Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Clarity Calendar 2017 has landed!

The new calendars for next year have come back from the printers !
Am I excited? I’ll say !

They look soooo lovely this year.

Most of the artwork has been blogged 
by myself during the course of this year or last. 

Each month sports a seasonally appropriate piece of artwork,
with the step by step project overleaf.

For example, for February, 
I chose one of my favourite canvases from this year...

...and on the back of that month 
it shows you through photos and simple instructions
how the art was made.

Just like this ‘ere blog actually!
Except it’s an A3, top quality calendar.

That may be interesting even for a non-crafter,
to see how something was constructed.

Last year I signed the first 100 copies sold.
Which went down well.
So I shall do the same thing again this time. 

Time to get signing after supper then !
I really have to concentrate though;
sometimes I slip into cheque signing mode, 
and you’d think I was impersonating a doctor 
signing a prescription!
(aka illegible!)

Hope you like it too.
Love & hugs