Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Not myself today...

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Wednesday’s blog is something new, so today I have decided to let my hair down, throw caution to the wind, paint at the wall, 
and be Sam Crowe for a day!
Sam is a lovely, creative, very arty
good friend, and valued Clarity Team Member.
Here she is, deciding whether to bother using a spatula 
with the Grunge paste, or just dump the pot on the card... 

So I thought I would put my Sam hat on, 
and see where it takes me....

Town House stencil.  She loves that one.

Grunge Paste dragged through the stencil and trimmed back.

Yep. That looks like Sam’s work...

I’ll have to get the Gelli Plate out.
Sam’s right into El Gelli Plato. Qué?

So let’s drip some Distress Reinkers on the plate. 

I must say at this point, that my Gelli Plate looks very different to Mrs Crowe’s. When we had our Open Days at Catterick, and Sam was demonstrating, I wondered why she had a skanky looking 
Tea-towel on her table. Went over to investigate 
- it was her Gelli Plate !!!! I’m sure it was moving!!!
When I commented on the state of it, she said,
“That’s ma best one!”

Anyway, spread the ink over the plate with a brayer.

 and then, just do a Sam.
Slap the artwork down on the inky plate and start mopping up.


Bit extreme red in the sky.
What would Sam do...
I know! Out with the sander.

Just sand it back until you like it, she would say...

added a little ink with a make-up sponge too..
that’s better!

Mount on black.

 Sam is from the North East, so she is always saying our Paul,
or our Max, or our this or that.
So this one’s for her, because our home is her home
any day xx

Sam has started a really cool Facebook Page all about 
Gelli Plate Art and Craft.
Here’s the link:

I imagine it will be another great meeting place for like-minded arty people. Why not go along and LIKE it?

Hope you like my Sam Crowe kinda card.
I am really pleased with it, I must say!

and the best bit was just slapping the card face down on the runny inky gelli plate, not knowing what was going to happen!
Eeee Sam, you’d’ve bin right proud of us...

See you tomorrow!

lotsa love,


  1. Ooh, I love this! For some reason it makes me think of the fire of London. I love Sam's work too. I'd be a bit frightened of making a real mess though.

  2. snap , I too was thinking 'Great fire of London' but that stencil also puts me on the old back streets of London in days of old kind of feel lol!
    I am normally miss trim and tidy in my art but since rediscovering bubble painting , cling film and shaving foam prints I have relished in mucky pup arty days - it's fab being carefree and just playing now and again ang is so good for the health as so good for unwinding.
    Of to take a peek at Sam's page .
    Barbara thanks for sharing and embracing others ideas and introducing us to their take on things xxx

  3. Blooming heck I am nearly first not last for a change lol!
    Proper 'Horace the horse' moment lol!

  4. You know what they say, a change is as good as a rest. I think it does one good to wear someone else's hat now and then, as long as it isn't a dunce cap, lol. Fab card, love that stencil x

  5. I never thought I could be converted anywhere near the grunge side of art, but you and Sam and Sazz are tempting me in that direction. I love that stencil too and used a section to do some ATC's earlier in the year with Grunge paste. I just might have to have another go. Love that colour mix. xxx Maggie
    PS Must go and finish that stiff drink and get to bed now. Night night

  6. Really love it love SAMs work to have some cards and ATC's to do today might try this as just love the house stencil and bit of grundge xxx

  7. I am a great fan of Sam's work. It is always so bright and vivid and puts me in a "happy place". This has reminded that I have grunged house that just needs colouring. I know what I will be doing tomorrow... Plus playing with all my crafty goodies from Ally Pally, like Spectrum Noirs. Hmmm I wonder who encouraged me to buy the full set, paper stumps and blending solution! Have a good day... Much love Vxxx

  8. Brilliant! You are a class act and always doing something fun and funky. Sam inspired is good. Xx

  9. A fitting tribute to "Our Sam". Love this stencil with GP; fab artwork but bet your gelli still looks nowt like Sam's! It lòoked well used and well loved at Catterick and produced amazing an artists paint pallette. I'll be following her new Fb page with interest and definitely getting my Gelli out soon. Sam already encouraged me to try the Grunge now for some Gelli...bring it on!
    Love Jeanette xx.

  10. Hi Barb, great blog post with accolades to our Sam, love the image, yet another one for the TTL (to try list). Going to link to her FB page now. Have a wonderful day. Bx

  11. I love a bit of grunge! Saw Sam at Catterick using it on black card and do need to have a go. Love the effect you have achieved with it too.

  12. Gorgeous card Barbara. Love this stencil. Just starting to play with grunge paste. Don't normally do well with messy things but you and Sam inspire us all to get stuck in. Have a lovely day x

  13. Beautiful.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  14. Fantastic ~ que! Gotta love our Sammy! Xxx

  15. What a gorgeous, happy piece of art!

  16. Morning our Barbara - eh what a great take on our Sam's kinda art - its fab - look forward to seeing you do more tribute acts of the DT members work - thats what this crafting is all about the giving and sharing of ideas - feeling proud that you inspire so many who in turn give inspiration back to spur you on to try things you have not done before - thats what I love about the Clarity movement - caring and sharing - feeling proud that someone wants to take your idea and have a go themselves!!!

    Good on you our Barbara - a tribute indeed to our Sam

    Much Love
    Kim xx

  17. Hi Barbara. What a great piece of art, I love it. It is good to have a play at something different isn't it. I think it is sad when people say they are too scared to have a go.What is the very worst that can happen? You might end up wasting a small amount of card, ink etc, but then you have proved to us before that even a piece that didn't end up the way you wanted can become a great item. This certainly isn't one of those though, I'm sure Sam would love it. Take care.

  18. Beautiful work, have been over to Sam's page. I think I need it, I used the grunge paste I ordered from you for the first time yesterday and think I got more on me than on the card, definitely need practice

  19. Hi Barb,
    Love this! Saw Sam working with this stencil at Catterick and was impressed with the results. I have an 8x8 canvas that I have already texture pasted with this stencil and have started to colour the sky but not done anything to the houses yet, so I think I will give this a go seeing as how I am now ( since Catterick) a proud owner of all of the Distress reinkers!! It is getting a bit spooky though - yesterday you did the cherry blossom card which I had just done and then today this one that I had started - I think you must be a bit telepathic or something! Whatever iit is, I'm really pleased for all the inspiration. Unfortunately, I don't do Facebook, but look forward to seeing Sam's designs on the gallery or the samples for your shows. Have a good day, love Alison xx

  20. Morning Barbara, love your take on Sam's work. Both of you, and indeed the rest of the Clarity Team, are so inspirational, and really push us to try new things. Hope you have a good day. xx

  21. Yep that's the way she rolls . Love this stencil, one of my fav's. Thanks again for a fantastic blog Barb xx

  22. Hello Barbara,

    As much as I can admire what you have done (and what Sam does) this is not my 'thing', I can't get my head around being messy. Lol.

    Love, Roz.x

  23. Great artwork Barbara and thanks to Sam for inspiring you!
    Thanks also for the tutorial and showing us how to get the look!
    Love this stencil!

  24. What lovely inspiration over a cuppa this morning - must have a go with more inks on my gelli plate, and remember your motto that less is more! I'm currently the proud owner of some VERY vivid background pieces with matching fingers!!! Will check out Sam's link later today - thanks for sharing, Susan x

  25. Mornin' our Barb. This is a great piece of work. Love the way the sanding has softened the colours so that's a definite 'have a go' job for me this afternoon. Just popped over to Sam's facebook page and she does have some lovely artwork on there. Must go and have another look. xx Margaret Col.

  26. Love the card Barbara I love this stencil it's brill thank you for sharing love June xxxx

  27. Eeeh I was crying laughing when I read this Barbara, you are so funny. The funny thing is I think I did say all of that in my Demoes, I bet you have a video!!! and Eye Lass I think it was a really canny card you made, I am proud of you. xxx

    1. Hi Sam, our Raymond always used to say "Oor Hoose" or "Wor Shack" just to annoy our parents. I always say our house, but then I'm posh!!!!! x

  28. Cool card and cool stencil. Love the technique xxx

  29. Hi Barb,
    Second attempt to post a comment! First one must have got caught among the houses on the stencil.
    I'm really into messy art now and I used to be so precise and clean lines!
    I've got to tell you that the gelli plate and distress inks from yesterday worked a treat and I am so pleased with the results. Maureen xx

  30. Just lurve messy art, good job too, cos I'm naturally very messy. Have looked up sams works , love those too. Have a good day. X

  31. Very quirky Barbara your way with words make me smile happy crafting xxx

  32. ooh I love this... do I need to buy the whole set of inks????? lol xx

    1. of course you know you need / want them!!

  33. Hi Barbara,
    It's always good to try new techniques, that's something you've taught me to do over the years. I've tried many of the you tube Tuesday and blog pieces and have found some great techniques that I love, the shaving foam and I think this one will be another as I'm loving the randomness you get from it.
    Great artwork today, lovely.

  34. Not my scene but wow. I will have to try this - always open to change. What creation from Sam and Barbara. I am playing catch up having been laid flat with labrynthitis and not able to craft. I must have a go at this technique - what fun - "marrer" to another North Easterner. Would love to meet Sam some day.
    Best wishes and thank you - makes me feel so much better

    1. Hi Anne. Labrynthitis is horrid isn't it, you have my sympathy, bless you. Glad you are back crafting. Take care.

  35. What a fantastic piece of Art ....and a great made me laugh so much....oh the messy, but ever so lovely and Arty ....our you both...x x

  36. Terrific card - yourself or not!

  37. Fantastic, loving those colours on top of the grunge paste. Now I have some I will have to play with it and see what I can produce. XX

  38. Watched Sam at Crowborough Open Day doing something similar. I used this stencil for my son's Birthday card and used your idea of making the paste look almost ceramic. It was appropriate for him as he has just had an offer accepted on a three storey house. I am not good at being messy but going to try some of Sam's ideas. Brilliant card anyway. xx

  39. Now this is why I love your blog you're always ready to have a go at something new and bring it to us. Love the art work, I'm sure Sam will be proud of you
    Jane x

  40. Fantastic piece of art done with one of my favourite stencils. Well done Sam........sorry, I mean Barbara ;-))

  41. Haha!!! I thought I'd gone on the wrong blog for a split second! Brilliant Barbara and so.made laugh which is just what I need!!! I can just imagine you talking to yourself as Sam would not only good at arty stuff but accents too!!
    Love and hugs. Wey aye man!!! Xxx

  42. Hi Barbara. Well when I read the title today I thought oh no! Barbs run down after getting hot and bothered at the weekend!, then I laughed and laughed as I read on. Brilliant Barbara what a great piece of art and thanks too to Sam for sharing. I'm going to sit down tomorrow and write out my order form which will now include the grunge paste cos I've got to try getting messy (or more messy than usual!) have a great evening our Barbara. Love Diane xxx

  43. A great piece of art Barbara and I'm very glad the heading didn't mean you were ill
    Jackie x

  44. glad it wasn't an illness lurking. phew! was worried there for a minute. Sam is a lovely person who loves to share her knowledge. I saw her in action in my house last year and it was great, Sam and Massi where both at the gelli plate trying to out do each other. what an experience.
    anyway great artwork, really need to use that stencil. might have a go at this, hugs xx

  45. This is lovely and does have the look of a medieval street scene Barbara. I had a go at yesterday's technique and was highly delighted with the results. I have just put the resulting card through the neighbour's door, so I hope she likes it. x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x