Saturday, 19 April 2014

A crackin’ Easter Project

Hello there!
It’s Easter weekend, and here’s a cute idea you might enjoy trying.

I used our Easter chicks and some cracking good eggs:

Blossom Egg           Leaf Egg

Oh. An Espresso Adirondack and a few Promarkers, too.

It’s as easy as boiling a soft egg, once you know how!
Let’s take a look....

Stamp the bottom half of the cracked egg in Espresso.

Use the Cracked Egg mask to cover up 
and stamp the Blossom egg through the aperture.

like so...

We are going to do the same for the top half of the cracked egg, but we are going to cut it out. 
So anywhere on a piece of Theuva card is good.

Colour in with Promarkers.

Both halves.

Mask off the lower half and stamp a chick into the egg.

Coming together here..
Now for the Message.

Bend it into a curve on the mount....

Let’s anchor the egg, so that it isn’t just floating.
Mask the egg off, 
and add a little ledge with Espresso and a make up sponge.


Speaking of floating eggs,
I remember a while ago, the fridge was pretty empty except for a few eggs, so I thought I’d rustle up some egg mayonnaise. 
“Not sure how long these eggs have been in here,”
says I.
“Well, if an egg floats, it’s no good.”
says Dave.
I put all 6 eggs in the pan of water and they all bobbed to the surface. All 6. No hesitation. They shot to the top. 
“Fancy beans on toast?”
says I...

Anyway, yolks aside, where was I?

Ah yes. Trying to stop the egg from tipping over.
Colour in the little chicksicle..

Add the lid with a brad.

Dust a little Butterscotch Yellow around the edge of the card 
with one of our fabulous Clarity Brushes.

All done.

We hope you are having a cracking good Easter weekend.
Check out our Sale on the website;
all these stamps are on offer until Monday 21st April 2014.

much love,


  1. Another cracking good blog Barbara !

  2. Lovely card, nice soft colours. Was not sure if I should buy the eggs or not, but now what I have seen what I can do, I think I will have to buy myself a nice Easter egg......And this one will keep more than 5 minutes..... Have a nice Staurday. xx

  3. Beautiful ,another great one xxx

  4. That is eggcellent. Very pretty and cute card. Easter Blessings.

  5. Gosh, I'm an early bird catching your blog today (better that than being the worm !!) Beautiful card. I know you didn't use it on your design today but I just LOVE that leaf egg. How gorgeous is that stamp ? Happy Easter

  6. Love your eggtra special Easter card. Hope you enjoy the bank holiday, hope to that the sun shines. Joan x

  7. Hello Barb, this is such a lovely idea, and a beautiful card resulting from it. Love the soft colours. Easter wishes to everyone. Bx

  8. Cracking good blog xxxx bet you are glad you didn't eat the eggs ! Enjoy this sunny Saturday xx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Really love this card - that chick is just so cute! Like Laurence, I wasn't sure about buying these stamps originally, but I might just have to and I too love the other egg that has an Art Deco / Rennie Macintosh feel( think that's how his name is spelt). Thanks for the brilliant offer for the stamps too. Love Alison xxx

  10. Morning everyone. I love the card today, especially the way the top moves to reveal a little chick inside. I wouldn't like that to happen with an egg from the fridge though! Have a happy day. xx

  11. Know that's a cracking good card have a winderful rest of Easter x

  12. Morning Barbara,
    CRACKING card!!!!
    Have a Happy Easter
    Lorna D

  13. Happy Easter everyone, I love the word Happy it makes me feel Happy, Happy , Happy.
    What an Eggselent card Barb lol, I love the little chicks and I might invest in the egg as it is such a fabulous price he he.

    Happy Easter

    Denise x

  14. Nice Easter card Barbara.... hope your having a good one ....x

  15. Such a cute card with lovely soft colours. Have a lovely Easter, hope you manage to put your feet up! x

  16. What a great idea yet again, loving the break, I hope you are


  17. Love those chicks, hope everyone has a happy Easter

  18. What a lovely card Barbara. Love the use of subtle colour. Happy Easter. Jean.x

  19. So cute! You use colour so well - I am no so good at delicate colouring, I need to practice! xx

  20. Beautiful card, have to make one of two today. Love those chicks. Have a lovely Easter.

  21. Smashing card. That chick looks cute. Just been watching a robin having a lovely splash around in our bird bath. Sweet. Thanks for all the great offers at the moment, I have treated myself to a few more items. Hope it is a good day Lynne xx

  22. Beautiful card I've put my order in couldn't resist have a wonderful Easter to all xxx

  23. Love the card Barbara the chicks are so cute thank you for sharing I remember one Easter I had two little chicks like these they were in a shoe box with seed and water went to bed and nexed morning they were gone I'm 76now Barbara that mystery was never solved. Love June xxxxx

  24. Great card again. Had a little box from Clarity this morning so hoping to play this afternoon! Happy Easter to you and all the Clarity team. x

  25. Good morning Barbara! That's a cracking chick of a card!!! Have a fab weekend. You will find me at my crafting area today!!!! Lots of ideas keep popping into my head! Loadsa love and hugs! Xxx

  26. really cheered me up. Great card. trying to get rid of the evil fairy - I am at work and could be for some time - joys of working for the Ministry of Justice. Hope everyone is enjoying the fine weather. Life can only get better. Cannot wait to get home and destress with Barbara's lovely cheery card

  27. Sweet little chick, and the eggs are cracking ;) very Faberge. Have only recently ventured into the world of masking, so any blogs using this technique are always welcome. Have an eggcellent Saturday. XX

  28. Awww! how cute is that. Lovely card Barb. Hope you and Dave are enjoying your Easter and that your Easter eggs don't float!! Pat x

  29. Very cute! Happy Easter to all at Clarity Towers - Susan x

  30. Lovely card Barbara, the chick is so cute. Hope you're enjoying your Easter weekend. xx

  31. this is wonderful Barbara - those eggs look eggstremely amazing xx

  32. gorgeous!! Happy Easter Barbara x

  33. What an eggscellent card! Hope you are having a good Easter and having a rest.

  34. Gorgeous card Sue love it.

  35. so cute. great idea. have a lovely easter yourself xx

  36. Eggstra cute card today. Thank you. Must get some butterscotch ink-you use it a lot, so it must be good! Happy Easter everyone, Jan

  37. Happy Easter to you and your Family Barbara. Cracking little card. Lovely demo. xxxx

  38. Lovely card, must remember that hinge bit for next year! I did one with a couple rabbit coming out of the egg ..... Happy Easter everyone!

  39. I like that one - a lot! Absolutely gorgeous and a perfect Easter greeting. Hope you have a lovely time with your family this weekend Karen x

  40. Eggcellent demo! My apologies, Happy Easter weekend x

  41. This is a wonderful idea to hinge the egg Barbara, and I love the sweet chick and the colours you have used. I am reduced to popping by at this unearthly hour to catch up, you can tell I'm a night owl. x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x