Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Huge Helmets required.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Bit of a foggy day today. 
I definitely hit the proverbial wall around lunchtime.
Went into work and was met with a load of demands.
Not from the team; just picky business demands.
They have been sitting, waiting for me to get back, 
and then all got fired at me simultaneously as soon as I walked through the door.

So usually, I am firing on all 4 cylinders, 
have got my chainmail on, 
can handle being bombarded, 
and can bounce stuff off me quite quickly.
This is my office attire nowadays, 
since the Pergamano acquisition.

Bit clanky. 
The guys at work can certainly hear me coming now.

But there was a little chink in the armour today, and some of the arrows were connecting - especially around the head area.

So I’ve got a new helmet on order.
Will take a little while to arrive - custom job from Mongolia -
but apparently, short people are guaranteed to keep their distance, because you can do serious damage just by nodding energetically. 

It does get hot in there, but the good news is nobody can read your facial reaction when they talk rubbish or say ludicrous things.

Sleeveless makes quite a fashion statement too; the arms are detachable on the newest models, so several otherwise quite challenging activities, like flagging down a taxi,
signing cheques and drinking tea 
are made so much easier. 

Just generally makes office life more pleasant and less stressful.

At a recent business conference, I was able to blend in and mingle admirably, whilst maintaining a professional stance. 

Dave’s got one too, but of course, 
he always has to be special and different.

The first model was too tight he reckoned, 
so we had to get a screw-on extension....

I quite like it.

Anyway, that’s cheered me up no end larking about.
Truthfully? Had a rough morning at work,
and just chuckled my way out if it.
HUMOUR. Thank goodness for HUMOUR.

Because one thing is for sure: 
this time next week I won’t even remember what it was that got under my skin this morning.
Or in this case my armour. 

Love & hugs,