Tuesday, 30 September 2014

YouTube Tuesday - I need a shave!

Hello there!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
I am always flattered to think that you would take time to visit my blog; it’s appreciated.

Now here’s a really neat trick with shaving foam which I picked up from arty friends, and then added my own spin - as you do.

I used a great stencil:


lots of love,

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Grateful Poppy..

Hello there!
Thank you for stopping by.
It’s Monday, and oh boy!
Have I got my work cut out for me this week!

The only way, and I mean the ONLY way, 
to work through this lot is 
one day at a time.
In fact, all I have to do today is get through today, 
do as much as I can, as well as I can.
Then tomorrow, I’ll carry on.
So first things first: BLOG.

Monday’s Blog is Trees & Flowers. 
Perfect for our Poppy Stencil then!

 Right into this water-colour paper right now. It just gives such a soft effect when you use it with the Adirondacks and Distress Pads.
Cut it to the size of the stencil.
Don’t throw the offcuts away thought! Fabulous for Bookmarks!
Trimmer good, too. orange or black; both much of a muchness.

Using your stencil brushes, start filling the piece with various poppy, autumnal shades.
I used Wild Honey

Fired Brick

and Lettuce.

Lovely colours. we planted a Virginia Creeper in the springtime, to grow up our fence. It’s is looking a little weak, but the colours are amazing! Next year, I bet it will explode!

Next let drag some Grunge Paste through the stencil on white Gelli card, let it dry and cut it into panels.

Very cool.

Wash off the stencil, place it back over the poppy piece.

Let’s add some colour. 
I sponged Squeezed Lemonade through the stencil first, 
as an undercoat.

Way too perfect. So I sanded it down a little.

Clean off the dust with a make-up brush,
laid the stencil back down and added Fired Brick, leaving a little yellow peeping through.

See how it gets mottle if you sand in between colours?

Sand again.

Add to the vibrant backdrop.
Add a  punchy Word Chain sentiment.

So why have I used the word Celebrate?
It’s a great word!

And one thing is certain:
whenever I remember to be grateful, I have a better day.

Have a good one!!!!

much love,

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Little windows...

Good morning Sunday!
Glorious sunshine outside my window here; 
the trees are just starting to change colour.

Thought I’d use a stencil and make another little window....

Decided to use some water-colour paper. This makes the end result really soft when you work with dye-based inks. 

And the Abstract Stencil; loads of windows!
So I have cut the water-colour paper to 7"x7" to fit the stencil, 
and taped it to a piece of copy paper.

I know, Christmas seems miles away, but if you are going to make your own cards this year, you may want to start thinking about it! 
We’ve put a Xmas Stamp sale on the website until Wednesday, which may help you get fired up!

Here, I’ve used the little window miniatures.

Decide which window is going to be your centre-stage 
and mask it off with Post-its.

Tear a piece of copy paper ,
and add some night sky with a make-up sponge.

like so...

Use Tumbled Glass - a lighter blue - 
with a stencil brush, to define the rest of the windows.
Just brush back and forth across the stencil, concentrating on the outer edges.

I like to look at where I am headed, 
so I lift the stencil complete with tape to peek...

In fact, when it comes to stamping, I think it’s best to remove the stencil and just work with Post-its.
Dab the little tree in the Denim then in the Latte before you stamp.
Beautiful blend of colour. Gives you a super greeny blue.

Have another peep...
nice. Less is more, but I think we need a little bit more here!
Cover up the piccy with a Post-It and brush Latte through the centre. Beautiful warm colour on the water-colour paper.

Now set to work with Post-Its, masking off windows and stamping the little snowflake from the set through the apertures. First and second generation Denim ink).
You can see through the Post-its if you want to add the illusion of splitting an image between two windows; just remember to factor in the stencil bars or lines! 

Add Happy Christmas from the International Greeting set.

Dust around all 4 sides with the latte on the stencil brush.

You will find that the water-colour paper yields a very soft, almost velvety result. Stamping on Water-colour with dye-based ink (water-soluble) is ideal.

See how you can make it look like the snowflakes are falling down behind the apertures? Or you can bring them to the front!

I think we need a little snow...
white fineline pen at the ready!

Blimey! If that snowflake there lands on you, 
it will knock you out!!!
Let’s call that one the moon!

Mount on a complimentary background. 
I opted for sparkle.

So there we are. This abstract stencil really is very versatile!
If I had more time, I could make a whole collection of these 50’s retro looking Christmas cards, and create a different centre-stage scene each time, with different miniatures from the little window set. Just a thought....

much love,

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A bird's eye view of Rye...

Here we are in the beautiful historic town of Rye,

Enjoying lunch at the Mermaid Inn,
A real favourite among smugglers and Japanese tourists over the years.

It's Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary, 

So Dave and I have come away with them,

To celebrate.

Mum is looking fabulous,

And the Mermaid is steeped in history and art.

Our room is upstairs here; Mum and Dad are in a four-poster fit for the Queen.

Time for an afternoon walk. Mum shoots off and Dad brings up the rear...

Cobbles. Lovely in the right shoes!

Check out the slope on this chimney!

Very perfect.

Dave is herding us up the hill!

To Ypres castle, prison, museum.

Head em off at the pass!

Simple Simon...

Glorious sunshine,

And my best friends in the world.

Life is good in Rye today x

Much love,