Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sleepy Hollow...

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday’s blog is something blue.
So here’s a Gelli Plate background, 
using the Snowflake stencils and some acrylic paint.

A year ago, if anybody had said this was worth hanging on to and not for the bin, I would have begged to differ!

In the meantime, either my eyesight is on the blink, or I have grasped that white areas and tatty bits are brilliant.
Well, on gelli plate art at least. 
I’m developing my very own white areas and tatty bits with no assistance from anybody!!! Just MY body!!

Anyway, enough information!

So let’s make a piece of artwork...
I made a decision to go tall and trim the card. 
In artspeak, portrait, not landscape.

Right down the bottom I stamped the Wonderland scene.

This is the Wonderland Set

First I inked it up with Cornflower Blue Archival. 

Then I kissed the edges of the stamp in Black Archival.
See how the black frames it?

Next I stamped the little snowflake into the patchy white areas, but blotted it first on scrap, i.e. used second generation ink.
Did it dark once; decided to go light.
Spot the mistake!

Added hills and shadow to the wonderland scene,
 using torn paper, Slate Adirondack 
and a touch of the Cornflower blue.
The stencil brush does the job well. 
or you can use a make-up sponge for this one.

Next came the stag and fawn, in Cornflower Blue. 
I tapped them in the black Archival lightly too.

Since the artwork is so tall, 
it lends itself perfectly to tearing the top.
Make sure the white frayed part is at the front on the main piece!

Lay the art on a complimentary colour card, trim it to size leaving to top edge long enough for tearing again.
How do I mount the artwork? I use spray mount in a box.
No, I don’t get in the box.  

Tear the underlayer similar and close.

Mount on white, and Bob’s your uncle!

Easy and original.
If you stare at the opening, the dark area, and adjust your mind to the fact that it IS an opening, the artwork changes instantly.
Try it... 

Anyway. Must go.
We are having a couple of days off in Rye with my parents, 
to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 

Very excited and looking forward to fish n chips 
and some fresh sea air.

much love,


  1. FAbulous card, and I love how the eye draws you into the dark background in the middle of the card... have a great couple of days away.

  2. HeIlo Barbara,

    Magical! Very clever!

    Enjoy your mini break in Rye.

    Love, Roz.x

  3. I too was pulled into the dark path, very clever to add that black edge. Have a lovely time in Rye with your parents. ..I can smell that fish and chips and it's made my mouth water for them...not quite right at 8am. Have fun, Jeanette xx

  4. Awesome project Barbara. Have a fab few days and many congrats to your mum and dad. Xxxxc

  5. Fab artwork this morning, another set to go on the shopping be list. Much to my Husbands annoyance I don't throw anything anyway, thats why I've banned him from my crafty loft space. Have a lovely time with your parents, Happy Anniversary to them both :-) xx

  6. Great card, love the choice of colours. Not chocked by the darker snowflake. Enjoy your time with your parents it's precious time.
    Laurence x

  7. Morning Barbara, another great card and clever use of the background. Enjoy your days off and have a lovely family time. Happy Wedding Anniversary to your lovely Mum and Dad....hugs....xxxx

  8. wonderful Card and I love the way the artwork proceeds! have some Have some erholsame days with your parents and congats to them.XX

  9. Hi Barbara. Wonderful card today. I love how the snowflakes look so icy. Yes, you can really feel the scene opening up when you stare at it. Have a lovely time with your parents and enjoy the sea and fish and chips. They always taste extra tasty when you eat them while sat on the beach don't they. Enjoy. Take care.

  10. Beautiful piece today. Just love the frosty, crisp feel. Fish & chips in paper with a little wind chill off the sea ...... can't beat it. Enjoy !

  11. Oooh, Barbara, your last comment has made my hungry! Why is it that fish and chips on the coast taste so much better than when you are inland? Congrats to Mum and Dad, and enjoy your break, I think you have earned it. (love the card, by the way, LOL).

  12. Hi Barbara this is beautiful and your eye really draws you in, oh another stencil and stamp set for the wish list!!! My daily Barbara chuckle - today it's one of those tanning booth thingy's as a spray mount box- what a thought!! Haha, how sticky would you get in there! Lol. Have a fabulous few days in Rye with your mum and dad and the fish and chips. Congratulations to them both on their anniversary and enjoy spending the time with them and relaxing. Take care love Diane xxx

  13. Hi barb, this is such a lovely piece of work, who would have thought that something you would have been inclined to bin, could turn out so beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful time with your Mum and Dad, and happy anniversary to them. I would love to go to the coast just to have seaside Fish and Chips, with loads of vinegar. It would have been my Mum and Dads 61st Anniversary tomorrow, but sadly neither of them is with us anymore. Take care everyone. Bx

  14. Hi Barbara,
    A lovely piece of artwork and your right you do get drawn into the view.

    Happy anniversary to your mum and dad, hope you all enjoy time away in Rye.

    Take care,

  15. Love this work and Rye is a favorite place enjoy your days off and the celebration!!!

  16. You should write a book, or some such on how to rescue discarded bits. We all have them! Lovely card. Enjoy Rye and it's arty shops ( even a small craft shop). I live just two miles away and the weather's quite good - so far. Congratulations to your parents. Carol x

    1. Go careful as not sure all discarded bits should be rescued - my mind is stuck on the snotty tissue my niece proudly handed me a while ago , while telling her friend how her Auntie can make any paper in to pretty flower cards lol!

  17. What a great card and it really does look like there is a gap going back into the Forrest .... Brilliant
    Have a lovely time in Rye and enjoy the sea air
    Jackie x

  18. Fabulous art work have a lovley time celebrating xx

  19. Lovely artwork. Enjoy the celebrations

  20. I have always loved this stamp set and love it even more now! The temp has dropped a little up north, although still beautiful with glimpses of sun but looking at this card has left me feeling the need to pull out my aron jumper and get ready for the frost. This is the beauty of your art, it transports you into the picture. Have a lovely break and congratulations to you parents.

  21. Stunning! Love the stamp set too. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Anniversary to your Mum and Dad xxx

  22. Beautiful Barbara. Have a fab couple of days off and happy Wedding Anniversary to your Mum and Dad. xx

  23. I love blue and I have the stamps you have used and not tried them yet. I am planning a session for tomorrow when I have time to play. Thank you for the inspiration.
    X Chris K

  24. Hi Barb,
    This is fabulous. When looking t the dark sky the effect is 3D and everything in front just pops out at you. Sooo clever.
    You'll have had your fish and chips by the time you read this but I hope you ate them outside, and used your fingers!! Although probably your mum and dad would want a "sit down" meal with cutlery. Nothing like eating them outside, soaked with salt and vinegar and the seagulls squawking overhead. Think I'll pop along to Whitley Bay later!
    Many Congratulations to your parents on their Wedding Anniversary xx

  25. Hi Barbara
    Very clever card you can imagine walking into the opening deep into the yonder.
    Enjoy your time in Rye

  26. oh blogger has just lost my message. b........ anyway as i was saying i think this is awesome artwork. you have created so much depth and dimension. i could feel myself falling in the darkness if i got too close. brilliant. i love, love, love this. i will borrow idea if you don't mind.
    as for your days off, enjoy. i do miss the sea terribly and i'm as far away from it as you can get.....sob......, hugs xx

  27. This is beautiful Barbara and the gelli plate background is gorgeous. The idea of putting the darker edge on the Winter Wonderland background which gives it more depth is great as you do feel you could walk right through. I hope your parents have a lovely anniversary and enjoy your couple of days there with them. x

  28. Wonderful, a beautiful winter scene. I have promised my nephew a card with a stag on for Xmas. Hope you don't mind if I try your idea. Enjoy your trip to Rye, we were going to Sidmouth this week but hubby not too well again so not too sure now. Happy Anniversary to your parents. xx

  29. Lovely scene, and it looks like you could just walk off into the midnight sky when you stare through that gap! I can almost taste your fish and chips now you've mentioned them - hope you and your mum and dad have a fabulous time in Rye celebrating their anniversary. My mum and dad had their 63rd anniversary at the beginning of this month - amazing isn't it? And they still sit on the sofa and hold hands! Susan x

  30. Wonderful wintry scene. Ooooo fish and chips at the seaside are my favourite! Never taste as good at home. Have a lovely couple of days. XX

  31. I love tatty white bits, and have learned over the last year not to be so critical of what I create - no one else knows what's in my head which is not such a bad thing! :-) I know what you mean though about scrapping things, luckily I'm a bit of a hoarder, so my latest creations have been from bits that have been put on the back-burner....commonly known as scrap!
    Enjoy your fish & chips with your Mum & Dad, and Happy Anniversary to them too. Safe journey, Carole xxx

  32. Love the card enjoy your rest God bless your mum and dad Love June xxxx

  33. Hope you have a lovely break andcongratulations to your parents.
    Now fish and chips near the sea is one of the simple pleasures in life and one of my favourites after having a paddle and building a sandcastle or twelve lol! If ever I need to clear my head as things at work have been hard going then this is the perfect pick me up , second only to going to our local country park and flying a kite and having ice-cream ! I am but an over grown child and proud of it !
    Anyway I digres - this piece is lovely as so atmospheric , I so must replace my Gelli plate !

  34. I have these stamps Barbara so if you don't mind I'm nicking this idea. It's like looking through a frosty window, I love it.... Hope you remembered to watch my son on the telly tonight.... Love Vanessa x

  35. How remiss of me Barbara!!, I read the blog on my phone and forgot to leave a comment last night as I find doing it on the phone frequently doesn't work!
    I love the art - brings to mind the big Montana sky from a road trip through Montana a few years back - it certainly made me look at some of my scraps last night but unfortunately none that matched this!
    Hope you are having a grand time in Rye - such a lovely place with a lovely coffee shop near the cathedral if you get the time in-between looking at more lino art !!!
    Congratulations and best wishes to your parents - hope the weather holds for your couple of days away.
    Much love to you all
    Kim xx

  36. Wonderful. I have loads that I have kept but when I go re-visit them they still look as though they should go in the bin! Not as talented as you!! xx

  37. Oh WOW Barbara I love this and yes I could see through the gap. What a perfect match with the print and stamp. Have a lovely few days off and wish your Mam and Dad Happy Anniversary from me. xxx


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

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