Monday, 24 November 2014

Leaves a-flutter ...

Hello there.
Thanks for stopping by on the sunny 
Monday morning here in England.
Got back from España late last night,
but it’s good to be back in the groove.

Thought I’d get back to arty crafty blogging.
So Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers, right?
Well the colours in the garden hit me this morning! 
What a difference a week can make.
When we left, it was still mostly green, with a whisper of red.
Ten days later? The ginkgo tree is almost naked,
but standing in a dense carpet of bright yellow leaves.
The oranges and russets left on the fruit trees are fabulous, 
flecked with reds and crimsons.
So while Dave has been tackling the leaves,
I have enjoyed some warm, bright inks.

Let’s take a look....

Starting with a blank piece of the Gelli Card cut down to 7" x 5".
Why not Theuva Card? Because I want to flick some water at it, and Theuva Card blisters. It’s beautiful for stamping and brayering, but not so good for flicking water! 

Place a Moon Mask strategically,
then use a mini blending tool to spread Butterscotch 
around the orb. I used the middle one of the set here.

Come in off the Clarity Blending mat,
using a selection of yellows and orange ink.
I used:
Wild Honey Distress Ink pad
Mustard Seed Distress Ink pad
Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink pad
Butterscotch Adirondack and
Slate Adirondack.

Why Slate?
I really like the tones of yellows and olive greens the slate yielded, 
when blended in over the other colours.

Flick the piece with water,

and blot.

Now remove the moon mask.

Enter one of the best trees in our Clarity Collection, 
by Annie,

Stamp the tree into the artwork, using Black Archival.

Tear a sheet of paper to make some hills. 
It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add a moon and a hill, eh!

I used the mini blending tool dipped in the Slate Adirondack 
to blend in the hills.

The tree needs to stand on something, 
so use the torn paper to make a base.

Line the artwork with a black Sharpie pen.

Layer up on white card.

Very easy, but atmospheric.

Hope you like it. I really enjoyed making this!

I’m playing catch up here, as you can imagine!
But one thing’s for sure:
There are going to be some changes around here.
Having stepped out of the treadmill and stood still for a bit, I realise how much time I waste doing things which I don’t actually need to do, or want to do, or enjoy.
The operative word in that sentence is TIME.

I said goodbye to dear Jane yesterday. 
What a fabulous, talented woman.
She doesn’t know it, but spending time with her and Stephen has galvanised my resolve to use my days
 - my time here - 
more wisely. 

So without wanting to sound like a trade unionist, 
I’m flying this flag:

More fun, less slog.
More play, less toil.
More reading, less worrying.

Remind me of that next week, will you please!

Much Love,


  1. Simply stunning! Love the colour combo and the stamp together. Glad you have found your omph again! Xx

  2. I love your new resolve. Keep it up, great card too. Xx

    1. Well, dear Debby. Maybe you have had a hand in this new ME too.....x

  3. Welcome home Barb... Glad you had a great week. Thank you for a beautiful card today. Will try that one for sure... Hugs - Gill xxx

    1. Evening, Gill from Worcestershire, from Maggie from Worcestershire. xx

  4. Hi Barbara
    Glad you got back safely.Missed your demo's, this one is stunning,the colours are beautiful.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Glad to hear you've had a great time and I love the new You! Loving this card and hopefully one that I can have a go at! Great to have you home again. Love Alison xx

  6. Beautiful, would mine look like that, not so sure but going to give it a try. Welcome back, glad you got to see Jane. Keep to your resolve, time is so precious. xx

  7. Been popping in and out of here all day waiting for your blog and, as usual, it's worth waiting for! The flag you're flying is a good one and I agree 100%. Now I've decided to retire in March I'm waiting for the more play and more reading bit! and am sure the fun will follow. I have fun to go home to if I can get in - driveway been concreted and stamped today and our Mikey has been up to his furry armpits in it I'm lock in tonight for him and Sally which they wont enjoy. Neighbourhood cats will have to take their chance!

    Glad you had a good break and got to see Jane, it sounds as if you both benefitted from the visit even though a very emotional one it must have been. Now, take it easier ........xxxx

  8. I will remind you for certain. You are only here once so make the most of every second, especially the time spent with family and good friends and doing things you enjoy. That is what makes you a joyous person, who is so trés sympathique (this does not translate well into English). Use your time and energies to their best. Live life, love life. xxx Maggie

  9. Well thank goodness Jane has made you see what is important in life and inspired you to go for it! We will keep reminding you. You give so much but people will always want more and you are the sort to try and give more, maybe to the detriment of something/someone else, often ourselves! Love todays project and will be giving it a go. You are such a star and need to keep your sparkle! X

  10. What a beautiful card. Water fluckung can have such an atmospheric effect. I'm sooooooooooo pleased that you have a new resolve after your holiday. I was getting very concerned about your work/life balance and the effect on your health. Really pleased that you managed your 2nd visit to Jane and had such an inspiring & relaxing holiday. Love Jeanette xx

    1. OMG! Sorry that should have said FLICKING water. LOL!

    2. Lmao, thanks for the giggle Jeanette x

    3. I love it, you've started a new technique!!! x

    4. Oh what a giggle Jeanette, must try that new technique !!!!! Xxx

  11. I think sometimes it takes an experience such as that you have had in the last few days to make you realise where and what you want to do with your own life coz you sure can't get it back can you! So if this has been a bit of a life changing journey then I am happy for you.... I will wait to see how it plays out and hope you keep to the resolve!!!!
    Live for today never tomorrow xx
    Love todays art - the colours sure are gorgeous at the moment - truly lovely.

    Much love
    Kim xx

  12. Hi Barbara, loving your new resolve, really glad your holiday and time with Jane helped you to get to this place. It's so easy to get caught up in stuff that blocks our view of where we really want to be. I'm also trying to use my time wisely - trying being the operative word here - so I'll be taking a leaf out of your book!!

    Love this card the colours are gorgeous. Well give it a go when I get time - hmmmm what was I saying earlier....... :-) xx

  13. Love today's artwork and love the new resolution even more - life's too short, so live every day as you want to, as each and every one is precious! Booked my flight to Spain yesterday, so I will be treading in your footsteps through Granada and Cordoba early in 2015 - what a strange coincidence that's where you have just been!! Will give this a go when my butterfly stamp arrives - just waiting for the postie to deliver... Susan x

  14. Really lovely artwork. Wise words too x x

  15. Beautiful artwork. Last week's photos were awesome - I have to do that trip.
    Your words are so true and as age creeps on, I agree more and more with them. Off to find a lovely Clarity stamp and have fun and perhaps create something good.
    Best wishes

  16. Hi Barb,
    Glad you and Dave got home safe and sound. Love the artwork today, the stamp sure is a beauty. Just remember when you're tempted to go hell for leather that "Life is not a rehearsal", this is it. xx

  17. Oh what wise words Barbara. Having just completed an 8 week Mindfullness course I am trying to practice these things. I love this artwork, so atmospheric and using once of my fave stamp sets, it is on my wish list xx

  18. Stunning card Barb, I'd like someone to remind me of that sometime and my hubby too. Sadly that's life now, all work no play, the gov. have seen to that!!!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  19. Right up my street! Welcome home xxx

  20. Glad you made those decisions not its puting it into action life is so short enjoy yourself more have fun this is something I am still learning to do spend my life caring looking after others no regrets but it's hard finding yourself so have fun enjoy time with those who mean most family time for you and dave let others do more if I can help in anyway I will . Well Jane is an amazing lady love and hugs to her and family . Hugs so glad your home put you first xxx

  21. Totally agree! And love the card. 6 months til I retire and can t wait but we never know what's around that corner so we have to make the best of each day....easily said. Welcome home x

  22. Glad you had a good week, and happy your back home. Love the new you. And what a stunning card. All red, yellow and Brown here in France and it's true it's stunning.....Especially when the sun is out.
    Laurence xx

  23. I too totally agree with your sentiment! I love the colours that you have created in this you say very atmospheric. Welcome home to you and Dave. xx

  24. Hi Barbara

    What a lovely card and made to look so easy!

    I have really enjoyed your travel blog and you certainly deserved the trip and the sunshine. Looking forward to more glimpses of your travels in the future blogs.

    Lol Barbara W

  25. Hiya Barbara, beautiful card as always and you make it look so easy :-) I'm very happy to read your new resolve, enjoy each day, one at a time, as you said to me xxxx Hope you have time to stick to it :-)

  26. Welcome back Barbara. Wonderful autumn colours making a really atmospheric piece of artwork. Time is so precious it's our duty to spend it wisely. Enjoy the moment and we'll enjoy your inspiration. Thanks xx Margaret Col.

  27. Hi Barbara great to have you home safe and sound, your artwork today is wonderful, lovely colours and a great tree, just right. What a great new resolution, I hope you can stick to it as it is a good plan. I left work in the summer with stress, it had really made me very low, I now don't know how I had time to work and I'm so much more relaxed which is helping the family relax more too. Enjoy your ME time. Take care love Diane xxx

  28. Welcome back. Really enjoyed your Spanish photos and am looking forward to the stencils and stamps to follow the inspiration. Pleased you enjoyed some relaxation time and hope you stick to your resolution!
    Love the colours on today's project. Thank you, Jan x

  29. Glad you are safely home Barbara.
    I live that card the colours are just like the colours in Epping Forrest just now which is right across the road from where I live

    Jackie x

  30. Welcome home! Loved reading your travel stories. Love this card bought the stamp at the NEC so will try this technique. Thank you x

  31. wise words. glad you got there in the end. are you sure you want reminding?
    btw, fab background. love those colours you used, hugs xx

  32. Wow Barbara stunning art work fabulous colours welcome home i have ordered the stamper Christmas hamper so will have to wait to make this card .since taking medical health retirement from work and getting more ill each day is precious as long as I can craft each day now even a little I feel I have achieved something ,so listen to your body and mind and try to take time out you need too xxx

  33. Hallo liebe Barbara,

    Willkommen zurück. Ich wünsche dir einen geruhsamen Start in den Alltag. Mach nur in aller Ruhe, denn sonst ist die Erholung gleich wieder futsch. Dein Werk ist wieder so wunderschön geworden. Der Schmetterlingsbaum sieht so wundervoll aus. Ich bin wirklich immer wieder aufs Neue begeistert. Ganz liebe Grüße Silvi

  34. Hello Barb, Welcome back, sorry it is wet and cold here. Glad you got to see Jane again. She is such an amazing lady. Love this piece of artwork, great colours. Bx

  35. Lovely 'sunny' colours, they look so good. Glad you had a really good break.

  36. If ever you tire of your crafty lifestyle, I'm quite sure you could have another career as a travel book writer. I really, really enjoyed your holiday reports. But it is nice to have you back home, I'm so looking forward to You Tube Tuesday xx

  37. Glad you are home safe and sound and that your holiday and meetings with Jane have had a big impression on you. Life is definitely too short so you should do more of the things that please you and less of the things that don't! I love the colours in today's card and that pretty butterfly tree set amongst those hills and with the moon behind is extremely atmospheric. x

  38. Love your new resolve, I want to fly that flag too. Lovely to have you back home, beautiful card. Must have a go. Visited Bath last week & recognised a Ginkgo tree for the first time, a beautiful yellow it was with the sun shining through, you see your blogs teaches us something every day. Thank you Barbara.xx

  39. Gorgeous card to come back with! So glad you had such a good time. It was so nice you got to meet Jane too. xxx

  40. Hi Barbara
    Welcome home and thank you for sharing your trip, such beautiful places you've been to, I've been inspired to add them to the wish list of places to go to.

    Todays card, stunning artwork, I love the colour combination, I think you might have won me over on the slate, never liked it before, too grey for me, but as you've used it here it looks beautiful, so I'll have to see about getting that one to add to my SABLE :)

    Please keep to your new resolve, take care,
    Jackie, x

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  42. I'll fly that flag with you, too, Barbara! Life's too short to spend it doing stuff we don't want to do. I'm spending more time doing the two things I enjoy most...making art and reading. Guilt-free!

  43. Lovely card Barbara, you make it look so easy, thank you for the step by step tutorials that you do, glad you are back and that you had a great time away x x x

  44. Welcome home Barbara. Lovely to read about your time away and I'm so glad you got to do some art on your first day back. Xx

  45. Welcome back Barbara. Your blog has inspired me to do what I have been wanting to for for some time, visit Granada and Cordoba. Great card and advice on why not to use certain types of card. Will have to buy these stamps. xx

  46. Hi Barbara. A lovely card, very atmospheric. I am so glad that you have made such an important resolution, don't forget why you made it! Maybe you should make some cards with to keep on your desks etc saying
    More fun, less slog.
    More play, less toil.
    More reading, less worrying.
    And maybe add a pic or two of your holiday just to remind yourself of how you feel once you are thinking of going hell for leather! We all will remind you too : ) I am so glad that Jane was well enough for a second visit, for you all : ) Take care.

  47. Spectacular artwork Barbara. The colours are absolutely beautiful and the stamp looks fabulous. Pat x


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x