Thursday, 27 November 2014

Hares in a Tangle...

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Thursday blog is always blue, right?
So I decided to have a play with my hares. 
(That sounds awful!)

First we need a dramatic background.
Here’s one I did earlier, using an 8" x 10" Gelli Plate,
Process Magenta acrylic paint (pink)
Process Cyan acrylic paint (blue)
and one of our stencils:
I cut round a cup to make this huge moon mask!
You can see that the background is rather random, not very perfect, but too good to throw away.
Just like the 5 pairs of size 10 Jeans I am delusionally hanging on to, just in case I go off chocolate and drop half my body weight!

How did I do this? Can’t remember. 
Cyan and Magenta sit nicely together though, don’t they?

So let’s tackle something that’s been on my mind. 
If I stamp onto a full acrylic wall like this with a line art stamp,
can I make it stand out?
Let’s have a go...

Here are my hares and a toadstool.
Hares are fine, but the toadstool is barely visible.
Let’s get to work then!
Now where’s that white pencil and the right pink and blue Spectrum Noir pencils?

A white pencil will highlight the moonlight on the top of the toadstool for starters. 
There’s one in the Tin of Charcoal pencils we sell, I’m sure.

The right blue pencil I found in the 
The perfect pink for the job I found in the FLORAL Tin.

So add the blue to the areas where you would see a natural shadow.

When you go over the blue with the pink, it goes a much darker blue. This is excellent for even greater depth. Check out the back toadstool...

Let’s shade in the moon
I just picked two brushes from my stash - a blue and a pink, and swirled round the outer edge of the orb with the ink that was still on the brushes.

Try to leave a white area, like so:

Now it’s just a question of using the 3 pencils, the white, pink and blue, to create contrast as you like it. 

Take a closer look at the base of the toadstools. See how I have added white to the top and blue to the base?
This is what creates a 3 dimensional quality. Really easy!

I know I keep going on about the Spectrum Noir Pencils. But they are brilliant to use.
I have even got a natty Christmas Pencil Hamper which might be worth looking at. You get all 5 tins in the collection and all the trimmings, like paper stumps, blending solution - the lot, for £85.
When you consider the 5 tins retail at £100, that’s got to be worth considering.

Anyway, where were we?
Ah yes, define the outline of the moon carefully with the two colours, too. This is probably the trickiest part, so go easy.

Trim the card to a good size, 

Doesn’t the toadstool jump out now! 

It’s all in the shadows....

Outline the edges with a ruler and Sharpie Pen.

Mount on white card. Done.

Wonderful set from the TV Classroom days. 

Let’s have a little treat.
Buy the Hare and the Toadstool 
and we will send you the 
Tangle Stencil as a gift.

much love,


  1. This is wonderful Barbara and what a difference using the 3 pencils makes to the finished piece of art. Those toadstools look so dimensional now
    Jackie x

  2. Wow that is amazing and those colours really work well. You are so clever to look at a piece of card and see so much.
    Jocelyn x

  3. Stunning creation and amazing colours too Barbara. Love it. Xx

  4. Live this it's beautiful dancing hares on a dull day just what's needed hope your week is going okay love joy x

  5. So amazing! Love this technique and the toadstools look so dimensional with that shading. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  6. Really love this one. Bought the hares & toadstools when you did it on C & C, tangle stencil a little while ago, haven't go round to using yet so all set to do this, just have to work out the gelli plate bit. Fabulous idea & love the colours Barbara.xx

  7. Striking background, those two colours are my favourite together. Will have to have a gelli session. Trying to think of a design to do for my Mums birthday card at the moment. SOOO many ideas whirling around my head but can't decide which one to do. I will have to ponder it for a while..................................... give me a poke if I'm still sitting here in a couple of hours and tell me to get on with it! XX

  8. Hi Barb, Oh My life, this is absolutely superb, love the colours and the image. Really need some play time! Not that I will get anywhere near this, but one can always hope. Thank you for the inspiration. Bx

  9. Lovely bright colours. I treated myself to a tin of pencils when I was at NEC, they are so good. xx

  10. Hi Barb,
    Really like this one. I'm amazed at the difference the 3 pencils make. Another one to try once I've finished my hubbie's Arran jumper ( might be a while then!!! ) Love Alison xx

  11. Beautiful. Love how the toadstool pops! Xx

  12. Beautiful, think the pencils might have to go on my Christmas list

  13. Wow stunning love the colours will have to give this one a go happy crafting xxx

  14. These colours are stunning! A perfect backdrop for the wonderful stamps xxx

  15. Fabulous! I also have a tangle gelli print just waiting for this inspiration, many thanks x

  16. Hello Barbara,

    again a beautiful card...

    In german I would say "märchenhaft" - but I don´t know the exact english word for that.

    Rolf xxx

    1. Hi Rolf.

      In English it is "fabulous". I don't speak German, I looked it up!!

  17. Hi Barb,

    I agree with Rolf. It is fabulous xx

  18. This is gorgeous and that background is so bright and pretty, but that pencil work is the icing on the cake, and also those hares jumping in front of the moon is such lovely silhouette work. x

  19. Really happy that you all like this piece. I surprised myself at how well the pencils brought the toadstools out. Just goes to never know till you try! Xx

  20. Gorgeous Barbara, amazing what some shading and shadowing will do! x

  21. Its great. I love this Toadstool (not got it yet). I think you print is a double colour print off the Gelli Plate in Ink???? Am I right. It looks lovely anyway. xxx

  22. Barbara, I just hang out for each new lesson you share. Love how you do things. Love your personality that goes with your creativity. Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful things you share with us all. Kindest regards, Sandra in New Zealand

  23. great dimension created here. that print is really cool. i love the spectrum noir pencils. they are great and you can create so much depth with them.
    tangle stencil is really useful, hugs xx

  24. This is really beautiful, quite magical. Great colours.

  25. Gorgeous Barb, so love this background, lush! You are clever.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  26. Very dimensional and artistic. Love the colours and the way you add shade is just fab. Pat x

  27. I love my spectrum noir pencils. I'm very excited that I actually already have all the ingredients to create this lovely piece of art .... just need to find the time. Thanks for another brilliant blog. Ela xx

  28. Gorgeous card Barbara love the vibrancy of it. So very gorgeous.

  29. Lovely, such rich colours and all enhanced by the pencils. It's so satisfying to find such a good use for previously made pieces. Carol

  30. Hi Barbara. Beautiful, I love the colours and how the shading with the pencils makes the toadstools pop out. Take care.

  31. Brilliant piece. Still have to get those pencils x

  32. Hi Barbara I'm playing catch up today! This is beautiful, wonderful shading and an atmospheric background. I like the idea of the pencils they will be going on my Christmas list and I will have to be very nice to my husband and cook him his favourite food! Take care love Diane xxx

  33. Love these stamps Barbara thank for playing again love June xxxxc

  34. Stunning project Barbara, I just love the way you blend your colours x x x

  35. Super card today Barbara, and great bargains. Sorry I don't have any spare cash to take advantage of them. Wrong time of year,


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