Monday, 21 August 2017

5 more sleeps left - and a little Wind.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Five days to go before the Grand Paper/Parchment launch on HOCHANDA on Saturday. Rosie and I are working together.
I am doing the early call at 7am
Rosie’s doing the Dutch show at 8am
I am back in the UK with you at 10am
and Rosie’s doing the 2pm UK Show. 

I was thinking about this all day, wondering whether it would work.
Came home early because I had to find out!
I wanted to use the wonderful Wind & Air Element stamp by Mel on parchment, but with a twist.

Follow my thought process here....

Stamp the image on the front of the designer parchment, 
i.e. the more faded side.
(soft side of the mat underneath is good)

Flip the parchment over, so you are looking at the vibrant inky side.
Amazing how well the stamped image shows through.

Use a pencil eraser to eliminate the colour.
The inky line art is on the other side, so no fear of smear!


Flip to the back and darken his pupils. 
Much better!

Add a drop shadow around the outside of the bottom line.
You can do this from the front or back, using a pen.
A Perga Colour grey, or a grey/blue Distress Marker

Trim back and let’s tear some hills -
ye old Gray signature!

But we’ll put them behind the art part.

I need a large piece of plain A4 teal parchment to mount this work on, which I have at the office, so I haven’t attached and finished it yet, but you get the picture!

Did I tell you we have had a whole selection of beautiful new plain coloured parchment made? Yep. Coming off the press this week...

But anyway, in a nutshell, you stamp on what’s usually the front of the parchment (the duller side), but use the bright ink-saturated back as the front. That way you can rub away colour to create wonderful highlights.
And that’s all I did. Very, very simple. 
To be honest these papers are a dream. They make anything look good!

Love & Hugs,