Sunday, 28 September 2014

Little windows...

Good morning Sunday!
Glorious sunshine outside my window here; 
the trees are just starting to change colour.

Thought I’d use a stencil and make another little window....

Decided to use some water-colour paper. This makes the end result really soft when you work with dye-based inks. 

And the Abstract Stencil; loads of windows!
So I have cut the water-colour paper to 7"x7" to fit the stencil, 
and taped it to a piece of copy paper.

I know, Christmas seems miles away, but if you are going to make your own cards this year, you may want to start thinking about it! 
We’ve put a Xmas Stamp sale on the website until Wednesday, which may help you get fired up!

Here, I’ve used the little window miniatures.

Decide which window is going to be your centre-stage 
and mask it off with Post-its.

Tear a piece of copy paper ,
and add some night sky with a make-up sponge.

like so...

Use Tumbled Glass - a lighter blue - 
with a stencil brush, to define the rest of the windows.
Just brush back and forth across the stencil, concentrating on the outer edges.

I like to look at where I am headed, 
so I lift the stencil complete with tape to peek...

In fact, when it comes to stamping, I think it’s best to remove the stencil and just work with Post-its.
Dab the little tree in the Denim then in the Latte before you stamp.
Beautiful blend of colour. Gives you a super greeny blue.

Have another peep...
nice. Less is more, but I think we need a little bit more here!
Cover up the piccy with a Post-It and brush Latte through the centre. Beautiful warm colour on the water-colour paper.

Now set to work with Post-Its, masking off windows and stamping the little snowflake from the set through the apertures. First and second generation Denim ink).
You can see through the Post-its if you want to add the illusion of splitting an image between two windows; just remember to factor in the stencil bars or lines! 

Add Happy Christmas from the International Greeting set.

Dust around all 4 sides with the latte on the stencil brush.

You will find that the water-colour paper yields a very soft, almost velvety result. Stamping on Water-colour with dye-based ink (water-soluble) is ideal.

See how you can make it look like the snowflakes are falling down behind the apertures? Or you can bring them to the front!

I think we need a little snow...
white fineline pen at the ready!

Blimey! If that snowflake there lands on you, 
it will knock you out!!!
Let’s call that one the moon!

Mount on a complimentary background. 
I opted for sparkle.

So there we are. This abstract stencil really is very versatile!
If I had more time, I could make a whole collection of these 50’s retro looking Christmas cards, and create a different centre-stage scene each time, with different miniatures from the little window set. Just a thought....

much love,


  1. Stunning, beautiful art work lovley idea for Christmas cards happy crafting xxx

  2. That is beautiful Barbara! It is so gentle and calm and yet shouts Happy Christmas all the way!
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. I love this Barbara and even at the stage before the snowflakes I thought it was good!

  4. Beautiful. The effect of the little windows is great and I love the way you have the snowflakes going behind and in front. Hope you had a relaxing day in Rye. XX

  5. Hi Barbara,
    When I bought this stencil and miniature set at crowborough this is exactly what I had in mind. How refreshing to see a project where I have all the bits required including the " I can do this" I just need to finish the 6 wooden Christmas stockings I started yesterday.
    It is very warm outside so working with snow etc will cool me down!!
    Lovely card once again. Have a fab day everyone. Love Bev xxx

  6. Lovely artwork, I have this stencil, it's fab x

  7. Oh my - how beautiful. Such an inspiration. Xxxx

  8. I love it, so simple looking and fresh. A very useful stencil. Now I really must find those little stamps. This afternoon's job, I think. Glad you have had the chance to spend good time with your Mum and Dad. Thank you for taking the time to give us more inspiration to work with. xxx Maggie

  9. Befor open blog loved this bit I saw on Facebook another favourite stencil think it's fabxxx

  10. I love this it's so pretty and delicate
    Jackie x

  11. Lovely, just about to start my Christmas cards today so excellent timing! Live this stencil.
    Thanks for the inspiration x

  12. Just been sorting through my stencils and I have this one so very timely xx

  13. Hi Barbara this is beautiful, I love the tumbling snow flakes and this stencil is so versatile. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a great day. Love Diane xxxx

  14. Hi liebe Barbara,
    auch wieder sooooo wundervoll das "Fenster"! Ich liebe all Deine wundervollen Arbeiten .Alles Liebe Heike

  15. Beautiful, I have this stamp set but haven't gotten round to using it. Good to get some inspiration.

  16. I'm going to give this a go, it's beautiful. I need a treat as I've spent all weekend sorting out my craft room admiring all my Claritystamp stamps and stencils! I did the 'Twas the night blog card too. Thanks Barb!Wxx

  17. Very pretty & very apt as I've been working with my snowflakes this morning too! It's never too early to be thinking of Christmas - my favourite time of year!! Carole x

  18. Wonderful piece of artwork. I have this stencil so it would be rude of me not to have a go �� xxx

  19. Absolutely stunning Barb, love it and how unusual.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  20. Good Afternoon Barbara...Wheres the sunshine gone!!!
    Having spent a wonderful day with Sally-Ann at Clarity East Midlands yesterday - am feeling fired up for crafting and todays blog is lovely - you are right Christmas seems ages away - yet everything in the shops tells you otherwise - so time to start making a few cards and this will be a great one to give a go with!!
    Enjoy the rest of day
    Much Love
    Kim xx

  21. Wonderful, really feel like I am looking through a window. Thankyou for the inspiration. xx

  22. Hi Barb,
    Another winner. You really hit the spot. Hope you are feeling nice and rested and all the family are well. xx

  23. Such a fabulous card design - and I have all the elements (but maybe only a minute amount of the talent) to recreate it!! Thanks for sharing your great skill and ideas with us every day, Susan x

  24. Stunning card, really Wonder sometimes where you find all your lovely ideas.
    Laurence x

  25. Hello Barb, Wonderful artwork. I love my abstract stencil, need to use it more. Wish I had even a fraction of your imagination, it is always such an inspiration. Hope your time off is amazing. Bx

  26. I bought that stencil and others today at Janet's workshop ,also got the folder for them ,only thing is i filled it up when i got home .. we have such a lovely time ,i also have those miniatures and so love them ,one of the ladys was trying it out as she had it on her ipad in dinner break xxx

  27. I could just feel my blood pressure reducing as I watched this lovely image develop and is'nt that what crafting should be all about.

  28. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous. I love the snowflakes " tumbling" down the card and the little winter scene is lovely. I have everything to make this so will definitely have a go. Hope you've had a wonderful time with your parents and Dave. Thanks again, love Alison xx

  29. Lovely card Barbara. The snowflakes fluttering down the side are very tranquil. Will definitely give this a go. xx

  30. Love this idea and what a result x

  31. Hi Barbara
    I have this stencil and you've given me something to think about,this is a lovely Christmas card with a soft look to it.

  32. Lovely card and great use of that stencil which I'm sure I've got..... Must get one of those white pens though! Thanks for inspiration for Christmas - I need it. Cross stitching a Christmas card at the moment so I have started! x

  33. I love this idea and its so different for a card .xx

  34. This is glorious! I must play with that stencil. I have had it for ages and not used it! xxx

  35. Hello Barbara,

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love it, love it, love it.

    Love, Roz.x

  36. this is a brilliant idea. love it. i think i will take inspiration from it if you don't mind. was rewatching some one day wonder shows while ironing today, hugs xx

  37. This is a lovely idea Barbara, and the little scene surrounded by snowflakes wandering through some of the other boxes, and the softish colours are lovely. x

  38. Well that's me in the mood for Christmas. Love the soft dreamy affect...very romantic..."I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"- as long as the flakes aren't the size of the moon lol! So glad it's not only me that does that xx

  39. Love the versatility of this , like you say so many possibilities !
    Think that this stencil will be this next pay days craft stash buy.
    As cash formy stash is so limited I love this stencil as not only fab with this stamp set but will breath new life in to some of my other stamps I own.
    Hope you have had a lovely relaxed break away and hope your parents had a lovely wedding anniversary

  40. Lovely Barbara ... Happy crafting x


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