Wednesday, 29 June 2016

This too shall pass....

Hi there!
Good of you to drop in.

Running late again, I’m afraid.

I’ve got what looks like an insurmountable pile of work to do before bedtime, so decided to have a break and chat to you for a bit.
Look at the state of this worktop!

Somewhere in there are the next New Design Club projects.
Have to be completed tonight, so we can move forward with the write-up and graphic layout. 
But this Groovi one is taking sooooo long! 

I got into a mild panic at around 6pm, because the artwork I had been working on for hours went wrong.
And I mean totally to shit. 
You know me well enough by now, to know that I can bring most artwork back from the edge and turn it round.
But not today. Nope.
So that was over 6 hours wasted which I can ill afford to waste today. Ain’t that always the way?!
I’ve got 7 hours of live TV on Sunday and Monday.
And tomorrow’s Thursday.

Ask me whether I have started my prep, I dare you!!

So there you have it. I can easily see why I am getting panicky.
Who wouldn’t?? But does it help the situation?
And there is that little monkey on my shoulder who keeps whispering,
“well, that’ll learn ya! This is what happens if you clear off on holiday for weeks on end, and then go romping round in the mud at Glastonbury for another week!”

I’m seriously considering booking another one!
Much more fun than this!!!

In the wise words of Melodie Beattie:
“It is never the event,
but how you respond to it which will ultimately affect you.”

Frustrating that I lost a day, bit worrying that TV is looming and I haven’t got my head round it yet,
but actually not worth getting upset about.


Nobody’s dead.
The house didn’t burn down.

Admittedly, the Prime Minister’s resigned, 
the Shadow Cabinet has collapsed,
the pound has plummeted and the country is completely rudderless.

But I can’t even make a Groovi card today, 
so there’s no point in worrying about the future of the nation as well!

There comes that moment when Acceptance kicks in.

It is what it is. 
No point in crying over spilled milk.
No point in getting my knickers in a twist.
Nothing for it but to deal with what’s in front of me.

And again I have to remind myself, 
Get over it.

Sorry if I am a bit batty today.
It comes of having to be creative when you don’t feel like it. 

Must press on.
I take comfort in the fact that you good people will be chatting away to one another here, while I complete my tasks tonight.

Love and hugs,