Saturday, 10 December 2016

A very Groovi Bauble. Stencil trick!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

It’s been a good Saturday here.
I have cleaned the house from top to bottom.
Boring for some - enjoyable for me, but that’s primarily down to the fact that I don’t do it very often!
(The housework that is!)

I had planned on putting up some decorations,
but upon closer inspection,
the place was looking pretty skanky.
So I decided to give it a White Tornado blitz
before throwing Christmas at it!

Now the baubles and tinsel will have to wait until next weekend, because there’s much more pressing stuff on the to-do list!
Oh. And we haven’t got a tree yet.
Bit too early for a tree, and with this warm spell, 
my guess is it will have shed all its needles by the 24th if we set it up already!

What a high class G&T problem that is, eh.
Makes me cringe really.

But hey ho.
Onwards we must march.

Saturday’s blog a new technique, right?

Here’s a Groovi Bauble exercise using a stencil for the shape.
I saw Maria do something like this with the Elephant stencil back when we were at the Bristol Parchment Show in May.

I went with the Christmas bauble shape for the set:

click here to inspect...

Place the parchment on the soft side of a mat,
rub it with a tumble dryer sheet to help the tool glide better.
Attach the Bauble stencil using our tabs. They are ace!
Now use the No. 1 tool from the Starter Kit 
to scribe round the shape. Go gently.
I found that leaning on the stencil as I went round helped a lot. 

Easy. It may take a couple of tries, but honestly, once you get the pressure right, you’ll whizz round!

Let’s do the frame and the message next.
The Jayne Nestorenko Framer with that fantastic 
Alphabet Picture frame which Jim designed is awesome.

Now for the country scene inside the bauble.
I used Jayne’s design with the sled.

Decide which area you want to decorate the bauble with.

No. 1 Groovi tool all the way.

I used the No. 2 tool (the other end!) with the straight piercing grid
to make a lacey looking edge round the outside.

Now for the whitework on the trees.
No. 4 groovi tool for that on the soft side of the black mat.
Go gently. Let it rest. Go over the same area again

I added a little landscape using the Starter Kit plate.

To get the moon and the snow lovely and white with perfect shading takes time and parching skill.
Neither of which I have YET!!!

Y E T is the operative word.

So I tried my best with even larger ball tools - the No. 6 and the No. 4.5 from the Pergamano range. The bigger the balls the softer the impact, as they say...
And then I added some white shading with a good white pencil.

Is that cheating?
Depends where you stand. 
I use gravy granules too.
And Aunt Bessy’s Yorkshire Puds.

Flip to the back of the artwork again, and replace the stencil.
Load one of our Stencil brushes with dark blue ink,
and start swirling around the outside.
Concentrate on the sky and the sides.

Have a look at the front.
Need more blue? Add more.

Let me show you something I worked out, to help me cut the parchment real tight to the embossed line.
You can’t really lean on the artwork with the ruler, 
because it tends to slide, doesn’t it.

So what I have figured out is to use low-tack masking tape 
to attach the piece to the craft mat.

Then lean the ruler on the masking tape, which helps it not slide
and acts as an extension of the parchment while holding it in place.

You just cut away the masking tape too.
I’m guessing that the parching experts are shaking their heads
because that’s a basic skill which we should all know.
But there you are!
I haven’t read the rule book, have I !!

2017 is going to be the year when Barbie gets to grips with the whitework, the gridwork and the picot cutting. 

I’ve cracked the tracing and the colouring, and I enjoy it.
Love the Groovi plates, love the interchangeability. 
I’ve tackled the above too, but boy do I get tense !!

I feel it’s time to stretch myself and hone my parching skills. 
So January 2017, 
the Groovi train will start moving into the next phase.
Who’s with me on that particular journey?

If I can do it, you can do it!
And I shan’t be galloping on ahead!
No no no.
This is going to be a gentle, enjoyable ride. 

Here’s my new Groovi strapline for 2017: 

Moving towards excellence effortlessly.
Love it!

Time for tea !
What are you having?
I’ve made a beef and mushroom Casserole.
Proper domestic day...

Love & hugs,