Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Sunset Stencil...

Hello there.
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Wednesday’s blog is something new, right? 
So how about we get our large 8"x10"Gelli Plate out,
use some Golden Open Acrylics (Deluxe)
and a fab new 7"x 7" Sunset stencil
I’m right into seeing things in backgrounds just lately. 
And the Gelli Plate gives me plenty of opportunity!
Like staring at the clouds and looking for animals...

What can you see?
Keep looking....

Anyway, let’s take a look at how we made the background.
Piece of cake!

 Spread a very thin layer of Golden Acrylic Paints 
(Blue and Green)

across the large Gelli plate with a brayer.
Patchy is good....

Add some clouds with the sunset stencil, blotting as you go.

Let’s do it darker, so you can see it properly!
That’s better!

Add a moon. 
You can use a stencil, or cut a paper moon out.

Pull a print on our white Gelli Card.
You can use any card; ours just fit well.

Sometimes, if you have used a little more paint, 
you can pull a second print with open acrylics.
Here’s a second particularly pleasing print 
I produced from another attempt.

Anyway, pressing on....
add some golden yellow paint to the plate, 

keeping it nice and thin....
and let it disappear towards the bottom.

Use the Sunset stencil again.

Time to position the blue print directly over the 
Yellow Gelli,

Now if that’s not a volcano in the background, 
I need to go to Specsavers!

Time to sit and ponder...

On the subject of Ponds, check this one out:

These beautiful Lapwings are being showcased 
on TV this coming Sunday morning.

Just need to define the water a little with a tiny amount of the same blue acrylic paint on a make-up sponge, 
with a sheet of copy paper to get the straight edge...

And if I could just learn to stamp the verse in straight, 
I could really think about doing this for a living!

 I just wanted to show off our new sunset stencil.
Have you been thinking about getting the larger Gelli Plate?
If you decide you do need an 8"x10" Gelli Plate
I will make sure we send you the 7" x 7" Sunset Stencil
as a gift. 
It really is an excellent stencil. 
At first glance, you wonder what to do with it; 
but it is actually one of the best and most versatile 
in our collection.

The Golden Acrylics? We don’t have them as yet. 
Most good artshops stock them.

As for the 8"x10" Gelli; it will certainly broaden your horizons 
in more ways than one!

much love,

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Through the Opening, in the Glade....

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by on You Tube Tuesday!
Last Week’s Gelli Plate Video was so well received! 
Thank you for appreciating our efforts!

Remember I asked you to send in some homework, 
showing your results? Well, hats off. Respect. 
Take a look at this....

Karen Brookes

Sarah Stacey


 can't find artist’s name...

can't find artist’s name...

can't find artist’s name...


 Diane Green

Hilary Thorogood

Hilary Thorogood

Angela Simpson

Carol Simons

Alison (Alimecca)

Julie Little

Donna Brooks

See how Angela has added her name to the photo? Perfect.
Not only can we promote her, but I save hours trying to marry up names in emails and artwork. If you see your work here, and want me to add your name to it, please clue me in, and I will add. 
So that’s your next homework: how to add your name to the homework photo !!

A while ago, I blogged a stencil piece inspired by my friend Mandy. Today’s video is a variation on the theme.
This weekend on TV, Create & Craft Sunday 9am-11am
We are showcasing a set of Landscape stencils:


I shall be tackling the same Woodland stencil, but putting a different light on it; moonlight.

Here’s a peep...

Very atmospheric... Watch on Sunday morning, 
and I will finish it off for you.

But today, let’s tackle the early bird here, shall we?
Spring is in the air!

I have used:

Got the stencils? Plan on getting the stencils? 
It would be great to see your work!
Email in a photo to
(try and add your autograph, too!)
Maybe we can showcase your work here on the blog 
not next Tuesday, but the Tuesday after. 
I think a fortnight to master the task is better than just a week, 
don’t you?

And if you would like to join in the 
Charity with Clarity Movement, 
where we gather up your handmade cards,
 and send them to worthy Charities to sell,
then please send in to:

Barbara Gray
Charity with Clarity
Gaywood Farm
Hole Lane

Hope you can join me on Sunday morning on Create & Craft, 9-11, where I shall be showcasing some lovely new Stamps and Stencils, and finishing off that moody night scene....

much love,

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Lone Ranger

Good Monday morning y’all!
Sorry I’m a little late, but had such a good Sunday that 
Monday rolled round way too fast! 

One thing we did was watch the new Lone Ranger film, which stars Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger.

Well worth watching, although I spent a good portion of the film outside the living-room door with my hands over my ears, asking Dave whether it was safe to come back in! Is it me? Am I really that super-sensitive? When a film is rated PG, do I expect brutal carnage? Is it normal to rip a man’s heart out and eat it? I mean, I know I get brassed off sometimes, and could happily strangle the occasional individual, but eating them? That’s a bit strong for me to swallow, if you’ll pardon the pun.
Well worth watching? Really, I hear you ask... 
Yes, the photography and the scenery was breathtaking!

So here’s a tribute which I rustled up just now, using a Gelli Plate scrap again. All hail to the Gelli Plate scrap stash 
when you’re running late!!!

I also used:

How did I arrive at the background?
Well, it all started with an 8" x 10" Gelli plate. 
That much I can tell you!
I do know I have been hanging on to this scrap of copy paper for months, just waiting for the right occasion.

See what you think...
Yep, you do have to have a vivid imagination, I know, 
but as I just explained, I spent most of the film either 
outside the room or with my eyes covered, 
so that would be the vivid imagination box ticked!

Stamp the Forest ridge where you can see it in your mind.
You need a permanent ink pad, like Cobalt Archival, 
because of the acrylic background.

Stamp again. You do realise them there trees is full of Injuns...

Ahhh. There he is. 
The Lone Ranger, trying to work out whether to jump across 
the creek, or go round...

Time to trim back...head 'em off at the pass....

...and add some depth. 
I used Stormy Sky round the lower edge with a 
Blending Tool and Blending mat. 

Well worth investing in if you are starting out on your creative journey. Horse or no horse.

 Use the tip of the blending tool to get in under the trees 
with the Stormy Sky.

Time to mount on a mottled card. 
This copy paper is a bit flimsy, so spray mount works best.

Trim back. 
He still hasn’t decided whether to go for it 

Hi ho Silver!

or take the scenic route. 

Meanwhile, Tonto is desperately sending smoke signals over the ridge. I knew a bloke in Gillingham who could blow awesome smoke rings like that too...

Cracked desert...midday sun...

Let’s add a little heat with Dried Marigold.

Sun Factor 30

This will take you back...
I hope it makes you smile.

Thanks for stopping by