Monday, 30 June 2014

Just a quickie with a leafy stencil...

Hello and Happy Monday.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope you don’t mind, but today, I really just have to play catch up, and spend some time with the family.

So I decided to simply post a piece I did a while ago, which I really, really like.
Don’t know how I arrived at this screen-print look, 
but the offset certainly helped.

I used a stencil of ours, the Dotty Leaf A5,
and I for sure used the System 3 Daler Rowney Acrylic paints.

But that’s all I know.
Oh. One other thing: it is on copy paper.
Why? Because it was the scrap I was using 
to clean the Gelli Plate in between layers of paint!
I like that. 
I don’t produce many original pieces of artwork, but here’s one!
Most of what I do can be replicated, if you know what I mean. 
By you, by me...
If an original means you couldn’t repeat it, 
then this is an original! The other thing which makes it unique, is that it wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t focussed on it at all. 
The other piece was the main attraction, 
and that wasn’t very special at all! Don’t even know where it is...

So it just goes to show. 
Note to self: start blotting on better scrap than copy paper ; 
you just never know.

Tomorrow is YouTube Tuesday.
So I hope you can join me then. 

much love,


  1. You are totally inspiring and I love the originality of the waste, there will never be any waste again its all original artwork. Have a lovely day with your family. Best wishes. Joan x

  2. Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for taking the time to blog. Enjoy the day with your family. I am looking forward to the video tomorrow.

    Roz x

  3. Love the leaves, colours are lovely, have a great day

  4. Hi Barbara. This is beautiful, I love the depth of the colours, and the colours themselves. The stencil is so pretty. It's funny how some of our favourite pieces come from nowhere isn't it : ) Have a good time with the family. P is for priorities and today that is family, as it always should be Enjoy : ) Take care.

  5. Have a great day with the family


  6. Great Piece of Art work - have a wonderful day with your Family ! xx

  7. love it! Must look through my scrap box with a different eye xx

  8. Morning,
    Enjoy your time with family... Cool idea

  9. Lovely Barbara and amazing for a piece of scrap. Of course we don't mind you rushing off it was good of you to pop in. Have a wonderful day with your lovely family . Love Diane xxx

  10. Love it Barbara thank you for sharing xxx

  11. Barbara ALL of your work is original Artwork, that is why we were drawn to Clarity in the first place! for me the difficult bit IS making it repeatable. You do both, unique and repeatable. I do love the clean up sheets though, I have in front of me now that I just can't take my eyes off but I don't know what to do with it either. xxx Have a lovely day with your family. x

  12. Hi Barb,
    Have a great day with the family, hope the sun shines on you all.
    The trouble is - your rubbish is art - mine is still rubbish!
    Love xx

    1. I know how you feel Maureen - my scrap is scrap and my scribbles are just that too! One day though, I hope they will be arty :o)

  13. Barbara enjoy your family time today.
    Your artwork is brilliant and I think all your work is original

    Jackie x

  14. Hi have a wonderful day family is so important so enjoy. Like that idea get so much waste time to keep and use x

  15. Fabulous! Have an absolutely lovely family day! xx

  16. Hi Barb, thanks for inspiring us by posting a little bit of artwork. Now off you go and enjoy your family time. Bx

  17. This is so pretty Barbara, and it just goes to show that sometimes the scrap can be even better than the actual structured piece we are working on, so we have to look at everything with different eyes. Thank you for this, but the most important thing is to enjoy your precious time with the family. x

  18. Hi Barbara .. Love the demo ... Have a nice day ...x

  19. Lovely artwork. Never apologise for doing a quickie lol, I think it's amazing that you blog everyday as it is. Enjoy your day x

  20. Have a lovely day you deserve a break with your family xxx

  21. a great original Barbara - you enjoy spending time with those that matter most xx

  22. Love this piece - I can just see it as the background and focal element on a scrapbook page, with a small photo tucked in between the leaves and some journalling around the outside frame. If only my scrap pieces would end up looking like this one day!

  23. Glad you giving yourself time with your family that is really important. I have this stencil not used yet so will have to try out. Now I am off to spend time with my son as we sort the washing from Glastonbury. I really know how to live!!. Yuk. xx

  24. I always try and keep an eye on the scrap as I roll the brayer because the way the colours layer up can sometimes look really interesting. XX

  25. I watched my daughter's mother-in-law at the crop when she was doing the Northern Lights technique and she was working on the top of a pad of watercolour paper, and creating some fantastic potential backgrounds as a byproduct. I also did my best drawing of boats in a harbour just playing on cheap copy paper - I really did regret that. So, yes, use better quality paper to play with. It is still a lovely result. xxx Maggie

  26. Hope you had a lovely day with your family. xx

  27. Hi Barb,
    I really wish my scrap looked like this! The only place mine is suitable for is the bin! Thank you for taking time to blog and hope that you have had a great day with your family - that is the most important thing. Love Alison xx

  28. well i used gelli plate last week and i thought the blotting paper looked really good actually. i always think that the copy paper pulls better prints better than anything else and that's probably because it is so thin so you can really get in all the nooks and crannies, hugs xx

  29. I am.loving this stencil and can cartainly see it being used with Grunge Paste. I have added this to my ever-growing wish list.

  30. Great quickie Barb xx Hope you had a super family catch ups

    Kim xx

  31. Barb I love this and thank you, I had ran out of copy paper and was going to buy more for this purpose as I was using cheap card. I will stick to the cheap card now thank you, but still buy some copy paper for other bits and pieces though. You are such an inspiration to me.

    Love Denise x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x