Friday, 26 September 2014

Let it dry between layers!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
We’re in Rye with my folks, 
so here’s one I prepared before we left!
I had hoped to upload some pics for today's private peek,
but it can wait till I get to a proper computer! x

I wanted to use the Clock Stencil and see if I could leave the paint to dry on the Gelli plate whilst adding layers.

Saturday’s blog a new technique. To who? To me ? To you? 


Leafy Swirl

Ready, steady go!

Position the stencil on the gelli plate.
Line it up with the Mega mount underneath.

Spread acrylic paint over the stencil. I blended 2 colours on the larger plate and then transferred it with the brayer.

Since the paint on the large plate was wet and useful, I decided to lay the Leafy Swirl stencil in it and start multi-tasking!

Blot it with copy paper and then remove the stencil. Leave to dry.

In the meantime, the Clockwork paint should be drying nicely. 

Next step:
Add Process Magenta to the large gelli piece,
 and spread it over the dry swirly pattern.

Transfer some of the magenta to the clockwork project.

As you lift the paint from the larger piece, you will start to see the pattern peeping though. Process Magenta has a nice almost translucent property. 

Lay some Punchinella (sequin waste) on the clock piece, and blot.

Do the same on the larger piece.

See the punchinella pattern?

Add a little turquoise in the cogs 
and dab it into place with a make-up sponge.

Let it dry completely.

In the meantime, let’s bounce back to the large piece, 
because that will be dry for sure.
Add some Buff Titanium directly to the gelli.

Spread it over the whole gelli with your brayer.

Lay a piece of white Gelli Card onto the wet paint, rub the back,

and pull your print. 

Now for the other one, with the stencil still in place!

Remove the stencil now the paint is completely dry.,

Add a little Buff Titanium,

and spread with your brayer.
You don’t have to wash your brayer when you change colours, 
by the way. Just let the layers dry.

Place your card, lining it up with the Mega Mount underneath.

You can even flip the Mega Mount and check out what it is going to look like!

Here is the final print.
The Buff Titanium pulled the lot off. 

Instantly dry, too.

So there we are. Two pieces of artwork made at the same time. 

Hope you enjoyed that!
I certainly had fun playing with the different colours and stencils!

Lots of love,

By the way, there’s a big Christmas Sale on our Website until Wednesday. Some of our best Christmas Stamps going for a song.
So why are we selling them so cheaply? We made too many! Doh!!!


  1. Two brilliant pieces of artwork there Barbara. I can see them being used in another project!
    Have a great day! Love and hugs! xx

  2. Well goodness me - multitasking with the gelli plate!!! Hmmm....well I have both sizes but not sure I can quite master that bit of multitasking!!!! But nothing ventured nothing gained as they say!!! Thats one for when I have some me time with the radio on in the background I think!
    Love both art pieces and even better as I have both of those stencils too!!! - So in a couple of weeks when I go away to a cabin in the woods I may just have to take the gelli plate with me!!!
    Have a fab day with the folks
    Much love
    Kim xx

  3. Hello Barb, great artwork, and just from having fun playing with colours and stencils. Have a wonderful day. Bx

  4. Lovely gelli prints, patience is not one of my virtues so I will try this again, didn't wait long enough the other day :-) x

  5. I too have both plates so when have day to myself will have ago at both at once enjoy your time away xxx

  6. Good morning,
    Hope you are having a lovely celebration in Rye. Lovely art work to start my Friday. I love the cog stencil. Super.

  7. Love it. Xx written longer post 4 times and all failed to post. AARRGGHHH!

    1. Jeanette, that's known as "Sod's Law" in our house!!!

  8. Lovely artwork Barbara , they are both fabulous stencils,

  9. Hi Barbara. Both are beautiful, glad that you enjoyed making them. I hope you are all having a lovely time together. Take care.

  10. Lovely Barbara... Love it .. Must go and try ... Have a nice day ... Happy crafting ...x

  11. Hi Barb,
    I always knew you were clever, but two wonderful art pieces at the same time -WOW! It takes me all my time to get one right!! Love them both, but the small one is gorgeous. Hope you are enjoying your time in Rye with your parents. Have looked at the offers and they are fab. Wasn't going to buy anymore Christmas stuff, but that's just gone out of the window! Love Alison xxx

  12. love these. So need to practice my Gelli printing x

  13. What a great idea - just love how the clock came out. Hope you're having a lovely time in Rye. xx

  14. Hi Barb,
    Fab. Gonna have to get another Jelli plate. xx

  15. Such fun colours clarity stencils are fabulous have a good day xxx

  16. Love this ! Soo cool. Barbara just have a wonderful Holiday with your Family. xx

  17. Hi Barbara
    Great multitasking today and two fab pieces of art. I do love my swirly leaf stencil on the geli plate. I spotted the Christmas sale yesterday whilst putting together a list to spend my voucher on, can't make up my mind whether to spend it now or wait to the NEC! What a choice! Have a wonderful time in Rye- I hope the sun is shining. Love Diane xxx

  18. Hello Barbara,

    Very clever!

    Love, Roz.x

  19. Great layers on the gelli. I love leaving it to dry between colours, and have used so much Buff Tit that I now only buy that colour in the large tube! Also invested in some of the interference colours just to add that extra sparkle and they look amazing................when I get it right! XX

  20. Really clever gelli technique today - and my megamount arrived in the post this morning, so hope I have some time over the weekend to have a bit of a play!! Enjoy your family time in Rye, Susan x

  21. Love the layers on the geli, both prints are fab
    Jackie x

  22. Beautiful, love the colours. I have already visited Christmas sale, thankyou for the offers. xx

  23. Two fantastic prints Barbara, and that Buff Titanium is always the perfect colour to go over anything. x

  24. interesting simultaneous use of plates. great interplay of opaque and translucent paint. enjoy your day off, hugs xx

  25. This is fabulous Barbara! Must get my Gelli out and have a play around. xx


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x