Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday's Blog, Trees and Flowers...

Hi there. 
Thanks for stopping by. What a busy weekend it was! Here are a couple of Stamp sets which were showcased yesterday on TV. Julie Owens kindly helped me out with this extra demo if I needed it. It's a really neat way of making use of scrap inky paper. Let's take a look...

Here you can see what looks like a blurry, inky mess! Which is what it is! But let's take a closer look, firstly how we got this,
And secondly what to do with it.

So the background paper was built up little by little, 
mopping up ink from the blending mat.
You can use Distress Pads, Distress re-inkers, Adirondacks, in fact anything water-based or dye- based is ideal. 

So what we do is dust the scrap paper with talc, so that the powders doesn’t cling to the wrong places, then stamp the leaves from the Filigraphy Foliage set in Versamark (do remember to wipe the Blue indexing off with a baby wipe or nail varnish remover first.)

Sprinkle wet Versamark ink with white embossing powder, 
dust off excess and heat with a heat gun from above, 
because these stamps are quite detailed.

Stamp them in different colour areas, 
so that the petals are different shades, too.
Cut them all out, leaving a little edge.

Measure out a square piece of card which will compliment your art-piece, measure a second piece an inch smaller all round.

Using a Distress Tool and a blending mat and the same colours,
Dried Marigold Pad and Worn Lipstick Pad
work round the edges of the smaller piece.

Use the matching filigraphy flower stencil to draw a stem, 
or draw one freehand.
Layer up the petals/leaves to form a flower, 
and attach them to the stem.

Add a Just to Say from the Line Sentiment Set No. 2
around the edges in Black Archival.

Set the centrepiece with Foam Pads, to raise it a little.

All done.
Have a great Monday!
And don’t forget all you Clarity New Design Club Members!
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And if you aren’t a member yet, now might just be a good time....

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  1. Fabulous what a great use of scraps x

  2. Good morning Barbara.
    Beautiful card. Stamps are amazing. You can do so much with them. I think they are a great tool and my first love
    I really enjoy watching you craft. I could watch all day. The stamps on the show are lovely. I hope to get the words. My birthday is this month I have asked for a gelli plate and some stencils. Have a lovely day.
    Thank you for all your ideas and blogg
    Debra x

  3. Morning Barbara, brilliant show yesterday, and great blog today....Thanks to Julie we now have another way of using up our scraps...let's face it us crafters don't like to throw anything away....
    Have a good week...hugs. X

  4. Love the card today Barbara.... happy crafting ......x

  5. Good morning,
    This is a very clever technique with a wonderful result. Nice job?

  6. Good morning, loved the show yesterday and the idea on the blog today. I've been absent from your blog for a while but am back now and will catch up. Will definitely check the sale out. Looking forward to your 2 day workshop in july. Thanks jx

  7. What a great card today. I have just watched yesterday's show on the iPad using the C&C app. Another fantastic show. I was wondering about colouring Grunge Paste and now I know how! x

  8. Love the shows yesterday Barbara thank you love the card today love June xxxxx

  9. Lovely card and great use of scraps. Thanks Julie & Barbara.

  10. Lovely idea, Barbara, so simple but very effective xx

  11. Great idea, I got my first Stencil Club Stencil at the weekend. What a beauty it is too.

  12. Really enjoyed the show yesterday. Fab samples from the DT, gorgeous demos and learnt a new trick with the grunge paste & paint. Thought Martyn was funny when you wanted to stress about the need to clean GP off your stencil and he was trying to get your washing up bowl out of shot!!
    Love how you've used these stamps and scraps to produce a beautiful card but now I'm in a pickle as these stamps were in my cull because my list got too long. But as I'm officially a Gold member I can order them anytime and get free p&p.
    Looking forward to my first stencil arriving on my doormat any day soon.
    Love Jeanette xx

  13. That's really pretty barbara like it very much have a lovely Monday x

  14. What a lovely technique, very effective. xx

  15. What a lovely card the ink scraps make. Looking forward to getting my fingers all inky mess with that.

  16. This is just fab idea love it so much, gonna try this out

  17. Wonderful Art-Work - I love this very much. LOve

  18. How simple and how very effective. Great idea Barbara. Thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays shows - you never fail to deliver something special. Pat x

  19. How beautiful such lovely colours so simple but very effective xx

  20. Loved the show yesterday. Fabulous DT samples as always. Julie definitely on a roll, her work is fabulous too. Hugs to all. xxx

  21. great way of recycling left over ink on craft sheet/mat. those 2 colours work brilliantly together xx

  22. What a great way of using up the paper that might otherwise go in the bin
    Jackie x

  23. Hi Barb,
    Wow, wow, wow. (I sound like a dog!) I love today's card and the techniques used. The show on C&C was great and you kept Martyn in control for most of the time!!
    Have a great day xx

  24. What a great way to use up inky scraps and it made a gorgeous flower too. Really enjoyed the show yesterday and lots of lovely new stamps too. My list is getting longer by the day! Thanks for some great ideas. x

  25. Love it, really cool. I so wish I had a magic purse, you know, one that never runs out of money, haha. But then I would need a bigger house, maybe a cleaner, maybe a chef. Ah well, maybe one day.............. and until then, roll on pay day!! X

  26. stunning work Barbara - I love the stencil and stamps set from Sunday - and this is so beautiful - love it xx

  27. Stunning but simple card. Just love it, everytime you give us ideas of how to use "leftovers"....
    Thanks for a great show yesterday, stunning new stamps and ideas.
    Laurence xx

  28. Wonderful. Love this stencil and stamps, ordered it, so impatient now waiting. Received my design club stencil and stamp today so lovely. Going to try them out in a while. Thankyou for all the new ideas. xxx

  29. beautiful card today love the idea will have a go at this thank you xx

  30. I love that so much, so simple and elegant xx

  31. Fabulous Barb, how clever to use leaves as petals, you would never guess lol!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  32. What lovely colours and a great use of the left overs!!! so many times I have looked at the scrap paper and thought to myself ' I must be able to make something out of that' and not!!! Now you have given me a new angle - so note to self - save the scrap!!!

    Much love

  33. This is amazing - and from scraps! Now I know what to do with all those bits that didn't turn out quite right!! Thanks, and great shows yesterday - finally got to watch them this afternoon.... Susan x

  34. Love this technique Barbara and love those stamps!

  35. Stunning card and amazing to think it was only a mop up piece of paper. I really like these stamps and the stencil that goes with them. I want to try glazing the petals as I thought this looked very elegant on the card on Sunday (think it was by Jo Rice - if not apologies!) XX

  36. Hi a great card and program yesterday the new stamps look wonderful
    . I am so excited received stencil, stamp and news letter this morning .Clarity club such good value and lots to try out . Can't wait to start. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the club , thank you so much .xx p

  37. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous show yesterday. Loved the stencil that goes with these stamps and think they will be on my wish list along with the abstract stencils which I thought were fabulous. Love this idea of using up the scraps we all have - very clever. Thanks for everything, love Alison xx

  38. Hi Barb, Wow, wow, wow. Love this card/ technique, loved the show yesterday, fab demos, and oh my giddy aunt, those horse stamps are fab. Hubz heard me saying when the abstract stencils came on "oh Barbara why do you do this to me". He just laughed, as he knew they will find their way home to me sooner or later. Thank you for giving us so many wonderful ideas and inspiration. Bx

  39. Barb this is beautiful, and so sweet. I do love love love it, such a gorgeous colour and gorgeous pic.

    Denise xx

  40. Hi Barb, another great card and using a crafty cast off, like we NEED to keep more stuff "just in case" but this is brilliant recycling, love it.

  41. Finally! A use for all my scrappy bits of paper. Why can't I come up with these ideas on my own :)


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

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