Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tuesday's blog rolls back the hours....

Hello there! Now I've established a blog theme plan for the week, it will be much easier to tackle! Tuesday's blog rolls back the hours, so I thought we could take a look at one of the ways we can age our work, make it look older. We like to do that, don't we!
For this one, you will need;

This is where we're headed...
Cut an A4 sheet of card up as follows..
So that you end up with 4 pieces.
Here comes the instant ageing process! Taking a scalpel knife, start scoring
and scratching the surface of the 2 tag-size cards.
Stamp our Clarity Paris Collage Stamp in Black Archival at an angle.
Literally smear the Old Paper Distress pad across the surface of the card at either end.
Watch the scratches appear.
You can add more depth of colour around the edges with a blending tool or make-up sponge.
And you can age the edges even further by using Black Archival (go easy though; black is black!)
These remountable Clarity Tags are pretty ingenious.
Cram them on one of the pieces of card, like this, using Black Archival.
Stamp the Paris Collage over the top of the tag prints.
Cut them up roughly
Then cut them up neatly with a blade. Try and leave the black lineart round the edges.
If you cut the black lines off, you can go back round the edges with a ruler and a Sharpie pen.
Add depth of colour to the edges, as you did in the larger piece.
Using a dark grey colouring pencil, or a lead pencil, add some shade to the fob watch and dragonfly.
Bunch the tags with a brad and attach them to the large piece, top and bottom,
So that they move back and forth, like a pendulum.

Mount on black coated card to finish the job.
Hope you like this simple trick. It's as old as me!
Tomorrow is Wednesday, so let me check at the top...
Wednesday's blog is something new...
I'd better get my thinking cap on! Hope you are enjoying my daily blog; let's see if I can keep it up!as long as I see you are enjoying it, I will keep doing it!
Often I get asked how do I keep going? But if you think about it, when somebody pats you on the back and says you are doing a great job, you are hardly going to give up, now are you?!


  1. Fabulous tutorial and I love the card.xxxx

  2. Another great project Barbara I love Tags as you know and the scratching thing works really well. x I have shared to let my crafty friends know you are blogging. Sam

  3. I'm too blown away by a blog plan which rhymes to concentrate on much else! Fab demo of course :-) x

  4. Simple yet effective....you are so talented!

  5. Fab as per usual Barbara, when do you get time to sleep? xxx

  6. Good morning,
    Wow your blog is every day more impressive. I don't have these stamps so I might want them now. This is a fantastic idea and great steps. Thanks

  7. Like this mounted on black Barbara. makes the whole image Pop! xx

  8. Perfect! This is one of my very very fave stamps, must get it back out xxx

  9. Amazing, it's only a few days ago you were saying that you're not a blogger. Look at you now!

  10. I love it Barbara xxx fantastic tutorial!

  11. I would lke to add my slap on your back and say you ARE doing a great job. What you can't do with an ink pad and stamp just isn't worth doing at all!

  12. Beautiful card Barbara love it x

  13. Hi Barbara, great tutorial love it. I just have to say you are the only person that can get me to sit for 2hours and not say a word I love your work you are so talented.

  14. Another great post Barb, keep 'em coming girl :-) xx

  15. Loving your blogs. The poetry's great too. Such multitalent!

  16. Wow! Can't believe I haven't come across your blog before - and what a great one. I am now following so that I can check in every day. Fabulous tutorial and finished project - love it.
    Hugz, Jan xx

  17. really enjoying your blog Barbara thanks julie

  18. Brilliant and yes...it is another pat on the back post....
    Love the addition of the tags....x

  19. Brilliant !! Nothing else to say x

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  22. Fantastic card Barbara. Not sure how you are managing to blog everyday especially when you are setting up stands and doing demos all day. Think you must be Wonder Woman. Thank you for keeping us inspired. xx

  23. love how you aged this, great stuff !

  24. Beautiful, I really like this technique.

  25. I have the Paris stamp, I must have a play. Thanks Barbara x

  26. Love it... I thought you were new to this blogging!!!! WOW...


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