Thursday, 14 November 2013

Dance, Dance, wherever you may be...

This has to be one of my absolute favourite stamping and masking techniques. Very happy with this one. Remember last Saturday's blog? He would go fishing with his best friend? Well, this is just an advanced spin on that.

All you need is the Gymnast Silhouette Set of Claritystamps
A5 Claritycard
Speedball Brayer
Denim, Black and Juniper Adirondacks.
Versamark Ink Pad
Bubble Wrap.
Black Micron Pen

Here we go then! Leotards and leggings on, and stretch! 
Reach for the sky, reach, reach reach. 
 Ok. Well ink up the 4 beauties in Black Adirondack and stamp on A5 Claritycard.

Measure 4 mask Post-Its to cover up the images.

Cover up the 4 gymnasts with the Post-its. Notice how I have alternated the sticky ends.

Dab a Versamark ink pad over a piece of bubble wrap. (A5 size). Lay the inky bubble wrap down on the artwork and transfer the Versamark ink.

Ink up your Speedball brayer in Juniper Adirondack and roll over the card. 
The white bubbles will start to appear. 
This is called the Resist Technique.

Now ink up the brayer in the darker blue, Denim, and go back over the lighter Juniper colour.

Build up the blue gradually. This is a Thursday's blog is Blue card, remember?

Just keep going until you think it is dark or vibrant enough.

Maybe even add a little black around the outer edges...

Using a make-up sponge, add shadow around the Post-It boxes. Gently does it. You can always add it, but you can't take it away.

Lift the masks, one at a time, and start adding grey shadow with the black ink between the boxes, to create the illusion that they are sitting on top of one another. The boxes, not the gymnasts! Now you will understand why I suggested alternating the sticky post-it edges.

Lift off the masks.

Add a little background and ground in each of the little pictures now, using the straight edge of a post-it and a make-up sponge with Juniper and Denim. Again, easy does it.

Finally, use your black micron pen to deckle outline each of the four boxes. 
This will complete the illusion of layering.

Now, all that remains is to put the balls, ribbons and rings back in the cupboard for next time.

After all this exercise, I think it's time to start thinking about some blog candy...
Maybe tomorrow, now I'm getting the hang of this blogging, we could start a little giveaway game....
Better check in, or you will never know what you missed!


  1. From one insomniacs to another, I love the techniques on this card. This is one set I did not get but I know the same ideas can be applied to other stamps. I reckon you are heading for another award to add to the other well-deserved one's, an award for the best crafting blog. xx Maggie

  2. LOVE this layered look. Thanks for SO much inspiration Barbara x

  3. Wow,
    I think this technique is fantastic and while I don't have these stamps I agree with MaggieC others could be used. What a treat when I can't sleep to have your blog already. Thanks for doing this you are such a star.

  4. This looks so effective Barbara! I love the idea of stamping with bubble wrap.

  5. I like this one … lets be honest I like them all! I see you use Juniper a lot … is it one of your staple colours? Will be back for the next 'candy' blog. Hope you are on the mend.

  6. Now my mind's racing as to what other silhouette sets I could use. Thanks Barbara. Looking forward to the candy & giveaway. Get well soon x

  7. Love it. So effective, something else to add to my list of things to try. Thanks Barbara.

  8. Hi Barbara
    Didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, but love those new stencils- will have to get them! As for today, love the techniques and the step by step instructions - just what I need. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful Barbara... More on my shopping list!

  10. Beautiful Barbara. Live it and the stretch exercising that I did with you was great too. X

  11. Morning Barbara another day anorher great blog post. Wonderful x

  12. Good Morning Barbara!
    I love this blog and though I don't comment much, I still follow!
    I have to read to the end as I must see how you get to the big REVEAL !
    Lovely technique today Barbara!

  13. Hi Barbara
    Not my favourite set of stamps you've ever done, but still very inventive and effective.

    1. I agree with you about the stamps but there are lots of other stamps that you can use with the same effects. X

  14. I remver doing this with the ball sports loved it . x

  15. I remver doing this with the ball sports loved it . x

  16. Lovely Project Barbara....will look forward to seeing what you get up to next! xx

  17. Love the figures and the technique. It's just so simple and yet very effective. Thank you Barbara.

  18. Pretty card Barbara - it's about 50 years since I was that shape and that energetic!

  19. I don't have these stamps but I love this look. Its perfect for the Gelli plate too I reckon so I might pinch it if that's Ok? Sam xx

  20. No problem Sam. Let me see what you do. X

  21. Great technique, I really did thing they were individual images on top of each other when I looked at the 1st pic! So a good illusion. Am loving your blog though with work don't get to read everyday, ie today its 3in a row a fab way to spend my coffee time xx

  22. Gorgeous card Barbara, love the technique will have to try it


  23. I am so loving your blog Barbara, have only been with Clarity about 8 months and love having access to all these ideas. THANKS x

  24. A beautiful card, thank you for the great step by step. x

  25. fantastic tutorial Barbara, love it x

  26. It looks fab Barbara! I was only looking at these stamps the other day! I think my ladies may have to have an outing very soon!
    Your blogging of some older stamps is a great way of making us look into our expanding collection and I think sometimes it's nice to get give them an airing! Xxx

  27. love this technique. it is so impressive how it creates dimension on a flat card. my older boy (11), was next to me while reading the blog and he was very impressed too xx

  28. Hi Barb, love these types of cards, so effective, keep up the ideas, and your blog is really inspiring. Bx

  29. What a great card, I really like the bubble and faux layer effect you have made, I must give this a go with the tropical fish stamps I got from Clarity :-)

  30. Thank you for teaching some fantastic techniques! I really love the layering effect so will have to give that a try.

    Emma x

  31. Ooooo this is so clever, thanks for another great tutorial

    Jackie x

  32. Really like the background technique -might need to try this on my Christmas cards, which need to get made soon.... Thanks, Susan

  33. That is so clever Barbara, thank you!

  34. Great demo and fantastic one layer card :)

  35. Love this. If I do this card does it count as my exercise for the day?!!

  36. Gelli plate kit is on my CMas list! Think it would work well with the hares. x


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