Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pooped of Kent...

Stuck in traffic.

Hi there!
Well, the drive back to Britain was going so well -
Until we got to Aachen.
Then we hit a wall of traffic.
Miles of cars and trucks.

As far as the eye could see.
Behind us, too...

But we had a laugh all the same, taking silly selfies

And giggling at silly jokes...

Mind you, Dave nearly despaired when we reached the incident which was causing the chaos.
Was there a pile up? Nope. 
Wrecked cars strewn over the autobahn? Nope. 
Roadworks ? Nope
Was a car broken down on the fast lane? Nope. 
There were 4 bored looking blokes thinking about putting up a new sign above the motorway. Not actually doing it; had just closed 2 out of 3 lanes, and were trying to decide which way up looked best.
Mein Gott!! Truck drivers were going spare, just pulling over, old cars were over heating, running out of petrol - oh it was all going on. That's the thing about jams like that. The Great Leveller. Doesn't matter whether you're driving a Peugeot or a Porsche - you is goin' nowhere!!!!
I ask you!! Saturday afternoon???
Ah well, nobody was killed. Although a few irate drivers were definitely contemplating murder...
Just bad timing on the signwork.

Good job we were 2 hours ahead of schedule.
Because 2 hours was what it took to find an alternate route.

We caught the train sous la manche with minutes to spare. Waved straight through and last car on.
12 hours door to door. Toooooo long. 

So no blog today,
My mojo's gone away,
My neck is killing me 
And I need a cup of tea.

Tomorrow I look forward to getting back in the groove....

Much love
Barb xxx