Wednesday, 8 October 2014

NEW Snazzy Christmas Jumper!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by.
Just in time to try out the latest in snazzy Christmas attire!

This Jumper Set was launched on TV on Sunday, 
but sold out before we could get to it,
so I thought it merited a good airing.
I love it!
Jim designed the Jumper stamp set

and when Dee came up with stamping it on calico -
well it just looks SO REAL!!!

It even FEELS authentic! Just like the kind of jumper my Dad would like. He hates anything itchy. Cor, I remember when Mum went through a phase way back when, knitting everything in mohair, it really was a mind over matter thing. Or wear it until you got out of sight, and then rip it off and carry it around all day, (itching your arm!) 
until you got within shouting distance of home again. 
Ahh those were the days. Itchy scratchy days....

But back to the lovely soft jumper here!
You can’t believe it’s all done with stamps, can you!

Here’s how:

Add some double-sided adhesive to the back of a piece of unbleached calico first.
(btw, fyi: The double-sided adhesive is pom this month!)
which in English means on sale !!!

Stamp the jumper onto the calico using Black Archival.

There’s a mask for the sweater too. 
It comes free with the stamp.

Remove the centrepiece, the jumper, and slide the calico sweater into the gap. It goes easily.
Then, using a make-up sponge and Antique Linen
add some shade.

Next use the Cool Yule Set to literally knit the jumper.
to create your very own sweater.

Cut it out. Cuts like butter.
And of course, it has adhesive on the back.

Fray the hessian.

Add a piece of double-sided tape to the back.
This will slow the fraying down, too.

Et voila!!!

I’d wear it!!!
Too warm here in New York today though.
We are having such a wonderful time, Grace and I.
I am thinking I may just have to pack her in my suitcase 
and bring her home with me. If only, eh.
Photos Friday!

lots of love,


  1. Hi Barbara, Love it - and yes it does look very real!!! I think everyone should have a Christmas Clarity Jumper badge to wear!!!
    I bet - out there - there are some crafters with knitting machines that can convert this one in to a real life sized jumper too!!
    Glad you are having a great time int he Big Apple - it really is a lovely place to visit - I expect they are gearing up to Halloween big time out there!!! Enjoy that weather - its very wet here this morning.
    Much love

  2. This is such a fun and versatile set of stamps. Loving Dee's use of texture on the card. What a clever stick. Did she use re-inkers to get the dual coloured effect on the central band?
    Enjoy your time with Grace while you have it. Precious moments in time like the flutter of a butterflies wing. Xx

    1. Sorry...butterfly's wing. ...couldn't possibly leave it uncorrected x

  3. I was disappointed it had sold out on Sunday morning as I was looking forward to the demo. I've ordered it and can't wait for it to arrive now to try this one out as it looks fab! It's lovely to spend time with your family isn't it? Only trouble is it never lasts long enough! Enjoy your visit and come back to us all safely.

    Love Maggie

  4. Hello Barbara,

    Love it. So versatile, as the samples showed on Sunday.

    Enjoy what is left of your holiday and thank you for taking time out your blog.

    Love, Roz.x

  5. Good morning from Kent,
    So happy to hear that you,and Grace are having such a wonderful time. I love this new sweater set, can't wait for,it,to arrive. We call the fabric burlap for hessian and I don't know what the other fabric is called, love this card... Very cool.

  6. Just love this jumper and there is so many effects can do on it temptation is calling us crafters are so weak. Have a fantastic day in the big apple say hi to Grace for us xxx

  7. What an excellent and versatile set. Love it. On my shopping list for Doncaster in a couple of weeks.

  8. So pleased you have shown this today. I ordered the set as I think it's great and not only for Christmas. I was hoping you would be able to demo it but suppose I should have known better. Enjoy your special time with your daughter.

  9. Hi Barbara. So glad that the weather is being kind to you and Grace : )
    The jumper stamps are great fun,what a fab idea.
    Oh my goodness, I think we all did the same as you when we were younger, only wearing the hand knitted itchy horrors when we had to : ))
    Take care.

  10. Hi Barb,
    This is a fab set and on my wish list to order next month (or this if the money fairy calls!). I hate to tell you that I still have jumpers and cardigans, knitted 50 years ago, that itch and when I put them in the charity bag I have to pull them out again as my late mum did them for me - how sad am I?
    Enjoy the sights and sounds with fair Grace xx

  11. Brilliant Barbara, reminds me of the jumpers my Mum used to make on her knitting machine (the good old days). looking forward to my order arriving, best wishes to Grace think of us here in the pouring rain

  12. Morning Barbara. Love what Dee did with this stamp set, thanks for sharing it. Glad that you and Grace are having a great time. xx

  13. Hi Barbara... Love the card ...x

  14. I knitted one like that for my father Bless him, he was so loyal, he wore it until it fell into holes! Love the idea for the stamp Barbara, I don't know how you come up with them all.

  15. I missed out on this jumper but i'll get it off your website. it is such a great stamp. well done Jim! this is a really cool way of using it as well.
    enjoy your days with your daughter, hugs xx

  16. Hi Barbara,

    the jumper stamp set is on my wish list as well because it´s so versatile... for a birthday card as a gift voucher for clothes, you can stamp flowers inside in spring or summer and, and, and...

    It´s very mild in the middle of Germany as well. We have 22 degrees + C today and they expect 24 + on friday... very unusual for october...

    Have a lot more fun in N.Y.

    Rolf xxx

  17. I just love this stamp set, alas the money fairy has stopped knocking at my door lately. LOL Bet Gracie would love to be in that suitcase too, but then what would happen to that career she's been working on.

  18. Love this set.
    Go Jim :)
    enjoy your trip and give Grace a big hug from us xxx

  19. Love the set, hope that it's at the NEC along with the reindeers. Had such a big spend at Port Sunlight that I have to wait until November to spend again. Oh well that's life.

  20. Hi Barbara this set it fantastic I am waiting for mine to arrive from clarity towers its self along with the other stamps which was on the show when my children where growing up their gran always knitted them beautiful jumpers this set brings back some lovley memories thank you for blogging it today xxx

  21. Going to get this set with my gift voucher I think - I'm sure there was something else I was going to get too! Can be used for a lot of men's cards I reckon! xxx

  22. My mum was the knitter, she was amazing but oh dear she could not sew them up well. So in the end I used to do that bit. She kept all my kids supplied with warm jumpers , kept her busy. I was not sure about this stamp to begin with but as usually happens I can see possibilities. Enjoy rest of your stay and that precious time with Grace. xx

  23. Hi Barb, glad you're having a fab time with Grace - please send her my love; it was so good to see her at Crowborough in June.
    Initially, didn't think this stamp was my "thing", but after seeing the samples I think it would be perfect for those pesky "male" cards we all love making :-)
    Enjoy the rest of your time in New York, hope to see you soon,

    Liz M xxx

    p.s. feeling very sorry for myself at the mo - been off work for 3+ weeks with pneumonia......never one to do things by half, eh? Ho hum, ttfn x

  24. Hi Barbara what a great stamp and a fab card too- I like the use of calico and hessian. I too am from the jumper brigade as both mum and gran knitted lovely jumpers. Gran used to watch the wrestling whilst she knitted and always got carried away making the sleeves too long! Happy memories. I made a mohair jumper in the 80,'s! It took me ages looked very colourful and shed all over the place! I still have it for very cold days! Have a great time with your lovely Grace and enjoy that lovely sunshine. Love Diane xxx

  25. Great card and stamp, I am a lover of all things hessian too!
    Ve ry versatile stamp set and great for guys.
    Love knitting , this is the time of the year to get out your needles and if not this stamp!
    Have a great time with Grace

  26. Lovely effect; I like using fabric on cards but have never thought of double sided adhesive sheets. How easy . I never understood why some people mock this sort of sweater ( e.g my DIL among others). It looks so folksy. Like Jeanette I haven't yet worked out how to achieve the two colour stamping using inkpads, rather than markers.
    Enjoy yourselves.

  27. Beautiful Barb, love this, great idea of Jim's.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  28. Great jumper! What a great and novel idea. I love the fact the design can be so bespoke and totally your own. Added them to ever increasing wish list. XX

  29. I love the idea of stamping the jumper on to calico, and the pattern from the Cool Yule set suits it perfectly, and then backing on the frayed hessian makes it doubly perfect. Glad you are having a great time with Grace. x

  30. This is a great card Barbara I love the jumper stamped onto calico as you say it makes it look so real. Enjoy the last couple of your days with Grace
    Jackie x

  31. Very clever card-looks great.
    Enjoy the rest of your time with Grace. (I envy you the weather-it's raining horizontally here!). Thank you, Jan

  32. Hi Barb, I thought this was so clever. Well done Jim. Love the one you have done Barb. Have a wonderful time with Grace, I bet you want to bring her home! Take care all. Bx

  33. Well Blow me- what a great idea. This opens up a whole host of fabric embellishments for bags, kids clothing etc, this is what you pay about £3 or £ 4 for in Boys??? You clever lady Dee, it looks great on a card though. You could do that with the NDC Pocket and stick it onto the front of a canvas book or the Castle onto the front of a padded photo book? orr or or!!! xxx

  34. I loved this set as soon as I saw it on Sunday and purchased it direct from you. I love the different variations that the design team produced (such a clever bunch!). Thank you for the step by step guide it will come in very handy when I can 'play' with my new purchase. x

  35. Love the jumper kit, and your calico example looks absolutely fab! Glad you're having a great time with Grace, Susan X

  36. Fabulous stamp set (well done Jim), loved all the samples, many thanks for this picy tutorial, hope you'll do a youtube tuesday video as well pretty please? Enjoy New York with Grace, please bring back some sunshine x

  37. Fab cosy card! Love this set! xxx


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