Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bloomin' crooked on Crazy paving!

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Thursday’s blog is something blue, so I thought I would combine a couple of sets of colouring pencils which sport this colour,

 with a look at one of the stamp sets being showcased
this coming Sunday on Create & Craft at 9am.
It’s pretty spectacular. 

Let’s break it down.
Stamp the funky flowers in Black Archival 
Run a length of low-tack masking tape along the base, so that the stems all sit on it.

The tall stem on the single is bendable,

So let’s!
This reminds me of how I am walking at the moment!


Remove the masking tape.
Run a length along the base with a black Sharpie pen.

Then colour it in!

Try to add light and shade.

Add a second line with a Sharpie pen and a ruler.

Add some crazy paving, freehand. 
Don’t step on the cracks!

Just different angles will do. 
See how the Sharpie Pen is the same width as the 
line art of the stamp?

Colour in, too. The Marine Set has a healthy selection of blues and turquoises, but I did dip into the Primaries, too.


Add a sentiment from the Word Chain No. 5

Remember to feed the cat.
Remember to hold the bannister when coming down the stairs.
Remember to stop on red.
The list is endless.

Come on. 3 things YOU need to remember today!
Do share!

much love,

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cut n Dry Dandelions

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Wednesday’s blog is something new, 
so rather than bombard you with more new stencils and stamps, 
I thought I would revisit an old but beautiful stamp, and apply a new combination of colours, and a rather new application to it.

The Dandelion Fairy is very, very lovely...

So here’s a delicate application, which I think sits well with her.
Cut a piece of Cut n Dry felt to fit the stamp.

Stamp the image onto the lint side in Black Archival.

Drip the following 3 distress Reinker colours onto a Ziploc bag:

(in case you aren’t aware, these inks come in little bottles, like this)

Paint the image on the lint with a paintbrush, using the drops of coloured inks on the bag.
You can get very specific about where you want the colour to be.

The inks will spread - that’s fine.

You have made a bespoke inkpad for your Dandelion Fairy.
Ink up the stamp. This will be EASY, 
because you can see through the stamp exactly!

Now stamp away.

See how the image looks painted?

The Bespoke pad will last for ages.
In fact, if you store it in the ziploc bag, it will go on for months!

I added a little matching fern, too.

So I want to create the illusion that they are tumbling...

 Time to get out the matching inkpads: 
Bundled Sage to go round the edges with a Clarity Brush


Mount on a soft, matching colour card,

In case you are wondering which cardstock I used, 
to get such a sharp crisp image, it is Theuva Card.

Then pop the bespoke ink pad in your Ziploc bag, together with the card which tells you which colour inks you used, just in case you wanted to rejuvenate and add ink.

At last we can colour in the actual stamp. Bingo.

I had to laugh when Maria showed me this trick in France. I was blown away by it. “Wow, Maria!” I said, “That’s brilliant! How it you come up with that?!” Maria shrugged her shoulders, and replied, “It’s written on the back of the Cut n Dry packet!”
Which just goes to show: we should read the back of the packet!
Thanks Maria!

So let’s put together a little offer:
If you buy the Dandelion Fairy, we will send you the additional large matching leaf (rrp £7.25) as a Gift.
Click HERE

much love,

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

YouTube Tuesday. Alcohol Ink Landscape.

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Here is a technique which folks really enjoyed at a retreat last week. We are going to do this together at another workshop next week too, so if you are joining me then, you have choices: 
  1. watch now, so you have an idea where we’re headed.
  2. don’t watch now, and keep it a surprise.
  3. watch now and practice all week.
  4. watch now with the sound turned down
  5. watch now with your eyes closed.
Life is full of choices!

Items Used:
Craftwell eBosser die cutting & embossing machine

much love,

Monday, 28 July 2014

To see the World in a grain of sand....

Good Morning Monday!
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Running a little late again, 
but Romeo the cat just wouldn’t stand still for the pose!
Actually, the truth of the matter is that I fell down the stairs yesterday morning, and all I can say is, it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t graceful! I was more concerned about the cold tea I sprayed all over the walls as I lay there! No, I didn’t regurgitate it! There was some left in the cups I was carrying!

Anyway, so I lost a day, and today I am moving rather slowly. 
Nothing terminal, but boy oh boy, we don’t bounce back like we did when we were younger, do we!

Thank heaven for shaving foam!
Here’s one of my all time favourite kits, simply stamped onto a swirly shaving foam background.

I have a stash!

but which one to choose...

This one! The one with lots of white card still showing.

Birdhouse in Black Archival ink. 
You need a permanent ink pad to stamp on shaving foam art.

A beautiful verse by William Blake.
Love this one.

Aha ! Romeo! Our black cat really is called Romeo. 
He is lovely. Old, very old. Born 1997.
Will still see off any cat OR dog 
that dares to stray into his domain!

Add a few little birdies...

and an edge round the ledge 
with a ruler and a black Sharpie pen.

Now let’s get arty. 
I have used a micron pen to add a few lines to the background. 
The shaving foam swirls help; follow them too.

Give them 5 minutes to dry, then go in and colour the areas in, in the same tones as the background.

are beautiful on top of the shaving foam background. 

Just adds a base, so that the birdhouse isn’t in mid-air. 
Like I was yesterday morning!

Soft addition to a very lovely backdrop.

And the pink splash in the sky is just delightful. 

So there we are.
When you add the funky flower beds, or paths, or hills, or whatever you would like them to be, 
the whole abstract background takes form.
Quite trippy really!

Now let’s see.
How about a little deal on the stamps I used...
If you buy the Birdhouse Kit, 

we will send you the Blake verse (rrp £9.25) as a gift.

 If you haven’t got some reinkers yet, 
all I can tell you is they are pretty versatile. 
You can buy them individually, at £3.35 each, or save quite a bit if you invest in the whole Kit (£150). And don’t forget, Clarity Members always get 10% discount too.

Have a great day!

much love,