Tuesday, 16 September 2014

YouTube Tuesday Perfect Pearls on Black Glossy Card.

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Here’s a very simple How-to use Perfect Pearls (Mica Powders) with a Detail Claritystamp and preserve the detail.

I have chosen our very delicate, new lacey Swallows

to show you how to preserve the detail when working with metallic powders on glossy card.

There are 2 sets of Mica powders on our website:

and Set 2

I went with three colours from the first set.


Items Used:

Talcum Powder
Soft Paint Brush

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  1. Perfect! Hehehe! Xxx beautiful finish Barbara xxx

  2. Great video - thanks Barbara. Love the finished effect and being able to see all the detail that is in the stamps. Pat x

  3. Hello Barbara,

    Thank you for that tutorial. I should get a better result now.

    Love, Roz.x

  4. Hi Barbara thank you for the video of this technique, theses stamps are lovely and look gorgeous in the perfect pearls. My friend Jackie and I were talking about them the other day so I will make sure she watches this (the perfect pearls!). I have tried this with another mica powder but the result looks much sharper with these ones. Have a great day with hopefully some rest!
    Take care. Love Diane xxxx

  5. Brilliant ,Thanks for video ,ones i got are different make didn't realise when i bought them xx

  6. A great tutorial, as always, when I have got my "chores" done I am going to have a play with my pearls cos you just gave me an idea!! I haven't tried Arty Farty stuff with them yet see?

  7. Thanks Barbara for the video.
    Great tip about blotting the versa mark!

  8. Good morning,
    Very cool,technique, I always love you tube Tuesday, it is just like you are here with me giving me a little lesson. Best to,you on this lovely day... Still dRk in Texas. Love this card idea. Thanks

  9. Hello Barb, awesome technique with a great finished article, thanks for the youtube Tuesday tutorial. Have a relaxing day, and get some rest. Bx

  10. Great tutorial and you make it look so simple and foolproof. This technique always looks so elegant when you want something a little more restrained than embossing. I hope you get a chance to recover from your hectic sounding weekend.

  11. Beautiful I love you tube Tuesday xxx

  12. Wonderful! Lovely technique for me to watch after work today! xxx

  13. Perfect pearls look beautiful on black card, need to try this out for sure. Blotting first will help me with slipping on the shiny surface as this always bugs me when I do it! No amount of being careful and not pressing too hard ever seems to help. More practice needed. XX

  14. Lovely Barbara! I really should use my perfect pearls more often. Hope you had a good day. x

  15. Great video tutorial - I always forget the talc bit!! Love those swallow stamps too - thanks for sharing, Susan x

  16. Hallo liebe Barbara,
    ich bin begeistert wie genial du das Perfect Pearls auf der schwarzen Karte zum Einsatz gebracht hast.
    Der Effekt sieht wunderschön aus. Die Filigranität der Vögel bleibt erhalten und das gefällt mir ganz besonders gut.
    Vielen Dank für das tolle Video. Das ist wieder eine geniale Inspiration für mich.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  17. I always struggle with the talc - goes everywhere. Thank you for such a good tutorial, I've got that stamp and the PP's so I'm off now to try again.

  18. Loving the result on black glossy card , it's going on the list, thanks for the tips xx

  19. Love the swallow stamps just need to get the perfect pearls now my list of must have just keep getting longer well done Barbara

  20. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! Thanks for the video tutorial. I have tried mica powder before without success I must add, but having watched the video today I think it might be because I haven't dusted with talc first. Needless to say, I will be giving this a go. Thanks again, love Alison xx

  21. Hi Barbara, I love YouTube Tuesday as I feel you are here with me guiding me along the way. Love it. Mica looks lovely especially on the black.
    Kep em coming x
    Much love
    Kim xx

  22. Thank goodness for talcum powder - Until I saw you doing a demo a year or so ago I never thought to use talc and bingo no more stray bits or smudges not only on black card but acetate etc.
    Your hints and tips are fab , as always a big thank-you for your generosity in sharing your ideas and techniques with us so freely and clearly xxx

  23. Thanks for covering this technique. Although I have tried micas before I had disaterous results, even the cat ended up covered! I am definately going to try them again after watching this. I do love how they look on the black card - even my disasterous ones!

  24. Hi Barbara, thanks for the tip about blotting first, I did this technique with Saz, it didn't go well, ended up in the bin, but I will try again.
    Rest up for the weekend,

  25. Hi Barbara. Beautiful swallows, they look stunning with their mica feathers : ) Talc and blot first are the key to this one I think! Take care

  26. So good to know to blot first - I always get smears when I buff the card and that's probably why! Thanks Barbara xx

  27. What a brilliant video illustrating a very useful tip. I'll do it this way from now on and avoid the fat lines and lack of detail problem. Thanks Barabara.

  28. i can't believe i missed it yesterday!
    your perfect pearls images on black card always look so pristine. and if i start to buff no matter how lightly i do it they always smudge. how do you do it? make it look so simple? hugs xx


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