Thursday, 17 April 2014

It’s a Gardener’s World today

Hello there,
Hope you are doing well? I am running late today.
So looking forward to the long weekend!
Hoping to spend some time in the garden.
So here’s a little Gardening step-by-step card using our little

Stamp the Framer using Black Archival

Mask off the outside with Post-Its, leaving a little stamp-edge.
Stamp the wheelbarrow into the frame with Black Adirondack.
Add a baby sun/moon.

Load your Brayer with Meadow on the Mat,

Roll in the lawn,  and add a few tufts with the make-up sponge.

Load your Brayer with Cloudy Blue on the Mat,

Add the sky.

Add the clouds with the Clarity Cloud Mask 
and a make-up sponge.
Depending on where you live, and how you feel, 
this can be adjusted.

 Add the garden fork in black, 
but position the tips of the prongs on a torn scrap of paper, 

so that the fork looks set in the ground.

Remove the Post-Its. Nice!

Time for some masking.
Cover up the whole stamp,

so that we can add some grass around the outside.
Just line up the torn copy paper with the tufts on the inside of the pic, and carry them on into the neighbour’s yard!

Less is more...

Now stamp the fork back over the original image. 
In black again.

Remove the mask and 

frank the stamp with the Thank you stamp.
Oh and the best bit:
Add a couple of little birds from the Birdhouse Set.

Colour in the Wheelbarrow with a pencil,

trim the card to size,

Add the Queen in the corner with balck archival.
This is a very useful little Postage Stamp Set!

Season the edges with a blending tool,

 Replace the XL Stamp mask, 
and add a little shadow around all 4 sides...
Blues to the top, 

and black to the bottom.

Now remove the mask,

and mount to a complimentary paper.

That’s it for today.
A Perfect Man’s card!
or should I say,
a great card for the man in your life!

Time to get out there and enjoy the springtime.



  1. Morning Barbara, another great piece of art, and I love the way it goes onto the page behind..I do love my garden, especially when the sun is shinning. Hope you get time to rest and enjoy your weekend....hugs....Jo. X

  2. Another lovely piece of art work. I hope to get some time in the garden I just spend 30mins in the garden and I look like a lobster. Xx

  3. Such a lovely piece of work - the shadows make all the difference.
    I think we'll all try to enjoy the garden this Easter weekend, let's hope the sun hangs in there!!
    Have a great Easter weekend Barbara and enjoy your time in the garden xxxx

  4. Hi Barbara.... what a lovely man card....thanks for the demo ....happy crafting ....x

  5. Morning Barbara,
    Fantastic card, so effective I love the postage stamp!!
    Lorna D

  6. Hi Barb,
    Love this card especially for the pesky male card we have to make ( or green fingered females!). The garden miniatures are so cute - looks like I'm going to be buying again! Hope you get to relax over Easter. Love Alison xxx

  7. Have a great time and a well earned rest. Love the card. The garden calls, wish it was as easy to sort out as the card!
    Happy hols x

  8. Good morning Barbara, I think this card is stunning and makes a brilliant design for green fingered friends and family, great for the men yet it could also be made more feminine by adding a few flowers for the ladies. x

  9. Gorgeous card. I love the postage set. You can do such clever and effective things with it. Have a lovely weekend. May the sun keeping shining so you can be busy in the garden. Happy Easter, Ela x

  10. Lovely card & you're right, that postage set is invaluable. Perfect man ? That made me smile.

  11. How clever this is - love the way the fork looks as if it's in the ground. You make it all look so simple so I will give it a try and see how it ends up. Pat x

  12. Hi Barb, really lovely card, I have the stamps and the masks, so will give this a try over the long weekend. I also hope to be in the garden this weekend, have lots of planting to do and baskets to make up. Hope you get some chill out time in your garden Barb. Enjoy the long weekend everyone, and Happy Easter. Bx

  13. This is the perfect sentiment for the weeknd little work in the garden pots for this card

  14. Love it having a day crafting couple things to do first then of I go have fantastic day. May even try this today xxx

  15. So gorgeous, also a great card for anyone who's a gardener. Lets hope the weather stay's fine enough to get into the garden this weekend. Enjoy the long weekend.

    Sue xx

  16. Delightful card - thank you Barbara! This reminds me, I still have a lot of Clarity Stamps to collect! :D

  17. Hi Barabara, a lovely card. Wish I had your talent.

  18. Lovely card as always. Think I need to try that technique of carrying the picture out into the main card, it looks so good.

  19. That is the perfect card for my next door neighbour who loves to garden. Have got 3/4 of those stamps so will have to improvise but thank you so much for the inspiration and hope you are energised by the world around you in your garden


  20. Another great card i need those stamps that's a definite must have xxx

  21. Love how you take the picture outside the box, great technique and must try. Bit cloudy here today so probably no gardening, maybe I should craft?.. ha ha Joan x

  22. Brilliant card - this would be great for Father's Day too. In fact perfect for my dad.

  23. Love this card, so like making stamp cards. Here's wishing you a very Happy Easter with lots of eggs, relaxation and of course chocolate!!

  24. That is just perfect! The effect of having the picture extend beyond the frame is fabulous!
    Hope you enjoy your garden this weekend Barbara and Dave! You both deserve a bit of relaxation! Love and hugs xxx

  25. Lovely card, lovely blog, lovely sunny day. Can life get any better? Thank you Barbara. Xx

  26. Love this card, I especially like how you gave continued the background outside the stamp and the amazing depth you have achieved
    Jackie x

  27. Great card, love how it carries on outside the stamp! Have a great Easter break and wishing one and all peace, happiness and blessings over the Easter period. And as Dave Allen used to say " May your god go with you" x

  28. Brilliant card and I love the way the fork is restamped so the handle appears outside of the postage stamp. Hopefully spending some time in the garden this weekend as there is some much needed weeding to be done! Jane x

  29. Fabulous card Barbara, I do hope you and Dave enjoy your weekend after the hectic schedule you have had for the past weeks you both more than deserve it !! It will probably do your neck the world of good too !! Take care xx

  30. Fantastic card. Love the way the scene extends beyond the stamp. Thank you so much for this step-by-step. x

  31. Love the card today Barbara, particularly the way the spade appears outside the stamp.

  32. Afternoon Barb lovely card..I want to sit it that garden please...grey and miserable here.xx

  33. Oh yes a long weekend - just what the DR ordered!
    I am so happy you have blogged this one - this is one of the first demo's I saw you do on C&C (for which I am ever so grateful) - and one of the first set of stamps I purchased (gardening set) - yet could never really remember the steps you did! So this is just fab Barb xxx Roll on the end of today and the start of the Easter Break for those who are not working - to those who are - I hope your weekend passes smoothly xx As ever Barb, much love x

  34. Lovely artwork, love the effect of bringing the scene out of the stamped frame. I'm hoping to get out in the garden myself this weekend, there is much to be done but I enjoy it once I get going :-)

  35. What a beautiful set to use. Another for my wish list how it gets longer each day enjoy your weekend in the garden a lovely well earned rest happy Easter to all xxx

  36. super card Barbara - I don't think I've seen the gardeners set before - that would be very useful! Love the stamp outline too - wonderful card and you make it look so very simple!!! Hugs rachel xx p.s. still not seen the you tube tuesday - will try soon if my kiddies are still watching Frozen! Hugs rachel xx

  37. Fantastic as usual! Not sure about my shakey hand stamping on top of the fork again though!

  38. Hi Barbara
    Love how the stamp stands out very effective.My chain word stamps arrived today,love them very useful.Every time I check your blog my wish list keeps growing.

  39. Love this, such an effective technique, really like the stamp stamp xx

  40. looks great. and the shadowing gives it depth. a beaut xx

  41. really lovely - will give it a try in between doing my allotment
    Happy Easter

  42. Love the card Barbara great guys card can't sit in the garden here it's freezing hope it's warm where you arexxxx

  43. What a lovely card, just where we want to be! Just thought you deserved a little limerick of your own Barbara......
    There was a dear lady called Barbara Gray,
    Who tempted us with nice things to play,
    With ink pads and paints and stencils are new,
    But most of all stamps, by Clarity too,
    So thank you dear Barbara, for treating us to,
    These wonderful goodies, from Clarity, which is you!

    Happy Easter Barbara, wishing you a wonderful & relaxing weekend.

    Lisa xx

  44. What a great card. Sometimes wish I lived somewhere with a garden, but then again I always manage to kill things off when I have to look after my Mum and Dad's garden. So may be a good job I don't.

  45. Very clever looks so effective. I have a great man who does our garden but then I do all the cooking so quite fair. Could not resist some more stencils last night and the honeysuckle corner stamp. I can try your you tube tutorial when that arrives. We have been on grandchildren duty today and we are both shattered but they have had us in fits of laughter. Growing up with a sense of humour. Enjoy the weekend, hope it stays warm for you. Lynne xx

  46. Such a peaceful card Barbara, suitable for many occasions

  47. What a nice idea, love it - for so many occasions!

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  49. What a lovely card and how clever, you might need to get into the garden tomorrow rain forecast for Sunday !! X

  50. Stunning card, like the weather today, even better tomorrow.....25°C but rain for the week-end, so will enjoy every minute I can, sitting in the garden. xx

  51. Just love it! Can't quite believe that you are now dropping me hints to get out and garden too - maybe tomorrow.... Susan x

  52. Lovely serene card - reminds me spring has finally arrived! Glad I got these stamps when I was at Ally Pally - a "must-have-a-go" design. Thank you Barbara....We've got blackbirds nesting in our ivy in the garden - I love to watch them and your card reminds me of them :-)
    Make sure you set-to in the garden tomorrow & Saturday, as the weather is supposed to be changing on Sunday :-(

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.....
    In your garden, you get time to spend.
    Don't worry about the man with his corset,
    He's very happy & in his element, in Dorset! :-)

    Take care, Carole x

  53. What. Beauty Barbara.So inspiring.Hope you have a lovely long weekend.Hugs Debbie x

  54. Wonderful! I love this set and your card is fabulous xx

  55. What an amazing card Barbara, you just want to run your hand over it to check it is flat. Enjoy your weekend in the garden with (hopefully) some sunshine. Love Diane Green xx

  56. I don't see why it only has to be for the men! It's stunning! I love my stamp stamps and whenever I get stuck or mo jo disappears they are my go to stamps. Now need some more of them plus the masks you have used on this creation as well as yesterdays!
    Gorgeous inkyness, thank you for sharing, have a great weekend Karen x

  57. Is there such a thing as a perfect man? The card is a lovely idea though - and very adaptable for any garden lover.

  58. Lovely image Barbara, the garden set is such a useful set. Happy Easter to everyone at Clarity. xx

  59. Very nice, thank you for all the lovely inspiration xx

  60. That's brilliant Barbara. Love how is started as a small image inside the stamp and then ended up as a whole scene.
    Beryl xx

  61. Hi Barbara. Love it! You are amazing, I love how you make a beautiful card out of just a few stamps etc. Take care.

  62. This is fabulous, you always make it look so fabulously easy, I would never of thought of doing the masking with a whole image like that. Thank you for the inspiration x
    Denise x

  63. This postage stamp frame is gorgeous Barbara, and I love the way you have extended the scene outwards and the spade handle goes from inside to outside the frame, and the shading is just wonderful. More gorgeous stamps to add to the list. x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x