Monday, 24 November 2014

Leaves a-flutter ...

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by on the sunny 
Monday morning here in England.
Got back from España late last night,
but it’s good to be back in the groove.

Thought I’d get back to arty crafty blogging.
So Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers, right?
Well the colours in the garden hit me this morning! 
What a difference a week can make.
When we left, it was still mostly green, with a whisper of red.
Ten days later? The ginkgo tree is almost naked,
but standing in a dense carpet of bright yellow leaves.
The oranges and russets left on the fruit trees are fabulous, 
flecked with reds and crimsons.
So while Dave has been tackling the leaves,
I have enjoyed some warm, bright inks.

Let’s take a look....

Starting with a blank piece of the Gelli Card cut down to 7" x 5".
Why not Theuva Card? Because I want to flick some water at it, and Theuva Card blisters. It’s beautiful for stamping and brayering, but not so good for flicking water! 

Place a Moon Mask strategically,
then use a mini blending tool to spread Butterscotch 
around the orb. I used the middle one of the set here.

Come in off the Clarity Blending mat,
using a selection of yellows and orange ink.
I used:
Wild Honey Distress Ink pad
Mustard Seed Distress Ink pad
Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink pad
Butterscotch Adirondack and
Slate Adirondack.

Why Slate?
I really like the tones of yellows and olive greens the slate yielded, 
when blended in over the other colours.

Flick the piece with water,

and blot.

Now remove the moon mask.

Enter one of the best trees in our Clarity Collection, 
by Annie,

Stamp the tree into the artwork, using Black Archival.

Tear a sheet of paper to make some hills. 
It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a moon and a hill, eh!

I used the mini blending tool dipped in the Slate Adirondack 
to blend in the hills.

The tree needs to stand on something, 
so use the torn paper to make a base.

Line the artwork with a black Sharpie pen.

Layer up on white card.

Very easy, but atmospheric.

Hope you like it. I really enjoyed making this!

I’m playing catch up here, as you can imagine!
But one thing’s for sure:
There are going to be some changes around here.
Having stepped out of the treadmill and stood still for a bit, I realise how much time I waste doing things which I don’t actually need to do, or want to do, or enjoy.
The operative word in that sentence is TIME.

I said goodbye to dear Jane yesterday. 
What a fabulous, talented woman.
She doesn’t know it, but spending time with her and Stephen has galvanised my resolve to use my days
 - my time here - 
more wisely. 

So without wanting to sound like a trade unionist, 
I’m flying this flag:

More fun, less slog.
More play, less toil.
More reading, less worrying.

Remind me of that next week, will you please!

Much Love,