Monday, 31 March 2014

A Treeline....

Hello there!
Thank you for dropping in on this Monday.
Monday’s Blog is Trees and flowers, so here’s one I did last night, after a lovely afternoon with Dave and my parents & bro.

I have used the Trees & their Mantels, which was a lesson kit on TV last year. I had forgotten how fabulous this kit is! 
It is a remountable set of 4 naked trees and their leafy mantles, plus a long grassy base stamp, too.
If you like trees, this has to be a compulsory purchase - 
especially today, 
because there’s a big sale on all old Classroom kits!
(It’s only £12! 
And even less if you’re in the Clarity New Design Club!)

I used
Archival Olive Ink Pad Just noticed. Ink pad of the month of March (last day very cheap!)

The vital component is a Gelli Plate remnant print from the NEC, of the brick stencil.  

Hands up, if you weren’t at the NEC, and you haven’t got a scooby how I arrived at this point.
Right. Keep your hand up while I count.....
Well, in that case I think I’ll have to do a quick You Tube for next week....Provided I can stop laughing long enough and pull myself together and pull a print! 
(tune in tomorrow, for our launch of You Tube Tuesday, 
and more will be revealed)

If we are stamping on acrylic, we need permanent ink pads, so I have gone with Archival Sepia and Archival Olive.
Plant the first tree along the baseline of the brick print.

Plant a few. Spread them out, beyond the wall.

Now let’s dress them. It’s good to blot the ink on the mantles, so that it’s not too dark.
I also recommend you remove the blue indexing from the mantles (with nail varnish remover, or a baby wipe will do it, too.) 
That way, you can see right through the mantle when you are overlaying it. 
Ahhh, the joys of transparent stamping....

Dress all the trees, and add a few poplars in the background, 
in the gaps.

If you look up closely, you can see how cool first and second generation ink looks on acrylic paint.

So now we have a treeline.
Let this dry for 5 minutes.

Now let’s add a  little depth.
Cover up the acrylic with a scrap of paper and let’s work on the white border.

Using a make-up sponge and Peeled Paint Distress ink (you could use Adirondacks just as well, like Lettuce), gently tease some shade into the white area. Easy does it!
What does that bird on the telly always say?
You can always add it, but....
(answers below please! xxx)

What a difference a little shade makes...

Now let’s add some hills. Tear a piece of copy paper,

and add a little shade underneath the two trees in the border.

They need to be anchored; or they look like they are levitating!

Add a couple of hills above the trees in the white border, 
using the make-up sponge again. 
Easy does it!
You can always add it, but: 

I want to show you something. When you stamp onto acrylic paint with an Archival ink pad, the images actually are glossy! 
This looks so cool!

So let’s take a step back...

Love it !!!!
Big wall.
Now it’s YOUR turn.
Have a think. What would YOU add? 

We have got those fantastic Word Chains - in fact next Sunday on TV, I am going to show you the next 4 chains, which might even work better than the first 4. They are words like GRATITUDE, MIRACLE, FRIENDSHIP, PROMISE, DREAM, LOVE and so on.

But back to the challenge. 
I think a verse or a sentiment, don’t you? 
Which of the many, many Clarity poems and verses do you think would work well here? 
And would you stamp it in Olive or Sepia? Or another colour?
 And would you stamp it directly onto the brickwork?
Or would you make a panel tag? Or something else?
Would you reduce it? Make it smaller?
Choice, choices, choices.

Make a creative plan and share your idea in a comment below. 
I will take on board all your suggestions, pick one to run with, and finish the artwork.

I will send the winner the finished artwork.
After all, it will have been a joint effort.

much love, 

(And by the way, I was Blue, Turquoise, Black and Cream, although if you stared at the footballs long enough, they started to look pretty good too....)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Allium und Dankeschön!

I do hope you are having a good Sunday?
My parents and brother are coming over for lunch,
so I can’t stop long; potatoes to peel and all that jazz..

But I thought I would go back to an old favourite today:
Alliums on Double-sided adhesive with Gilding Flakes.

Here’s what I used:
if you get these 2 large alliums, we will send the baby allium to you as a gift. xx

Sponge finger

Ready steady go!

Peel off the Clarity wax paper

Stamp a large Allium directly onto the adhesive sheet, 
using Black Archival ink.

Add the second Allium,

and the third...

Here’s how to lay the acetate down perfectly:
replace the wax paper over the inked artwork, 
leaving a half inch gap at the top.

Place the acetate exactly over the sticky part which is exposed.
You can slide around on the wax paper, to get it in the right place.

Now start pulling the wax paper away, 
and rolling the acetate into place simultaneously.

Keep going...

until the wax paper is gone and the acetate is in place.

Here is one I did for my German Mum. 
My lovely Schmetterling!

So now flip to the other side, and peel off the orange paper.

Variegated copper is good. Mum will like this one best.

Now make sure nobody’s going to come flying through 
the back door, 
or the cat can’t jump up on the table!

Sprinkle the Gilding flakes onto the adhesive sheet.
Make sure the sticky area is completely covered, 
and pour the leftovers back in the pot.

Using your finger, or a sponge finger, burnish the back.

Turn over for a rather sumptuous effect.

Here’s one using Variegated Green.
There are loads of different flavours. 
I think my favourite has to be Pirate Treasure though. 

Anyway. This ones’s for my Mum.
A while ago, we were walking along together, and I told her that of all the things she has shown me and taught me, the greatest personal gift she has given me is bilingualism. 
But I guess my Dad deserves half the credit for that one, too!
My German’s still not as good as hers, but I get by!

much love,

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sent to you with Gratitude....

Hello there!
It’s Saturday, 
so it’s a new technique blog.
Thought I’d get my little Gelli Plate out, 
and show you something so simple, 
but really, really effective.

I used:

(I need help!)

Stamp the Blue Tit in Black Archival on the Gelli Card

Beautiful stamp!

Cover up the tit with the mask, and then put to one side.

Add a small amount of Phahlo Blue to the Gelli plate, 

spread out with the brayer, and then start lifting it off with the brayer. If you can see the ghost of a bird in the blue, you aren’t seeing things; I did one earlier!
Anyway, when the blue starts to lift off, 
stop when it looks like this!
Leave it to dry for 5 minutes.

Add a little amount of Pistachio over the blue 
and spread with the brayer.

Lay the striped Stencil in the wet paint and blot lightly 
with a piece of copy paper.

Cool imprint.
Let it dry again, for 5 minutes.

Next layer: spread a layer of Buff Titanium over the Pistachio.

but this time, before it dries, take your pic with the blue tit,
lay it on the wet Gelli Plate, rub the back,

and pull a print.

Using the outside of the mask, cover up the background now.

Use a make-up sponge to colour the bird 
with your Stonewashed ink pad

Add depth to the tips of the wings with Denim in the same way.

Add some yellow Butterscotch.

Replace the masks ready for the next time.

So you have this wild, arty, gritty background, 
and a perfect bird in the foreground.
I think I like the contrast.

Stamp a couple of appropriate Clarity Words from the NEW Word Chains, being released next Sunday on Create & Craft 9-11
with Black Archival.

I love it. 
Today I went to the Physio-therapist for help with my neck. 
I’m telling you: My cup o’er brimmeth.

When you see what others endure...

Trim the card.

A couple of close shots.

What is cool is the FEEL. 
The artwork feels gritty - except for the silky bird.

So now it’s Saturday, and let’s plat a game.
It’s all about backing, framing.
So here are a few possible background colours to go with. I want YOU to tell me which you like - in order of preference. And then see if you can guess which order I have picked.





Just making sure you’re still awake!

Do please leave an uplifting comment, 
and tell me what you think! 
(And if you put the footballs in first place, 
maybe I’m in the wrong building!)

I would like to wish Dave, Maria, Jo, Heather and Len and wonderful day at Port Sunlight.
Sorry I can’t be there. 
We are doing something far less strenuous: 
Filming our first official You Tube video!
In readiness for something very new:
Yep, every Tuesday we will post a new YOU TUBE VIDEO, 
both on this blog and on the Clarity website.
So wish us luck! This could be the start of something very big!

Should be fun, too...

much love