Monday, 30 November 2015

Trees trees and more trees!!

Hello there.
Thanks for popping in.
I’m late tonight, but that is due largely to a very long day, 
wading through orders and Groovi Plates with my teamies!
We have a plan!

Now I have to trust in the good people at Clarity to
make and pick and pack and stack and
move the orders out !
Suffice it to say that we have never, ever, 
in the history of the company,
known a weekend like it.
I just hope we can dispatch faster than our blimming website 
was going on Friday!!! 

And me? What am I up to?
 I have to focus on the next TV Show,
which is Sunday 2-4pm.
Oh what a bind! I get to prep demos and do art...

One little voice in my head, (we call him Niggle) says,
“Well, nobody’s going to buy anything on Sunday, 
because they’ve just had a massive spend-up on the Gray Days!”
Then Giggle, the other voice in my head, laughs and says,
“Yeah, but hang on! Wait till they see the beautiful new stamps and Groovi Plates!”

So I’m going with Giggle.
Monday’s Blog is Flowers and Trees, right?
Well, on Sunday, on HOCHANDA,
I am showcasing a brand new pair of 
fabulous Wee Trees and Wee Grasses ClarityStamps.
Brilliant for landscapes and country scenes.

Quite by chance today, 
I found an old card I made donkeys ago,
with little scenes.
Remember the old Woodland inkpad?
The rainbow pad from Ranger?
Why they frequently discontinue such excellent lines
is beyond me. 
(Oops! Niggle’s woken up again)
I suppose you can make your own rainbow pads now, with the bottled Distress inks and Cut n Dry Felt 
(There’s Giggle pitching in, bless her)

Just 3 little panels,

with a larger tree and a moon mask.

a smaller tree,

torn paper and the side of the larger tree for the hedgerows.

And now, finally a set of Wee trees and Grasses!

These are going to be so brilliant for all the 
Wee Fairies and Wee Children too.

Anyway, I really must take my shoes off
and kick back for an hour before we hit the hay!

Love and Peace,