Thursday, 16 October 2014

Boating on the lake...

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, 
so here’s a rather atmospheric little number, 
made using just a stencil, a couple of brushes
and a Lover’s stamp.
Let’s make the card today, and then tomorrow
I will share with you 
wonderful hour I spent with my lovely daughter 
on the lake in Central Park, New York. 
She was so funny!
Comedy Gold.

Tape the Abstract Stencil to a sheet of our Gelli Card

and add a moon mask.

Swirl round the edges with a stencil brush 
loaded with Juniper first, then Denim.
Pull the ink in off the stencil with a make-up sponge.
Avoid the middle altogether.

When you remove the stencil, you end up with this fabulous misty backdrop for any number of lovely Clarity images.

I decided to go with the Kissing couple in a boat. 
The Cornflower Blue Archival Ink pad 
is a super compliment to Denim.

Just a hint of water behind the boat needed. 
A sheet of copy paper makes a perfect mask

And a hint of foliage. 
The two leaves which go with the Silver Birch stamp are perfect.
Large and Small


Mount on a piece of the blue stencil backing paper.


Let’s have a little bargain.
If you buy the large birch leaf, 
we’ll send the small one as a gift.
click here

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, 
for a little private peek at New York last week...

Oh! And I must tell you about this amazing lady we chanced upon in Central Park: Mary Jones. She reminded me so much of Maya Angelou!

much love,


  1. Good morning Barbara! Another lovely piece of artwork.
    I do so enjoy reading your blog with my morning cuppa. Tomorrows episode sounds exciting and I bet it holds treasured memories of your recent trip.
    Have a good and hugs. Xxxxx

  2. Hi Barb
    I love these stencils and enjoy putting things inside, golly this leaf is great guess I will order it... Hmm. Soon I will need a second den. Love this card. Looking forward to your blog tomorrow. Thanks

  3. Hi Barbara, brilliant blog, have a free day, so I know what I will be doing now.

  4. What a lovely romantic card. These colours together are cool. Looking forward to hearing about your time with Grace.
    Hugs Jeanette xx

  5. Another way to use this fab stencil (got this one), thanks for the inspiration x

  6. Hello Barb, great card, love the way you have done just the outside, great idea, so as I have the stencil and the stamp, will give it a go with other foliage stamps. Looking forward to tomorrows blog. Have a lovely day everyone. Bx

  7. Hi Barbara. Love yesterdays and todays beautiful pieces. I am looking forwardto seeing tomorrows post. How lucky for you to meet someone that reminds you of Maya Angelou. Take care.

  8. Hi Barb,
    Love the way you have just gone around the outside of the stencil. It does give a dreamy atmosphere. The finished card is gorgeous, I really do like the stencil backing paper. Looking forward to tomorrow's blog. Love Alison xx

  9. Hi Barbara. Beautiful and really atmospheric I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post. Have a great day. Love Diane xxx

  10. Really nice Card and very lovely stencil and stamps! Looking Forward to tommorow. xx

  11. Wonderful simple but elegant cannot wait to hear your tales of America tomorrow xxx

  12. Morning Barbara, love the softness of this, so atmospheric. xxx

  13. Beautifully simple, Barbara. As you say, very atmospheric. On the subject of the backing paper, is there any chance you can start selling that gorgeous blue paper or tell us where we can get it. I thought I had found it, but the colour is not quite right. Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's blog. xx Maggie

    1. Give me an hour Maggie. Then the blue pearl paper will be on the website.x

    2. Barbara, you are a star! xxx Maggie

  14. Got to do that for our anniversary or Valentine's day. Beautiful and such a calming card
    Best wishes

  15. Good morning Barbara,
    you made a nice atmospheric card.
    Can´t wait to see what happened in Central Park...
    All the best
    Rolf xxx

  16. This post keeps disappearing and re-appearing this morning - thanks to Janice for sorting out my membership yesterday - and I will stop and say hello to those manning the Clarity stand at Doncaster on Sunday.

  17. Hi Barb,
    This is so beautiful, elegant in it's simplicity. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's blog. xx

  18. Hi Barbara,
    What a lovely card, the atmospheric background using my absolute favourite stencil is lovely, I'm going to try this with the children on the swing stamp, perhaps a change of colour....lots of ideas are running around now, must dash and have a play!
    Jackie x

  19. Beautiful love the colours and how versatile the stencil is happy crafting xxx

  20. Great idea for a card Barbara, I must go look to see if you have a similar mask to fit A5 cards, as I make more of those than the square ones (much harder to get here).

  21. What a beautiful card I live how atmospheric it is
    Jackie x

  22. This abstract stencil is so versatile and the ink fading away towards the middle gives it adreamy quality, and a gorgeous finished result. Thank you Barbara and am looking forward to tomorrow's post. x

  23. Hi Barbara
    It's good that I visit your blog as it reminds me that I have a lot of these products which.
    Love the card would make a fantastic anniversary or valentines card.

  24. Really lovely. I've got this stencil and I've been wondering how to use the spaces without getting gunge or anything else in the spaces. looks so perfect with only the edges coloured. re-vitalised my Christmas stamp making. I love it, you are so clever Barb.

  25. Hi Barbara, love the card, my favourite stencil of the moment and as I have the stamps as well it's a must have a go. So misty & romantic. Thanks. Look forward to hearing about you and Grace tomorrow.x

  26. Lovely card - so simple and a really peaceful scene. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  27. Beautiful Barbara. Love the effective you've achieved, thanks for sharing. Hope you've had a lovely day. Looking forward to hearing of your time on the lake with Grace. xx

  28. Wonderful card and even better to know that the blue stencil paper is now available to buy! I always save mine and have been using it for so many things lately................only thing is now I can't convince myself to buy another stencil when I need some paper! ;) XX

  29. Stunning Barb, beautiful colours. i shall look forward to your blog tomorrow. New York! New York!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  30. Very lovely, clever effect. Really does look misty. Look forward to your story tomorrow. xx

  31. Fantastic Barbara. I have the stamp - now need the stencil ( no, dear husband, I really DO need it ). Looking forward to hearing your story tomorrow.x

  32. Very atmospheric, love the colours. Looking forward to tomorrow's story. Pat x

  33. love the simplicity of this. looks totally cool. brill, hugs xx

  34. Beautiful Barbara, it captures the romance so well , it look like the light is shining down on the happy couple x almost a touch of Thomas Kinkade about it (painter of light).
    Will look forward to tomorrow's blog about Gracexx
    Much love
    Kim xx

  35. Hi Barbara, Have the stencil, now need to get the stamp! Love the colours you have used to frame the image. Anne x.

  36. Love this card
    Now I look forward to tomorrow as its intresting my friend came back from her trip to America ( I am still green with jealousy as she had 8 weeks seeing different bits ) and sent me this YouTube link -
    And it is a 'poetic moment' created by Mary Jones in Cental Park . Now could it be the same lady ???

  37. Great technique once again Barbara, lovely card. Thanks


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x