Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Special Tree-T

Hi there.
good to see you!

It feels very strange not to be on TV this morning.
7 years of every first Sunday of the month add up to a lot of Sundays.

If I were a rugby player, I’d surely get a tankard, engraved with
‘Player who played the most first Sundays of each month without a break, and without injury’.

But there you go.
Happy to report that Dave is feeling a little better.
Still undergoing tests.
Still not sure what’s wrong.
Trying to make him do nothing is harder said than done!
But one day at a time, we are moving on.

We decided to launch a Groovi Week,
and today I would like to showcase the new and fab 
Groovi Christmas Tree, which is absolutely FREE
when you spend £40 on Groovi stash.

When will the tree go on sale?
When the 7 day promotion is over.

Our lovely In-House Parchment Expert, Sylvia Marshall, 
designed this loveliness.
You see, for me, that makes it even more special.

So, let’s see what I came up with...

First emboss the whole tree with the fine stylus on A4 Parchment.

Add the star on top.

Insert the Nested Squares plate and add a double-line frame, 

all around.

Add detail from the tree inside the frame.

I used the bunting line to make a funky background.

Had one of those moments when I thought
I had made a mess of it.
Decided to keep going.
It was roll-your-sleeves-up-and-sort-it-out-Gray time!!!

So I just used the tree and nothing else.

Worked my way along the lines.
Moved the parchment around.

That’s better!

Time to emboss and colour in....

Now at this point I must have gone into a total mindful trance.
I completely forgot to take photos of the white work steps!

All I can tell you is this:
I sandwiched the parchment between the soft side of the blue mat and the Groovi Plate Mate.
Then I used the largest stylus, the No. 4 with light feather strokes
to create the embossed, white work.

Can’t believe I spaced the photos!
Must’ve been right in the groove!

Then I flipped the mat to the hard side,
and coloured in with Spectrum Noir pencils.
Blue and Aqua Blue.

This is a pic of the back.
Colouring in from the back...

Then I needed a good background,
so out with the Fresco paints and a brayer.

Just kept going until the blend was right.
What card? Our white Gelli Card.

While that was drying, 
I decided to trim the artwork with a blade and ruler.
C-Thru Ruler with a steel inlay. Very good.

I am getting asked how to attach the parchment to card.
I find that if I put little pieces of the 3mm double-sided tape directly behind coloured in work
 which is going on a darker background,
like this, works a treat, and you can’t see the tape at all. 

Wrote Merry Christmas on a piece of the trimmed away parchment, using the Bunting Border ABC

I think it came out well in the end!
Thoroughly enjoyed the process, I have to say.

I am building up to the more complex 
piercing and cutting techniques.

But actually also enjoying developing my own style with this. 
I like using grungy painted backgrounds.

Mixed Media? Call it what you will.
I love mixing antique furniture with modern,
wearing pearl earrings and a Tee-Shirt.

So a lacy, filigree parchment tree against
a funky, random acrylic paint backdrop
is just my cup of tea.

So I guess some good came out of not appearing on TV today.
I actually had time to enjoy being arty and literally 
get in the groove.

Please leave a positive uplifting comment.

The tree is free when you spend £40 or more this week.
It will be available to buy when the Groovi Week is over.

love and hugs,