Sunday, 29 June 2014

Trois Mademoiselles...

Hello there!
I was lying in bed this morning thinking about this new Feminine Stencil again, how to use it with a Gelli Plate, but with inks, how to make it look funky but elegant, and then it occurred to me! Don’t just lie here! Get up and do it!!

Decided to use the new Mega Mount, to help me use the 
Gelli Plate more like a stamp. Wait and see...

Also decided to use the other lady today, 
the feminine Alien - err I mean, 
the one with the big head - err I mean Hat!!

So lay the Gelli Plate on the special Acrylic Megamount,
add some Denim Adirondack,
and spread evenly through the girlie with a Speedball Brayer

Remove the stencil, lift the Megamount and Gelli Plate, turn it
and decide where you want to place the girl on 
our 7"x 7" Gelli Card.
Lower it down and press. The Gelli Plate will stick to the card.
Flip it over, rub the back of the card and pull a print.

You can always do a ghost print on a second card.
I did a shadow on the girl with the ghost print, 
but wished I hadn’t...

Now do the same thing, but with a second colour. I used Butterscotch, but left some Denim on the brayer and stencil, so girl number 2 was a lovely green.

This is where the Acrylic Clarity Megamount 
REALLY comes into its own. 

When you can position multiple images 
precisely where you want them.

In fact, I added a third girlfriend to the mix in Mushroom.

Remember I said about the second prints? the ghost prints?
Fabulous background.
But I do have to keep adjust my eyes to see the hat 
and not the huge E.T. head!

Moving on, I outlined the images with a black micron pen at this point, but with hindsight, it might be better to do that AFTER the shading, so that you can catch any overlaps with the pen.

Use the positive and negative stencils now, to add shade with a make-up sponge to the ladies. Move the stencils around, 
up to the lines as you work your way around.

Blue on blue, yellow on green etc.

The ghost on the blue one was getting on my pip.
Something had to be done.
Aha Moment. 
Let’s go French and funky...
I did have to accept that if this went wrong, I was starting again...
So I went back round the images loosely with the black pen, 
like a sketch.

Happy with that.
Thought I’d better ground the ladies, 
so I grabbed the brayer and the Denim, 
and in good old Barbie Style, added some footings:

and some sky:

Slowly coming together...

Time for the backdrop.
I went with a path and a few trees....
Watch the build-up. I know I often hear people say
“I never know where to start.”
Well, on a piece of scrap is good! 
Test what it looks like somewhere else first!
I’m sure Michelangelo didn’t just climb up the ladder and start splashing paint all over the Sistine Chapel either!

Ladies next. Just to dispel the Jug head syndrome!

Added a ittle colour to the trees and sketch lines 
with a yellow and green Promarker,
even added my own squiggle!

All done.
I have got to laugh at the squiggles. 
Look at the blue one below:
If you train your eye, you can see she is facing towards the trees,
and is about to start biting her finger nails!
But actually, she is looking at the green one, and what was her mouth before is really an ear-ring!

When you consider that all we used was a stencil, 
that’s cool.

Have a great Sunday.
Roast Lamb here with the family today.
I had best go buy a leg!

much love,


  1. great ideas placed my order look forward to tomorrow

  2. OOOH I absolutely love this mask/stencil, in fact I've just ordered it!!!!
    Love the artwork you've produced with this Barbara - a B Gray masterpiece indeed xxxxx

  3. Lol, you do make I giggle! Fab stuff this. Barbara! Love um! Xxx enjoy lunch (love roast lamb!) love to you all xxx

  4. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    was für eine tolle Idee. Ich bin begeistert von der Gestaltung. Auf so eine Idee würde ich nie allein kommen. Vielen Dank für die tollen Inspirationen. Lasst euch den Lammbraten schmecken. Ganz liebe Sonntagsgrüße Silvi

  5. Thanks for the laughs Barbara, great start to the day. Lovely artwork, so NEED that megamount. Xxx

  6. Hi Barbara... love the demo today ....have a great day .....x

  7. Lovely Barbara what elegant ladies (even if she is biting her nails!) reminds me a little of the racing scene in Pygmalion ! You are so clever with your scribbles mine would probably turn them all into ET! Enjoy your roast lamb - what time shall we come round? Lol have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  8. You are so very clever Barbara -love what you have done with this stencil and made a scene to make me smile!

  9. Amazing how it all comes together. Enjoy the rest of your day x

  10. Great technique. I can't not see the alien head now! Enjoy your roast XX

  11. Lovely to see it all come together, enjoy your lovely Roast Lamb dinner which has to be my favourite meat choice with a roast. I love this Stencil, brilliant idea it has to be said !! xx

  12. Live what you have done with stencil it's fab and Mmmmm roast lamb dribbling enjoy x

  13. How inventive and cleverly done Barbara. I love the overlapping images and that wonderful background and all those great details with the micron pen. Thank you for this and enjoy the rest of your Sunday. x

  14. Funky or What Barbara!!! Fantastic!!

    Roast lamb.....what times dinner!!! love roast lamb with all the trimmings xx

    Have a fun fab family day - see you are settling in to free weekends quite nicely xx

    Much love
    Kim xx

  15. Oh so clever, I did wonder where you were going with this but all turned out great. How long before I give in and place an order? Not long I reckon. Roast lamb just the best. We are on our own today most unusual, so keeping it easy. Enjoy your family meal together. xx

  16. Looks good if you took the trees away looks like they are propping on a bar abroad somewhere .
    Have a lovely day to all xxx

  17. Fabulous! I couldn't stop seeing aliens until you added the drawing, then they were gone! Have a lovely lunch xx

  18. Very clever Barbara. No doubt this stencil will be falling into my shopping basket real soon!!

    I love roast lamb, though have to make do with a chicken sandwich as I'm at a craft fayre today, trying to make money for more crafting goodies!!!!!! 😊

    Enjoy your family Sunday xx

  19. Absolutely fabulous darling! How you come up with all your ideas amazes me, but thank goodness that you do, as I keep trying to emulate you and I'm definitely improving as a result!!! May have to go and buy some lamb to roast now, as I can smell the roasties from here - we were going to have salad, but tomorrow is another day....! Susan x

  20. Oh so lovely! Another one for my retreat list!!!
    Hope you're having mint sauce with that lamb! Enjoy! Xxx

  21. Hi Barb,
    I'm on my way with the mint sauce. How long will it take from Newcastle!!
    I love the aliens, and they really would be aliens if I started to scribble - because my scribble is just that! When you are on fire, you're inspired but that's what makes you the artist you are.
    We are having bacon sarnies for lunch as we've been at church all morning with granddaughters and I forgot to take meat out of freezer last night - oops.
    Will just have to go to pub for a meal tonight, oh it's a hard life.
    Hope Steve is still on the mend, and that you are all recovered from the blockbuster that was Grace's film yesterday! I hope you've kept a copy. Love xx

  22. This is so neat this is such a neat project and just with a stencil too..... Amazing
    I hope you enjoyed your roast lamb
    Jackie x

  23. Todd Su day,
    So artsy... Very cool. Guess this will be the next stencil in my stash, lol,,. The graceful Graces.

  24. Really nice piece of Art. At the beginning couldn't see the ET on those ladies......But the more I have looked at them, the more I could see it.....Till you've put the faces!!!!
    My man is on a non fat diet, so no lamb for us, but a nice "low-fat" beef casserole.
    Laurence xx

  25. Hi Barb,
    Oh, you are so clever! This turned out really well - mine certainly wouldn't! Must dash, got to check on the pork with lovely crackling! Love Alison xxx

  26. very nice, but cannot see past elegant alien x

  27. I love it Barbara. I didn't see the Alien till you said but now I keep seeing it. I imagined them having their back to us until I looked at the feet properly!! Anyway whichever way they are I need that Stencil !! I love how you have dressed them up. I am patiently waiting for my Megamount to arrive. xxxx

  28. Yeh did you see that!!! for the first time in about 10 days I have commented on your Blog and it has ACTUALLY APPEARED !!! XX

  29. " Three little maids from finishing school are we " love it x

  30. oh la la! i've ordered stencil but forgot mount.... thank god for the free postage with the gold status! xx

  31. this is very interesting Barb - I can definitely see the nail biting! Hope that leg of lamb was good! Hugs rachel x

  32. Three Grace Kellys springs to mind with this one, love the way you just carry on and add a bit more!

  33. ooo, roast lamb my fav!

    I like artwork you've done with the stencil, where did that idea come from?

  34. Hope you had a lovely lunch - lamb is yum !
    I love the idea of using the Gelli plate as a kinda stamp and just saving penny's to buy the mega mount and then be ready to play some more as loving the gelli !

  35. Hello Barb, great images, love the sketchy look and the patterns on the dresses. Waiting for my mega mounts to arrive. Hope you had a lovely roast lamb dinner, you must have posted my invite late :-). Have a great Monday. Bx

  36. Hi Barbara. I love the ladies, great colours and how the ink lines change them so much. Hope you had a good lunch with the family : ) Take care.

  37. What a dig fence the line drawing makes. From aliens to beauties 😍

  38. Barb I never seen ET until you pointed it out lol and the biting the nails he he, I love what you see in things, I love to do it if I stare long enough I always see something else even in a bump in the curtains, I always have done to amuse myself :)

    I love the Ladies they are sweet and the squiggles are genius, I need to practice, I love my micron pens and do want to use them more.

    Thank you as always for the fabulous inspiration.

    Love Denise x

  39. Great application, and fabulous results!


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x