Sunday, 21 September 2014

Never forget....

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by!

It’s Day 2 of the Ally Pally Show today, so I am up at the crack of sparrows here in my lovely lofty art room above the garage, 
enjoying the cool morning air, before we go back into the sauna that is Ally Pally.
It was way too hot for this old bird yesterday.
Once they opened the big doors underneath the Rose Window it cooled down, but by that time I had pretty much irretrievably lost my sense of humour, as had many of the guests!
So today, the FIRST thing I am going to do - before we even organise a cuppa - is action the opening of the doors!

Anyway, enough whining. It was a good day. 
Just uncomfortably hot.

So here is a piece of artwork I did using a 

Here’s how:

Pour a few drops of  a green Distress Reinker into a spritzer bottle and add a splash of water. (I think it was Peacock Feathers).
Do the same with a yellow (Mustard Seed)
and blue (Tumbled Glass)

Place the Gelli Plate on the Mega mount,
tear a piece of copy paper and place it to cover up most of the Gelli plate except for a little hill down the front.

Spritz the exposed area with Peacock Feathers.
Lift the copy paper and spritz the whole thing lightly with 
Mustard Seed. This will change the Peacock colour too. Then spritz a light covering of the Tumbled Glass.

Now lay a piece of the Gelli Card on the plate and pull a print.

Put the copy paper back a little higher on the Gelli Plate and spritz a little more green and yellow.
Lay the same card down and reinforce the colours.

Do a few of these, to get a little stash going.
You may as well!

Pick the one you like best and let’s keep going.

Lay down a clean torn piece of copy paper again,
tape it down to stop it sliding,

and stamp the tall grass from the Windmill set in black Archival

Add flower heads to the tall grasses. 
This really is a super set to use.

Add some shade underneath the base of the grasses 
with Pesto Adirondack and a make-up sponge.

It needs to be anchored, you see...

Let’s make a fence. Turn the grass stamp around and let’s use the base along the torn paper.

Blimey. If only it were that easy to build a fence!

Get the Pesto out again and add some shadow along the fence.

Now let’s add a verse. One of my favourites by my shero, 
Maya Angelou.

Trim back the white border,

and add a black edge using a black Sharpie pen and a ruler.

Spray mount on a larger white square card, 8" x 8"
Quick and neat:

All done. I thought about adding the windmill,
but decided to go without.
Would work well behind the fence though....

Hope you like it.
Must dash, said the Mexican.
I’m telling you, if you are coming to Ally Pally today, pretend you are going to the beach!!!
I’m the one wearing flipflops and shades - you can’t miss me!

As for the stamps I used here, 
if you buy the Windmill set with the tall grasses and flower heads, we will send you the Maya Angelou Verse as a gift.

Have a great day, whatever your plans are!

lots of love,


  1. I'll be there again - see you later! Fab card (nearly forgot to say!!)

  2. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das ist eine wunderschöne Karte geworden. Vielen Dank für die ausfühliche Beschreibung wie man es tun kann. Ich bin wieder begeistert. Ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie einen schönen Sonntag. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  3. Beautiful Barbara, love the blend of colours and I think you were right not to use the windmill - this was just right - your saying of less is more applicable!!!

    Remember - plenty of water Barbara - some nice ice cold water maybe!!!

    Much Love

  4. Lovely card. Like the effect of spritzing ink on the gelli. Thought you were going to say you'll be wearing your swimsuit at Ally Pally sauna today. Afraid I can't make it as I'm off to Maria's Preston class for a 'blue winter'. Think of us shivering whilst you're sweltering!
    Must dash, said the man at the Indian restaurant...have a trip down the M6 to take. :-)
    Hugs Jeanette xx

  5. Hello Barbara,

    Another clever card. I don't know how you do it. Stay cool and enjoy the second day at Ally Pally.

    Love, Roz.x

  6. Likie this have good day won't becoming have to work out way if comming some of our group from Peterborough are coming today wish was but could cope in train all walking have to drive next time find out how easy parking is. Xxx

    1. Hi Joy.....just to let you know tgat parking at Ally Pally is very easy. Lots ofmparking and there is a Shuttle Bus that takes you up and down from the Car Park to the Palace. You will love the show. I go every time as it is local to me and is such an easy venue formparking and getting to the actual show. Hopefully will see yiu there one day xxx

  7. Lovely card Barbara love the card the words are beautiful look forward to reading it ony holiday in two weeks I rber the heat at Preston craft show last year it was awful people looked like the had fell in a pool wet through hope today is better xxxxlove June xx

  8. Hello Barb. Great card and I too love those words. I don't think you'll have a problem so much with the heat today as it's much fresher generally and perhaps your determination with get those doors open. Hope it's a lovely day - just wish I could be there but clearing up after our great 18th birthday party for my baby is more of a priority sadly. xx Margaret Col.

  9. Hi Barbara,
    Yesterday was unbearable as a shopper I can't imagine what it was like as a demonstrator, well done for keeping your cool, patience and sense of humour. I hope today will be cooler it is outside already - fingers crossed!
    Lovely card today especially with my favourite word sentiment I use this one a lot.
    Thank you for your daily blog it really gives me food for thought and warms the soul. Oops here goes that heat again!!
    Have a fantastic day, love Bev xxx

  10. Such a lovely piece of art today - really like the effect of spritzing the ink onto the gelliplate! Must say you did make me feel a little jealous about you basking in the heat, as I sit here with my PJs and a fleece and the heating on, contemplating pulling a blanket over me to keep warm!!! Hope you have a more pleasant and temperate day today - Susan x

  11. Hi Barb, beautiful image, and very definitely my favourite verse, I am saving my pennies to buy the full set of distress re-inkers, as you have shown just how much you can do with them, other than re-inking your ink pads. Hope today is cooler at Ally Pally, and well done for hanging in there despite the heat. Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you do. Bx

  12. Well did it again! Fabulous technique on the gelli! And resulting in a brilliant card!
    I am off to Maria's workshop so I must dash too!
    Try to stay cool! xxx

  13. Lovely technique again! I love how you did the fence, I must try this. Hope you have a cooler day today. xxxx

  14. Hi Barbara ooooh spritzing ink onto the geli plate that looks like fun - will put the big mat down on the table first me thinks :) the finished card is lovely and I love your fence - who would have thought it was grass!! Glad to hear Ally Pally was successful yesterday but what a shame about the heat, it really does get so sticky in there and you have your bright lights on. Now if you put your swimsuit on and Dave picks a couple of those large palm leaves, perhaps dresses as one of the Chippendale guys ( not the chair!) and stands and fans you think how many visitors would call at your stand then! Enjoy your day what ever happens and make sure you have a rest day tomorrow. Love Diane xxx

  15. What a lovely card Barbara, I hope you manage to organise the opening of the doors early today as I think it will be another warm one. Have a great day
    Jackie x

  16. Love the effect of the spritzing on the gelli plate. Think I will try this later. Hope you have a cooler day today. It is a lovely crisp sunny day here in Glasgow. xx

  17. Fab background which looks perfect with the gorgeous silhouette and the inspirational verse! I hope you have a cooler day! xxx

  18. Stunning card Barb, does not need the windmill too much overload. The verse says it all. Gorgeous.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  19. Hi Barbara. Gorgeous card, I agree that the windmill could be go behind the fence but this is beautiful without it. I hope that you can enjoy yourself today at Ally Pally. Getting those doors open first should do the trick, you should have a great view as well, if you get a chance to look out : ) Take care.

  20. Lovely colours, and I like the idea of spritzing on the gelli plate. Hope you have a cooler day.. Xx

  21. Hope you manage to keep cool today. I like that verse very much

  22. Clever trick using base of stamp for fence. Hope you get those doors open quick and keep cool.xx

  23. Beautiful how clever to make a fence love the gelli art work lovley colours have a lovley day at ally pally xxx

  24. Love the card Barbara, I have the sentiment stamp, its one of my fav's. Sorry you were so hot yesterday. It never fails to amaze me that 'they' don't seem to realise that lots of people create lots of heat! What's more, if told about it, it takes forever to try and rectify it.

    I do hope you are more comfy today.

  25. Lovely card toady. Have to agree that yesterday was way too hot! I think I said to my mum at one point "I think I'm evaporating!" I'm surprised I didn't see anyone fainting. Still I enjoyed spending my money and buying new craft goodies. So many ideas now that I am bound to forget them all. XX

    1. Of course I am in no way saying you look like a character from 'The Wind In The Willows' as that should read - Lovely card TODAY! Had to laugh when I read it back ;)

    2. Hahahaha Donna!! Toady! That is very funny. Rofpmslxxxx

  26. What a great card. Love all the idea you throw at us for our backround. Hope you'll have a better day today.
    Laurence xx

  27. The stuffy hot AllyPally is practice for the very extra hot and stuffy NEC, remember last year people were fainting and on the days we were there somebody collapsed as they set up their stall. It was awful, the sadness of it all. Still Julie,Sue,Pat2 and I will there again this year ready for the hot scrum and Sue will be treating the aisles as a speedway on her mobility scooter again. can hardly wait.

  28. Great card and a lovely background, will have to get some inks and give it a go.

  29. Lovely card again Barbara! Sorry it was so hot in Ally Pally, yesterday we were picking up a Romanian rescue dog from Chelmsford way and, thankfully, it was cloudy and not too hot for our trip! xx

  30. Beautiful card & what a fabulous way of creating a fence. Genius !

  31. thank goodness they opened the doors yesterday! it was the hottest i remember it since i've been coming. they were kind enough to let us out that way too at the end!
    anyway.... lovely artwork today. but i think if the windmill was there then the verse couldn't be or else the windmill would have to be a;most transparent. to me it looks fine the way it is. hope it was a great show for you, hugs xx

  32. Lovely artwork, think I'll treat myself to this set on payday this friday :-)

  33. Brilliant card today love the spritzing on the Gelli plate. It is perfect without the windmill although that is also a beautiful stamp. Hope you are now at home relaxing after a busy couple of days.....take care xxx

  34. Lovely card. I love the colour mix. I hope today was more comfortable.

  35. I love the colours you have used Barbara, and the spritzing technique looks great. I have the windmill set but don't have the reinkers, still perhaps I can adapt to suit as they say. Hope everything remained a little more cool at Ally Pally today. x

  36. Aha you have just made me realise something else about shading - always something to learn, well actually I have a lot to learn in this department. I ALWAYS shade to the right? why? maybe because the Sun comes up on the left hand side in my Garden??? Love this card and the ideas Barbara. xxx

  37. Very atmospheric. Love it.

    Love Joan x


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