Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Light Show!

Hello there!
Friday’s blog a private peek...

Thanks for stopping by on what must be 
the most hectic Friday of the year!

Have you got your decs up yet? I decided last night was the night. Mostly because I couldn’t find my address book, 
so Plan A - writing Christmas Cards - was dashed.

Plan B : Oh Dave! Haul the tree out of the garage and set it up in the living room pleeeease. And then climb up the loft to get the boxes of baubles and festive stuff, pleeease..... 

After which he quickly shot off to Homebase 
(that’s what they all say....)
When he left, I discovered the obscene tangle that was the Christmas tree lights, which had obviously been put away very lovelessly last January.
So I proceeded to untangle them. 
I kid you not. If they hadn’t cost £40 at Hoopers last year (still choking on that one!), I would have launched them 10 minutes in!
But no. Anybody who is daft enough to spend £40 on a string of Christmas Lights deserves to waste two hours of their frivolous life trying to get a second season out of them.
When Dave came back from Homebase, he piled in the back door exclaiming, “It’s mental in Tunbridge Wells!" “It’s pretty radio rental in here too!” I yelled from the living room. Yep I was STILL sat on the floor, with a solid ball of lights between my legs.
Thing is, once you’ve spent over an hour on something, you don’t want to give up do you... 

Fabulous tree though. Took a while, but got there.

complete with German fairy...

Are we in the festive mood yet? 
Got so much still to do, I could do with another month!
Is it me, or my age? Is it that Grace isn’t coming home?
Is it that I know it will be over in the time it took me to unravel the lights? Ah well.

I asked Dave what he would like for Christmas. 
He said a grey cashmere scarf.
Dave asked me what I would like for Christmas, 
and I asked for a walk-in wardrobe! 
So he’s been constructing and painting one - and it’s BRILLIANT!

David! Is that how you hold a paintbrush, is it???

 It will be fantastic when it’s finished!
And once I have parted with all the clobber which I will never, 
ever get into again, there’ll be loads of space!
Why am I still hanging on to the jeans I wore when I was 35? Does that make me optimistic? Or delusional?

There is just one little issue:
The guest bedroom.
aka Mum and Dad’s room at Christmas.

Dave, if you’re reading this, there’s no pressure.
They can always have our room.....

Have a great weekend!

much love,