Sunday, 24 May 2015

Gelli Plate Tadaa!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Here’s a little project from the TV last time.
Been saving it for a day when I was too busy being on holiday to blog.

And today is just such a day.
We are off to Santa Fé, so with the 7 hour time difference
here’s one I did earlier!

Ok, so lets get ready, set and go!

Decide on the colours you want to go with, I have chosen some quite bright colours because I know that when I transfer them onto the Gelli Plate, they will tone right down

Next we are going to squidge out each of the colours onto the Clarity Blending Mat and then using the Mini Blending Tools spread each colour out so that you get an even coverage on the foam

Position Jo's Bubbles stencil onto the Gelli Plate apply the lightest colour over all the Bubbles onto the Gelli Plate. When you do this, it will look like there is nothing on the Gelli Plate - you will be surprised!

Take the next colour, Cranberry and apply around the edges of the Bubbles to add some shading - don't forget you still won’t be able to see it clearly so don't get to carried away! Repeat with the final colour, Stonewashed. 
You can see from the stencil that by adding the Cranberry, you now have a nice orange colour and by adding the Stonewashed, you have a nice green colour

Now you can remove the stencil and put it safely to one side as we will come back to that in a moment. Can you see the nice soft subtle shades of colour on the Gelli Plate? It helps if you put a piece of white scrap paper underneath.

Next take a piece of the 7"x7" Gelli Card and place carefully on to the Gelli Plate, lining it up with the Mega Plate. Then apply pressure over the piece of card - some people find it easy to use a clean brayer. 
Lift the piece of card off and put to one side.

wipe the Gelli Plate clean.

Now let’s go back to the stencil we put safely to one side. Flip the stencil over and place it inky side down onto the Gelli Plate - lets go a bit off the chart and put it on at an angle! Now gently rub the stencil with your hand. You might find it easier to lay a piece of scrap paper over it and then rub. Next we can lift off the stencil and apply another piece of Gelli Card to the Gelli Plate like we did with the first one.

Take one of the Wee Folks folks from Set 1 - we have lots of other sets, but felt this one was great for just saying Thank You - arms stretched out to give you a great big hug! As you can see I have stamped him/her into the largest bubble using the Plum Archival and then used Thank You from the Wedding Stationery Set and curved it slightly to follow the circular theme. 

To finish it off, trim back and using a ruler and Promarker, 
go around the edge

Can you guess from the picture below which is the first print and which is the second print?

This was the first print, colour inside the bubbles,

and this was the second print, colour outside the bubbles.

Here are the links to the ingredients....
6x6 Gelli Plate(special offer)

Very easy. Great fun.
Which one do you like best?

much love,