Saturday, 19 October 2013

If You go down to the woods today....

We did this Gelli-Scene project at a workshop in Harrogate recently.

All you need is the 6"x6" Gelli Plate
Buff titanium and Burnt umber acrylic paint
Pesto, Terra Cotta and Slate Adirondack ink pads
Make- up sponges

Stamp the toadstool on a piece of the card

Lay the gelli down on top of it

Screw up a sheet of copy paper at the ready and punch out a Post-it moon.

Brayer a layer of Buff Titanium acrylic paint over the Gelli plate

Using the crumple paper, lift the paint and distress the layer,
especially where you can see the toadstools

Add the Post-it moon. Be quick!

Lay down a fresh piece of card. Line it up with the one underneath.
Rub the back and pull your first layer.

Write T for top on the back of your piece.

Add a pea amount of Brown Umber acrylic paint to the Gelli plate.

Spread it evenly, quickly and gently with your brayer.

Lay the Treescape Stencil on top.

Using a sheet of copy paper blot the brown paint quite thoroughly.

Using the crumpled paper, clear the trees which cover the toadstools.

Lay down your first print, rub the back

Pull the second layer.

Use a Sepia ink pad to stamp the toadstools into the opening on your artwork.

Place the stencil over the piece

Sponge Pesto dye-based ink into the grassy area. Try to stay within the printed picture.

Lift the stencil and carefully sponge into the area around the toadstools.
Remember: you can always add it, but you can't take it away! So go easy!

I used the colour from the Terra Cotta ink pad to colour in the toadstools.
Just press the lid down into the ink pad and then add a little water
with a paintbrush.  The Pesto and Slate work well for the stalks.

Let the paint layers to dry before adding a second or third layer for shade and depth.

Replace the stencil and gently apply the misty sky by sponging with Slate Adirondack.

Drag the sponge towards the toadstools, but don't be afraid to leave a little clearing.

There. Trim the piece as necessary and mount. I really like the printed edge, so I don't trim that.
Hope you enjoy this little Autumnal creation!

Working with a Gelli Plate is such a pleasure. But be warned!
It is highly addictive!

Love Barb


  1. Lovely project Barb..Thank you for taking the time to share this. xxx

  2. This is a lovely project! I think I may just be having a go at this myself Barbara if thats alright with you! Thanks for such fab instructions as ever and for sharing! xx

  3. this is really lovely
    chrissy o

  4. Beautiful. Think I must get a Gelli Plate now.

  5. Loving your blog posts Barbara, the step by step instructions are so helpful. I don't have this stencil or stamp (yet) so I'll have to improvise but I can't wait to have a go, thank you x

  6. Thank you so much for this project. Will be trying it today.

  7. love it
    thank you Barbara got the gelli plate out to have a go
    I make lots of backgrounds with it now and have such fun
    thank you for sharing your ideas
    love Christine x

  8. Ooh love it - my very own personal classroom! Thanks for a fab tut Barb. Xx

  9. Good morning amazing Barb x,
    I am ready to get the Gelli plate out and have a whirl. You are correct about it being so addictive... Your blog this week was the best!

  10. Loving you're blog Barbara! I have always admired you're work and will be watching with interest
    Hugs Angie

  11. Well Barbara you are well and truly settled into you blog now. This techniques opens up a whole new way of playing with the Gelli Plate. Brilliant. x

  12. Love it! Going to have to try that one. Inking and printing over a layer of distressed Buff Titanium is one of my favourite things to do with the Gelli at the moment - I've just done a card like that for next month's samples. x

  13. I enjoyed that workshop it was great I suggest that if you get the chance to do it. The result from a first timer on the gelliplate was brilliant

  14. Great the get the step by step to do this project. Wish I had these stamps and stencils - might need to add to my list for Glasgow :)

  15. Great project, must give it a go. First tho need the stamp, something else to add onto my ever growing list for the NEC.

  16. yes Barbara this is the same principle of what i was trying to explain to you at ally pally - what you did with toadstool under gelli. So like this you know exactly where you need to remove paint, in this case the size of the small card and then you can blockit out totally of second print by putting the small card on top. Hope this makes sense. but i was doing happy dance when i saw this xx

  17. Just love this. great tutorial all kit out ready to give it a go xx Annie

  18. Brilliant tut will give this one a go, opens up lots of possibilities with other stamps. Thanks Barbara keep them coming. :o) x

  19. I am really enjoying reading your blog posts and fab tuts. Many thanx

  20. Fantasic as usual and such easy directions to follow.

  21. Hi Barbara,
    Wow! So much talent.x

  22. I am so delighted you have a blog now. Love this tutorial, must invest in a gelli plate , this is gorgeous x

  23. Thank you so much for this tutorial. It will be a great help as I'm still frightened of the gelli plate!

  24. Wow love your blog, the toadstools are brilliant, i'm going to have a go with this one and start a scrap book of my pics, thank you x

  25. I am loving this blog malarkly Barbara fantastic t have such detailed destructions xx

  26. Beautiful. That has sold me the Gelli Plate!

  27. Love this artwork Barbara and thank you for the step by step guide. You are right-the gelli plate is addictive
    X Chris K

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  29. I really love this project. This has convinced me to put the gelli plate set on my Christmas list!

  30. I really love this one, keep them coming thank you

  31. loved this project when I first saw it demoed.. was so inspired I spent a lovely afternoon playing with this stencil and stamp and my gelli plate of course xx


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