Thursday, 5 May 2016

Baby baby baby! We need a Folder!!

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
We are on our way up to Port Sunlight today, 
ready for Show Set-up day tomorrow.

Who’s going?
 Well from down here, Brother Steve, Paul and myself.
Dave has to make Groovi Plates and build a new machine room!

Who is joining us up north?
Maria, Heather and Len. 
Really looking forward to seeing them!

The van is packed full of Groovi and Stamps and Stencils,
and my guess is we will have a great time.
I love Port Sunlight.
Love the show.
Love the area.
Love the people. 

Today I want to shout about something very Groovi though!!
They’ve finally landed!

The Groovi Baby Folders are here!!!!

At last!!
I have been keeping them thar babies piled up on the side 
in anticipation.
We have built up a right stack of them in a very short time!
I think we’ve designed over 40 Babies already...

Remember these Wee Houses and Shops?

But I am so glad their new Baby homes landed in time 
for Port Sunny and the Bristol Parchment Show!

We do like our storage!!

Folder has 14 sleeves, consisting of 2 x A5 Pockets for storing A5 Groovi Plate or A5 parchment sheets, 
and 24 Baby pockets for storing Groovi Baby Plates.

And there’s also another Groovi Folder, 
(the one we send out when you join the Groovi Club)
with A5 pockets for all your parchment.
This A5 folder has 12 pouches, for coloured parchment, or A5 club projects. 

So let’s see....
Groovi Light Panel
Coloured parchment
Black A5 and A4 dual purpose mats
Groovi Baby Storage Folders.

We really are building a Groovi little system here.

What is more amazing is that this time last year, 
we hadn’t even launched Groovi!
Think about that ...

Is there more??
Well, let me put it like this:
you may as well get 2 Baby Plate folders,
because we are in full steam ahead production right now 
for our Christmas Collection!

Bit early?? 
I think so, but you know how long this parchment art takes!
It takes as long as it takes.

Got to go.
I am looking forward to spending some time with my brother too. 
We work together but never see each other!
Too busy running around.

Enjoy the sunshine!

love and hugs always,