Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bloomin' crooked on Crazy paving!

Good morning!
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Thursday’s blog is something blue, so I thought I would combine a couple of sets of colouring pencils which sport this colour,

 with a look at one of the stamp sets being showcased
this coming Sunday on Create & Craft at 9am.
It’s pretty spectacular. 

Let’s break it down.
Stamp the funky flowers in Black Archival 
Run a length of low-tack masking tape along the base, so that the stems all sit on it.

The tall stem on the single is bendable,

So let’s!
This reminds me of how I am walking at the moment!


Remove the masking tape.
Run a length along the base with a black Sharpie pen.

Then colour it in!

Try to add light and shade.

Add a second line with a Sharpie pen and a ruler.

Add some crazy paving, freehand. 
Don’t step on the cracks!

Just different angles will do. 
See how the Sharpie Pen is the same width as the 
line art of the stamp?

Colour in, too. The Marine Set has a healthy selection of blues and turquoises, but I did dip into the Primaries, too.


Add a sentiment from the Word Chain No. 5

Remember to feed the cat.
Remember to hold the bannister when coming down the stairs.
Remember to stop on red.
The list is endless.

Come on. 3 things YOU need to remember today!
Do share!

much love,