Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Celebrating Jayne Nestorenko

Hi there.
Thanks for joining me here.
Back to work today, and it’s like we’ve never been away!
Except the pile is just a little bit taller...
But that’s okay. I’m ticking boxes as I go, which always feels good.

I know you will be delighted to hear that we are having a 
Jayne Nestorenko Celebration 
over the next few days.

Firstly, Rosie is on Hochanda on Thursday, showing off Jayne’s wonderful floral frames. There were four summer and two winter ones. Remember them from last year?
Jayne was so chuffed that her artwork was so well received;
it really lifted her spirits.
But who wouldn’t want these flowers in their craft box?
That’s why we have loaded them onto the 
They ARE an Essential in my book!

Groovi Agapanthus

Stamps Agapanthus

We made them all into both Claritystamps and Groovi, 
and they both sold exceptionally well.

To celebrate Jayne and her art, 
Rosie will be showcasing two brand new little iiBooks 
(ii stands for Ideas & Inpsiration):
one for Groovi art and one for stamped art.

They contain beautiful photographs and 20+ projects by our talented Design team.

The Groovi book also includes 11 patterns at the back, 
for our traditional parchers.

So much time goes into the art samples, and we thought it would be helpful to create little collections of inspiration with close up pictures. 

As with Tina’s iiBooks, these are also wirobound. 
I just think they are much more user-friendly. When you are trying to follow instructions, it really helps if the picture and instructions stay open at the desired page!

Jayne also left us other exquisite artwork to run with.
She knew she wouldn’t be around to see these Christmas pictures come to life, but I think we have done her proud. I think she would be really pleased with what we have done with her Childrens’ designs...

On Sunday evening at 6pm I shall be launching a very beautiful collection of Christmas Children by Jayne Nestorenko.

Both as Claritystamps 
(Official One Day Special)

and as Groovi Plates
(because we know you will want them!)

The images are so amazingly intricate, we really couldn’t go any smaller without losing the detail. So we didn’t.
I think you will be impressed.

And will there be iiBooks created to accompany these designs?
You are too right there will be! Not this weekend, but certainly very soon. 

So yes. We are celebrating Jayne and her inimitable style. 
She certainly was one very classy, talented lady,
and aren’t we lucky she had the foresight to call for Clarity?!

Love & Hugs,

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