Monday, 20 October 2014

The Winds of Change...

Hello there!
Can you believe it’s Monday again ??!
Comes round so fast - I had so much I wanted to do this weekend, and did next to none of it. 
Is she going grey?! Oh yes!

Mind you, I did record 4 new YouTube videos Saturday morning,
and prep some TV projects, so that I can cope better with all the daily grind stuff, which seems to be coming in thick and fast.
And there is SO MUCH ART I want to get into, but when????
I still dream about mastering the art of lino-cutting!
I’ve got all the tackle, now I just need the time. Sound familiar? 
This week, Dave has gone up to Scotland to the SECC without me. We just couldn’t both leave the business for a whole week; 
from videos for our YouTube to the imminent US project
 - it’s going bananas !!!

But here’s a little project I just had to do, to calm my mind.
The sentiment is pretty appropriate today:

in the winds of change,
we find our true direction.

Yes, very new stamps, and not even available yet. 
The blustery Tree, Man and Sentiment stamps are being launched on Create & Craft on Sunday November 2nd 9-11am.
In fact, there are some rather lovely new stamp designs on that show. 
Sorry to tease you today, with stamps which aren’t available yet, but this card just sums up what is going on in my head right now.

Hold on! Go with the flow but stand your ground! 

Let’s escape for a mo and make a card...
Shaving foam background on White 7x7 Card

Stamp the Man with the Brolly and the Blustery Tree into place with Black Archival

Add some detail to the background with a black micron pen 
The trick is to use the colour splashes 
the shaving foam has given you.

You could even colour in the sections and enhance the colours with your Spectrum Noir Polychromos Pencils if you wanted, 
but I haven’t time today.

Edge the piece with a black Sharpie.

Find some matching card for the backdrop and try a 2-tone.
I have used the hill line I drew as the colour change point.

Spray mount the front to the back, with Stick n Stay Spray.
Have we got room for the words? Only if we cut it up...

 Stamp the verse on the pink and yellow remnants 
with black Archival,

Add the pieces to double-sided adhesive.
By the way, it’s on special offer as 
Product of the month of October 2014
AND I have use it big-stylee in tomorrow’s YouTube Video.
Time to cut up the lines, like a cobbled letter...

Different colours look good.
Craft knife and Ruler with steel inlay.

Peel and stick where you think they work best.

Right. That’s it. Break’s over. Back to work.
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And while you’re in the survey mood, 
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We have been nominated for no less than 5 awards, 
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Especially to be nominated for Best Craft Blog!
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