Wednesday, 29 October 2014

An Autumn Kiss and a Special Offer.

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by.
The colours of the leaves at this time of year 
are absolutely amazing, aren’t they?
Wednesday’s Blog is something new.
So here are a couple of old but lovely Claritystamps:
 Suede and the Maple leaves.

What a fab combination.
You see, to many people reading this, 
the wonderful Erté lady and the leaves WILL be new.

So let’s take a look...

Stamp the lady in black Archival on Water-colour paper.
Cut an A4 sheet of the water-colour paper into 2 x A5. 
You will need both halves for this project.

Stamp her again on some handmade paper or designer paper 
or tissue or Gelli plate scrap paper.

Cut out the dress and the hat, and glue the outfit over the stamped image. I use Zig glue.

Cut the centre out of the second A5 Water-colour half, 
leaving an inch wide frame.

Stamp the maples leaves randomly all over the frame, in Butterscotch, Cranberry, Pesto and Caramel Adirondacks.
There are 3 sizes of maple leaf.

Stamp the leaves into the centrepiece too, 
and cut some individual ones out. 
Attach these to the frame, to break up the edges.

So when you overlay the frame, she looks lovely!

But methinks we need a backdrop...
Enter the brushes and a Post-It mask.

It wouldn’t be a Barbie pic without some torn paper

and a moon!

Ground her, too.

Now I think we have finished. What think you?

A really easy, traditional card.

Let’s make you a super offer:
But the Lady and the 3 maple leaves are FREE!
All unmounted stamps
for the special price,

Have a lovely Wednesday! 
I shall be back tomorrow with something blue....

much love,


  1. What a delight! I'd buy but already own them too! Thank you for sharing this..will have to have a go myself! See you tomorrow honey xx

  2. Beautiful fall colors. Love this card, thanks for taking the time to make it and share it..

  3. Beautiful lady and those leaves are so great for this time of year in all the seasonal colours. Will be off to Clarity to order very soon. XX

  4. Mmmmmmm that's lovely! And so right for the time of year!
    You have also made another very tempting offer although I do have a single maple leaf!!!!
    Hope your day is going well!
    Love and hugs! Xxx

  5. Hi Barbara just right for this autumn weather, the colours you have used on the leaves are stunning. What brilliant offers this week, thank you. Hope your day is going well. Thank you for sharing. Take care love Diane xxx

  6. yes autumn does bless us with lovely hues. these colours match perfectly. lovely card idea or even a small wall hanging. take care, hugs xx

  7. Lovely! The autumn colours are so inspiring. Been trying to do reflections with the trees multi-coloured. Some success with the blending mat, less so with Gelli plate - bit splodgy! Must now get on with Christmas cards. Good thing there is the Clarity Gallery to remind me what to do with the stamps I bought last year! Thanks Barbara.

  8. Hi Barbara, lovely blog as usual, with lovely bright colours. Its grey and wet in soggy Southampton and I don't like dull. Have a good day Barb x

  9. Lovely piece Barbara......And there was me thinking your protective mat was a piece of hand-made backing paper! lol
    Have a great day, Carole x

  10. Hi Barbara love this card its great to come back to old favourites like you say to lots they will be new and to us old ones its new to us this design its super thanks for your blog have a good day xx

  11. These where some of the first Clarity stamps I bought , so nice to refresh the memory. Must try with the new colours as used rainbow pad last time. love everything you do xx

  12. Fabulous! Just about to start making my Lancashire Hotpot as it's a bright but very chilly day up here, and I feel that comfort food will be needed this evening! Every now and then you have to bring out the old favourites and it's like they are brand new stamps again using all the ideas and techniques you've learned since the last time you used them. Susan x

  13. Lovely combination of colours and Suede looks like she's wearing suede!

  14. Very elegant. You are right the leaves are wonderful but oh dear when they drop we end up invaded by them. They pile up outside our front door, the frustrating thing is that we have not got trees. Still keeping my husband occupied clearing them. Thanks for all the recent offers. xx

  15. Hi Barbara. The lady looks wonderful in the frame, beautiful stamps, I love it . Take care.

  16. I love this, especially as I have just 'altered' a frame using parchment and the Elder Leaf. I love the fresh Autumn feel to this. Will have to add this Lady to my collection. She is so very elegant. Thank you for the offer and the best of luck in the voting. XX

  17. Hi Barbara,
    Stunning card, making use of my absolute favourite colours. I've got the leaves stamps so will give this a go but use the sketchy lady instead, as that's what I've got, will be interesting to see how different it looks....will get back to you with the results.
    Placed an order this morning, so looking forward to some crafty stash coming.
    Take care,
    Jackie, x

  18. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    das ist eine wundervolle Lady und deine Karte wieder perfekt. Vielen lieben Dank für das Spezialangebot. Das ist wieder sehr verlockend. Ich hätte sehr gern für dich abgestimmt. Schade, leider dürfen wir aus Deutschland nicht teilnehmen an der Abstimmung. Ich drücke ganz fest die Daumen für dich. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  19. I love maple leaves as they are such a pretty shape and the frame with all the different colours of leaves works brilliantly together with the elegant lady with the scene behind to give her some scale. Also thank you Barbara for such a great offer. x

  20. Love it got both so need a play day xx

  21. Stunning Barbara wonderful autumn colours love the frame looking forward to tomorrows blog a blog a day keeps the blues away xx

  22. Lovely colours Barbara. I agree this time of the year is so beautiful with the myriad of leaf colour. Hope you've had a good day. xx

  23. Hi Barb,
    Beautiful, just sums up Autumn. I love all the beautiful colours at this time of year - probably my favourite season ( when the sun is shining). Brilliant offer as well. Thank you. Love Alison xx

  24. The Autumn colours are beautiful, love the newly fallen leaves. What a fab picture frame they make. Thank you Barbara.

  25. Hi Barb,
    Love this card but I'm not sure if I've got this lady as I have a couple, will look at my stash and check but I placed an order last night so will have to look at my finances!!! The trouble is, Barbara, that all your stamps are gorgeous xx.

  26. Love love Barbara the colours are beautiful and the lady so downton abbey brill thank you must have xxxx

  27. Beautiful Barbara,
    I love the colours of Autumn, shame it's rained all day today which no doubt will have brought down a load of leaves!
    You would have loved the forest I was in last week

    Much love
    Kim x

  28. Hi Barbara, double dose for me today, this framing idea and just watched youtube Tuesday, love both, definitely going to try them, I've got a special card to make and now I know what I'm going to do, faux batik, don't have this stamp yet but I'm sure I'll find something else suitable in my stash. A few days ago you gave me an idea for what I could do for my Christmas cards this year too, so that's that bit sorted, thank you.

    Thank you too for the reminiscing you've given us. Do any of you remember you got a short extra film first, like a Winnie the Pooh animation, before the main one and the intermission came between to change the film reels? Showing my age now, but many of you seem to be in the same boat, so not so bad!!! For my brother and I going to the pictures (as we called them) was a very special school holiday treat and our mum would take juice and a wee treat to eat from home for us to have in the interval. How times have changed!!! In the summer holidays we'd get a treat sometimes when the ice cream van came round, mum would give us a bowl and some change and send us down to get the money’s worth of ice cream put into the bowl which we'd take back up for sharing out!!! I think a lot of kids miss out on these simple pleasures of childhood these days because they have everything and more already, so they mustn't be able to feel such pleasure in these, what were to us, special treats that we'd wait for months on, it's a shame.

    I needed this today, thank you, my chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) has been extra extra bad for a number of weeks now, it makes you feel like you've got the flu. Normally I just get on with it as best I can, do what I can in a day, and do my best to not let it get me down, been living with it for 21 years now. But it's kind of been wearing me down a bit just now. So I wanted to share wee good bits about today, the laugh and reminiscing I got from Youtube Tuesday and some of the commenters. And I had a new support worker start today, it's early days, but already he is a huge improvement on the ones that have been sent to me in the past year, he even talks to me!!! (none of those previous ones have even bothered to chat while here!). I had given up hope of ever having more workers like the good ones I used to have. Keeping my fingers crossed! So despite how I am feeling physically, today has been positive. And, of course, I've still got my personalised name plaque to look forward to, yay. I can't put into words how huge in so many ways this is for me, and all the kindness Barbara and all you lovely people have shown me and the warmth I feel from you all. This is what I keep reminding myself of when really struggling. I've run out of people to tell about it, so I'm saying it back to you guys again :-), I feel like telling the whole world. How lucky am I, and all because I finally managed to 'hit the button'. Maybe it’s all a sign that at last things are about to turn the corner for me
    Love Brenda xx

    1. p.s. just seen how long my comment is, sorry

    2. Ooh, Brenda! The longer the better! Please be patient with me and the plaque though! I am chasing my tail!!

    3. Barbara, I'm more than happy to wait as long as it takes :-). You are an extremely busy lady and it's a massive kindness and generosity you are showing me, I'll wait forever, just you get everything else you need to sorted out first, my personalised name plaque can certainly wait. Just knowing you are doing this for me is huge and makes me feel good feelings and the wait will make seeing it an even bigger pleasure. Love Brenda xx

  29. Really beautiful autumn card, Barbara.
    I placed an order at Claritystamp today but I preferred Kasha than Suede ;-))
    Rolf xxx

  30. I love the detail on the leaf stamps and the beautiful Autumnal colours Barbara.

  31. Another lovely piece of artwork, very tempting offer as well, thank you :-) x

  32. That is just so beautiful. I am so glad you are not doing Christmas every day. I would far rather see some more of these gorgeous autumn colours. xxx Maggie

  33. Hello barb, stunning artwork, and wonderful colours. Love it. Bx

  34. Beautiful artwork. I particularly like the frame idea, it's so attractive.

  35. Gorgeous card Barbara. She looks very cosy in that coat but maybe a bit too toasty in this barmy weather we are having at the moment! Xx

  36. Fabulous colours and card.Wx


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