Monday, 30 June 2014

Just a quickie with a leafy stencil...

Hello and Happy Monday.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope you don’t mind, but today, I really just have to play catch up, and spend some time with the family.

So I decided to simply post a piece I did a while ago, which I really, really like.
Don’t know how I arrived at this screen-print look, 
but the offset certainly helped.

I used a stencil of ours, the Dotty Leaf A5,
and I for sure used the System 3 Daler Rowney Acrylic paints.

But that’s all I know.
Oh. One other thing: it is on copy paper.
Why? Because it was the scrap I was using 
to clean the Gelli Plate in between layers of paint!
I like that. 
I don’t produce many original pieces of artwork, but here’s one!
Most of what I do can be replicated, if you know what I mean. 
By you, by me...
If an original means you couldn’t repeat it, 
then this is an original! The other thing which makes it unique, is that it wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t focussed on it at all. 
The other piece was the main attraction, 
and that wasn’t very special at all! Don’t even know where it is...

So it just goes to show. 
Note to self: start blotting on better scrap than copy paper ; 
you just never know.

Tomorrow is YouTube Tuesday.
So I hope you can join me then. 

much love,

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Trois Mademoiselles...

Hello there!
I was lying in bed this morning thinking about this new Feminine Stencil again, how to use it with a Gelli Plate, but with inks, how to make it look funky but elegant, and then it occurred to me! Don’t just lie here! Get up and do it!!

Decided to use the new Mega Mount, to help me use the 
Gelli Plate more like a stamp. Wait and see...

Also decided to use the other lady today, 
the feminine Alien - err I mean, 
the one with the big head - err I mean Hat!!

So lay the Gelli Plate on the special Acrylic Megamount,
add some Denim Adirondack,
and spread evenly through the girlie with a Speedball Brayer

Remove the stencil, lift the Megamount and Gelli Plate, turn it
and decide where you want to place the girl on 
our 7"x 7" Gelli Card.
Lower it down and press. The Gelli Plate will stick to the card.
Flip it over, rub the back of the card and pull a print.

You can always do a ghost print on a second card.
I did a shadow on the girl with the ghost print, 
but wished I hadn’t...

Now do the same thing, but with a second colour. I used Butterscotch, but left some Denim on the brayer and stencil, so girl number 2 was a lovely green.

This is where the Acrylic Clarity Megamount 
REALLY comes into its own. 

When you can position multiple images 
precisely where you want them.

In fact, I added a third girlfriend to the mix in Mushroom.

Remember I said about the second prints? the ghost prints?
Fabulous background.
But I do have to keep adjust my eyes to see the hat 
and not the huge E.T. head!

Moving on, I outlined the images with a black micron pen at this point, but with hindsight, it might be better to do that AFTER the shading, so that you can catch any overlaps with the pen.

Use the positive and negative stencils now, to add shade with a make-up sponge to the ladies. Move the stencils around, 
up to the lines as you work your way around.

Blue on blue, yellow on green etc.

The ghost on the blue one was getting on my pip.
Something had to be done.
Aha Moment. 
Let’s go French and funky...
I did have to accept that if this went wrong, I was starting again...
So I went back round the images loosely with the black pen, 
like a sketch.

Happy with that.
Thought I’d better ground the ladies, 
so I grabbed the brayer and the Denim, 
and in good old Barbie Style, added some footings:

and some sky:

Slowly coming together...

Time for the backdrop.
I went with a path and a few trees....
Watch the build-up. I know I often hear people say
“I never know where to start.”
Well, on a piece of scrap is good! 
Test what it looks like somewhere else first!
I’m sure Michelangelo didn’t just climb up the ladder and start splashing paint all over the Sistine Chapel either!

Ladies next. Just to dispel the Jug head syndrome!

Added a ittle colour to the trees and sketch lines 
with a yellow and green Promarker,
even added my own squiggle!

All done.
I have got to laugh at the squiggles. 
Look at the blue one below:
If you train your eye, you can see she is facing towards the trees,
and is about to start biting her finger nails!
But actually, she is looking at the green one, and what was her mouth before is really an ear-ring!

When you consider that all we used was a stencil, 
that’s cool.

Have a great Sunday.
Roast Lamb here with the family today.
I had best go buy a leg!

much love,

Saturday, 28 June 2014

A NEW FEMININE STENCIL! Only 12 hours old!

Good Morning!
Sorry I’m running so late!
And I have scrambled to get this blog done before it’s time to dash to my parents with Grace for the family afternoon.
So what I propose is that I just show you what happens when you rush, and then come back later and tell you all about yesterday. 
It was amazeballs! 
I saw a side of London which blew me away.
But let‘s just sort out this Saturday’s Blog first!

It occurred to me in Harrods, 
whilst eating chocolate coated strawberries for breakfast,
(why not? How often do we or can we?)
when I saw these fantastic mannequins, that we needed a set of feminine stencils. So I was on the phone to Jim, explaining to him what we needed. In fact, I even got Grace to throw a pose or two, which I then emailed to him from my Iphone. 
The power of technology!

Grace was a little bashful about throwing her arms around in the middle of London, “Mum. Really?”

But we got there!

Well I was amazed when we got the the V&A, the new exhibits were all about Fashion and Beauty and Weddings and Italian Designers! So you can image, my internal camera was clicking like crazy!

Anyway, here’s how it works. 
By the time I got home at midnight (will tell you all about it later)
there was a fabulous stencil waiting for me from Jim.

Check this out! Very excited.

So I set about first thing making a very simple arty piece for you. Hope you like it. 

Had a couple of acrylic Gelli Plate messes from a previous project, which were perfect for the background.

Picked one.

Found an old book, tore out a leaf,

drew round the inside of the stencil,

and cut her out.

Added what I could find in the cupboard which would stick her to acrylic on the back (I had ModPodge, but any PVA glue will do)

attached her to the abstract acrylic finger painting !

Dark Charcoal pencil required next.

Outline the paper doll, both on the actual printed paper
 and around her, on the acrylic paint.

Blend the charcoal around her with your finger.

Place the stencil over her and use a make-up sponge, 
torn paper and Slate Adirondack 
to add shade to certain logical lines.

See how we can add depth?

Add a couple of Journaling elements from the Journaling set with the Slate Adirondack.

Then add too much and use Black which looks way too heavy, then use a word you wouldn’t normally use in public, 
beat yourself up for rushing,
then carefully tear all the rubbish off, making sure the fibres are facing to the front...

Load a stencil brush with the Slate Adirondack and LIGHTLY start dusting the torn edges,

to bring out the layers of fibres.

Mount on Black.
Then promise yourself that, that you 
will not overcook it next time !

Anyway, I really have to go drag Grace out of the sack and get her over to her Grandparents. 
These youngsters do like a lie in , don’t they!

I will tell you all about London later. xxx


Friday, 27 June 2014

NEWSFLASH. I have landed a new Job!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.
I am always amazed how many of you take the time out of your days daily, to visit me here in Blogland! 
It certainly keeps me on my toes !

So Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
Well, you know you think all I do is work? 
Let me set the record straight, 
and invite you into our home yesterday.
You probably know that my 
darling daughter Grace is home from New York at the moment, 
that she is an aspiring actress, 
that she hangs out on rollercoasters with Kevin Bacon, 
and is following her red-carpet dream.

Well this week, her agents sent her the script she has been dreaming about for 2 years, and told her she needed to submit a tape within 48 hours. 
BOOM. Learn the lines and film them. 
Look beautiful and go for it!

So the house got turned upside down!
All the YouTube Tuesday cameras and mics, 
lights and filming equipment migrated to our living room 
(thank God we have the gear!)

Jim on cameras
Dave on script
 and I was the Producer, Director, Hair and Make-up Artist, 
and Tea-maker (multi and tasking are my middle names).

She had to submit the script with an American accent 
and then with an English accent. 
So we put her hair up and poshed her up as a Brit, 

and let her be her usual curly-hair self to be American. 

It was such fun!
Dave really got into it. 

Jim sure knows what he is doing too, 
which is a Godsend.

So this is it, behind the scenes.

Checking to make sure it was what she wanted...

It blew me away how professional she was. Like a real actress.
Quite amazing actually.

Claritystamps certainly took a backseat yesterday!
it was CBS all the way!

And do you know what?
Even if Grace doesn’t get the part;
even if they are mad enough to miss her,
we had a blast.

This was how she dealt with the camera being set too low....
but Dave couldn’t stop laughing, so we had to change the angle!

Just look at the state of the living room!

 Silly sausage!

Right. That’s it.
All done. Cup of tea needed.
How many men does it take to plug a TV in to review??

And that really is it. 
Once the tape has been edited and submitted, 
it’s well and truly out of our hands.

Grace will get to where she wants to be.
She has that rare stickability, that upbeat, tenacious, audacious attitude, which will not be beaten. 

Every now and then she comes home for some TLC and a chat.
New York is a big change from an old farm in Cowden or Crowborough!

So let’s just wave to the tape and blow it a kiss, as it makes its way to the desk of an Emperor in the film industry.

Whether it’s a thumbs up, or a thumbs down on this job - 
somebody will spot her. How can you miss her?!

Especially with me as her Manager!

lots of love,