Friday, 20 January 2017

We do like a limerick, don't we!

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.

Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
Well, I wanted to let you in on a little plan I have been working on for a while now. It all has to do with poetry & verses.
Not limericks, no no.
Although they really are great fun, aren’t they!
And you are so good at them!

In fact, I digress slightly, but Andrew at work brought this wonderful book into work.
Said I might enjoy it.

What a great title for a book!

Look at the illustrations!
They are fabulous...

I had intended to flick through and skim them, 
given my time constraints today.
Ended up reading pretty much the whole book!

Love this one!

Anyway, enough levity.
I wanted to tell you about our new range of Groovi Plates:
Poetry Plates they are called.
We are in full production right now, and will be launching them on TV at the beginning of February. 
They are very lovely, even if I say so myself.  
I won’t show you the entire plates, because that would be giving the game away, wouldn’t it!
But here is a beeeeyoutifull piece of artwork which Tina Cox gave me yesterday, using the plates.

What a masterpiece, eh?
She just plucked a couple of words from one of my favourite verses, and mixed and matched the other plates which are being launched at the same time. 

Used one of our Northern Lights papers in the background 
- and voila!
The verses each come in a wonderful frame,
which can be used independently of course.  
Isn’t she a talent?
Well, here’s another brilliant NEWSFLASH!

I am so happy to tell you 
that Tina will be accompanying me on TV next time too.
Yep. She is going to join me on the Sunday afternoon show.
Now THAT’s what I call GROOVI !!!!!

All good. All good.

Shall we have a little sport, to kick off the weekend?
Here’s an old limerick from the book...

There was a young person of Bantry,
who frequently slept in the pantry;

over to you!

Copy and paste those two lines below,
and finish the limerick. 
Then on Sunday,
we will compare to the original by Lear. 

And we’ll pick a winner to reiceve a £20 Clarity gift voucher.
We all like a limerick - and we LOVE a prize!

Have a great weekend,

Love & Hugs,