Thursday, 23 January 2014

Blue Laurel.

Hello there!
Thursday’s blog is always Blue, so here is a young lady called Laurel.

I know she looks as if she’s running for her life! She is a great source of amusement at work in the picking department. Whenever you mention Laurel, all the guys throw their arms in the air!
I think she is excellent actually! (Apart from the fact that I drew her!), She is ideal for highlighting something. You just position the Sentiment or gift or point of interest exactly where her hands are!

In this case, I used the Laurel Hedge to make a pouch, to house a couple of tickets for a garden show. I know; at this time of year Marks & Spencers Gift Vouchers might be more welcome!

Anyway, here goes.

I used
Theuva Card A5
Laurel, Laurel Hedge and Mask Kit (Special Blog-Price)

Stamp Laurel the Girl and Laurel the Hedge on Theuva card, using Black Adirondack. 
The reason for Adirondack Dye ink instead of Archival permanent ink is that we are colouring in with Promarkers. 

And here they are! Notice that the laurel hedge tessellates; it slots into itself left and right, so there is no gap. Great for backgrounds. And healthy hedges...

This takes a little while...

Stamp Laurel the lady onto a panel of Theuva Card. 
Use the mask to cover her up while you do the background.

So now you should have 2 Lady Laurels stamped; 
one on the panel, and one to cut out and layer up.
Colour in the Hat, head, legs and arms on the one underneath the panel, and the dress on the upper layer. 
In other words, just the bits you can see.  

If we get in close, you can see here that the dress is layered up over the top of the Laurel hedge panel.

Think of a sandwich:
Lady Laurel with background first.
Laurel Hedge panel next.
Lady Laurel’s dress next. And yes, we do cut off her head!
And arms and legs! Ouch!!

So now let’s think about the sleeve, or pouch. 
Very simple rule: DON’T glue that area down!

Makes a lovely gift-card. 
Even a couple of £10 notes would look good. The right colour, too.

What’s this?
Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! 

3 tenners....

 So you can see here how Lady Laurel is drawing the eye to the gift voucher. 

Here is a card made by one of the Clarity Design Team. 
Unfortunately, there is no name on the back, so whoever made this card - hands up please!!

I had to laugh when I first saw this artwork, because it looks like she wants to strangle him!
Or eat him!

have a lovely day,

much love


  1. Great gift card idea Barbara love it.

  2. Poor lass, she does take some stick! Fantastic idea Barbara!

  3. Love the idea of making a gift card. I could have done with something like this For the gift card I bought for my Dad at Christmas. obviously not this stamp but would have found something a bit more suitable. In fact if you are looking for new ideas I would love some stamps with transport from the age of steam, please.

  4. I am sure Laurel is saying, has just said, or is about to say 'Ta-dah'! A lovely card again Barbara.

  5. Good morning,
    I think the tesslelation stamp is brilliant, math in stamping is so much fun. The gift card is very cool and a fun idea,. Guess I need that stamp... Thanks for the idea. Cheers

  6. Hi Barb, your card is lovely, love the colours you used. Can I have the one with the tenners in please, need to cover my purchases. Love the one from the design team member too. Bx

  7. The card's mine Barb, glad you like it! Laurel and Douglas haven't had a tiff they are having a little loving xx

    1. Ahah! Thanks Sazz! She looks like she's going for his jugular! X

  8. I think she just wants to dance! She needs to get herself along to a rock n roll dance, no shortage of dance partners there!! Lovely card and lovely image. Helen xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Great way to do a gift card, very clever. Love the fact that the laurel border tessellated - always useful. Well done to Sazzle too.

  10. Lovely gift card, a lot of work went into this one, but it looks wonderful. I think Laurel wants a smooch!! Joan X

  11. Great gift card. Love the idea,
    Well done whoever made the card.

  12. Great gift card love the stamps xxx

  13. Gorgeous selectiion of cards made with the Laurel stamps. Love the tenner one
    Beryl xx

  14. Maybe you could do a stamp to go with her so where her arms stretch out you could have the words "Ta Dar" (have to say it fast) Ok maybe not!! I did a little poem about Laurel's twin I had forgotten about that, "Come to me now my lover boy and let me fill your days, with love and laughter and plenty of Joy, till we go our parting ways! Because it does look like she is grabbing him. Anyway I love your card and yes the £10 do match the dress???? You need to get out more. xxx

  15. Nice blog today Barbara, very inspiring x

  16. How many of us know just how she feels?? Great idea for a gift card, they are all gorgeous. Pat x

  17. what a clever pair of stamps - that laurel is a real beauty - and her hands work perfectly! Brilliant x

  18. Another fantastically inspiring blog post Barbara just need the money and the time to be able to do all these lovely things

    Jackie x

  19. Lovely Laurel - those stamps are such fun, and I love the gift card idea. Thanks for the inspiration as ever! Susan x

  20. Fabulous gift card idea, reading the blog made me smile lovley start to the day .thank you for the inspiration sheila xx

  21. Love the gift/token card idea. I've got the Laurel stamp just need to visit my friend, Sue, and borrow the lady stamp.

  22. Absolutely stunning !!!!! I just Wonder how long it took you to manage to put the "cut of" Lady on the top....... You're such an inspiration. Thanks.
    Laurence xx

  23. Great Idea - love the stamps. does anybody know if I can use Black StanzOn ink pad with the promarkers, just have my adirondack not around. XX

  24. Ditto all the comments about the card! My favourite image, however, is the one of the guys 'n' gals in the picking department throwing their arms in the air at the very mention of her name!! Fellow nutters like me! xx

  25. Another super blog - thanks Barbara! I too would love to be a fly on the wall in the picking department - (((giggle))) :)

  26. Hi Barbara. Beautiful card and stamps. Love the pouch, will be borrowing that idea. Laurel does look like she is going to throttle her man doesn't she : ) Take care

  27. Hi Barbara-love this!
    I have a laurel of my own -my sister calls her the "bendy lady"!
    I have used her holding flowers , pointing to sentiments etc-so useful.
    I will now use her like this!
    Whenever I use her I just smile .
    I love the thought of all your team throwing their arms up in the air- something we should all do I reckon on a regular basis!
    So - with my arms in position-
    Here's to Laurel and here's to you Barbara for designing such a wonderfully unique stamp,

  28. Lovely idea for gift card love. Your card to Saz looking forward to our work shop Saturday Saz thanks Barbara for blog and for asking Saz to set u are workshops

  29. Great stamp, I really like the foliage. Super idea for a gift card, laughed at the three tenors! Thanks for a wonderful read every day. Xx

  30. Lovely idea for gift card always nice to present them in a special way. Not too early for garden vouchers, gives us something to look forward to, warmer weather for a start, bitterly cold today.
    Would love to see those lads throwing arms in air, shows they probably enjoying job. Another beautiful stamp today, you just don't make it easy for us Barbara, want everything!! Lynne xx

  31. Two beautiful cards, the second one made me laugh-I could see this design being sent to a fellow female just to make her smile! x

  32. I really like these stamps and this idea is a great way of presenting vouchers, tickets or gift cards. Like others the image of your team raising their arms every time laurel is mentioned is very amusing. Thanks for a great blog xx

  33. I think that Laurel has just thrown the beach ball to the rest of the elegant ladies. I love that idea of using her to display vouchers or tickets. xx Maggie

  34. Much more arty than my entry for the challenge but still think she is fantastic and versatile to use


  35. What a great idea - I'm looking forward to buying a voucher & telling the retailer "I don't want a card thank you....." :-) x

  36. Everybody say Hey and wave your arms like you just don't care yay ! Your staff sound barmy, love it.

    Lovely artwork, I have these stamps yes! No where are they lol, must go, and tidy the stash ;-) xx

  37. Another lovely demo from you Barbara. great card from Sazzle too. I have this set already and have made a card with it but can't blog it yet as it is for family. xxx


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x