20 Clarity gift voucher.

You’ve got until Saturday lunchtime to send me your reply. 

P.S. The dog is a girl! And the girl’s name is Lynne.
But the dog’s name isn’t Lynne.

Love & Hugs,