Saturday, 20 September 2014

Christmas Bespoke Stamps now available from us

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We are at Ally pally today, so it’s all systems go there !
It’s historically the busiest show of the year for us....

Remember a month or so ago, we were on TV with a new and clever custom Christmas stamp idea?

You received a comprehensive 
remountable set of Christmas message stamps
as pictured here:

Recognise the snowflake? It was the one I used in the Twas the Night Card shown in yesterday’s blog. 

Anyway, I digress.
In the box is also an order form, for a personalised stamp, a family stamp, or whatever you want it to be.

It sold out as predicted on the day.
But we needed a month to clear the decks!
So now this set is available directly from us,
at the same discounted price of £24.99

If you just want the Christmas stamp set, its £14.99

If you just want the Custom stamp, it’s £14.99


In case you are looking for the original nameplate bespoke stamps we designed for folks too, which had beautiful frames round them, we have put them on ice for now, because we want to design some new ones, fresh ones.  Jim and I have been putting together a plan. 
As you can imagine, these things take time, so watch this space closer to Christmas....

But I bet I can find one of the old order forms to give to a lucky winner! You do realise that all those bespoke stamps you already have just became limited editions, don’t you!

Leave a comment below telling me why you need a Bespoke Limited Edition Claritystamp, and on Monday I will pick a winner.

In the meantime, have a great weekend. 
And if you are free and you live in England, 
Ally Pally is the place to be - especially with Clarity !!!!

much love,