Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Living on the Edge on New Year’s Eve...

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on the last day of the year.
It being Wednesday (Wednesday’s Blog is something new),
and it being NEW YEAR’S EVE,
I thought I would tackle something new,
 which I hope will grow in 2015.
I just want to really get arty, 
let my hair down a bit and get more adventurous!
Are you up for it?
Let’s tackle a tiny little canvas board and see where it takes us, shall we? 

This, my friends, is a 4" x 4" canvas board.

Use a blending tool to smear a little Fern Green around the edges.

Use a Clarity brush to smooth out the ink and blend around the top.

This is where we throw caution to the wind, say to ourselves,
“What’s the worst that can happen?”
and drag the side of the ink pad along the canvas.
Oh yes. Now I can see land...

In fact, that was so much fun, I think I’ll try it again!
Trees and a fence coming up! 
I appropriately used the Archival ink pad Potting Soil for this part.

Foliage with the flat of the green ink pad.
Just drag it in from the edge 
where you fancy some leaves and hedges.

Can you see what I see yet?
Very dark round that bottom edge Miss Gray!

And here comes the magical thing about canvas; 
if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can wipe it away!
A little alcohol blending solution on a paper towel 

will lift the Archival ink perfectly.

Moonshadow time.
You need next to no ink.
Just start on the moon mask and sweep outwards.

It’s time for a hill, don’t you think?
Tear a sheet of copy paper 
and brush a blend of green and brown into the distance.

I think it needs a little more balance, a little more tree top left...
the side of the ink pad is brilliant for branches!

There we are. The scene is all set for Sunday’s TV show now!
I have a particular little Wee Folk girlie I’d like to add into the frame. The Wee Folk are a super collection of miniature people stamps just perfect for finishing off landscapes like this one.

Mount the 4" x 4" on a 6" x 6" canvas board 
with a sheet of double-sided adhesive,
to transform your canvas board into a mini work of art.

But you’ll have to tune in to Create & Craft on 
Sunday morning 9-11am, 
to see what I have in my mind...

This was so simple, 
I surprised myself just using the edge of an ink pad!

So what can I say about Canvases, 
except they’re brilliant and

But now I must dash (said the Mexican);
I’m making Fajitas tonight!
We’re staying in.
Log fire, candles and a little quiet time before 
the New year commences.

I wish you a happy healthy 2015.
May it be filled with good things, and joy.

One more thing:
Thank you for supporting and backing Clarity and me -
where would we be without you?

lots of love and best wishes,

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

YouTube Tuesday - Paint The Town

Hi there!
Thanks for stopping by.
In the lead up to the New Year, thought we could paint the town
You pick!

Here’s my way of having a good night -
Grunge Paste and a great Clarity Stencil!

Now I know this video took nearly half an hour, but remember: 
this is in real time. I literally started with a blank canvas....

So actually, it is a very quick process with incredible potential.

Items used:

much love,

Monday, 29 December 2014

My favourite Christmas present this year...

Hello there.

Thanks for stopping by!
Busy Monday morning, 
but I wanted to share something rather splendid with you, 
which a dear friend gave to me this Christmas.
Just as we were saying before the event, 
although it’s always generous of anybody 
to give anybody else anything, 
it’s those rare handmade gifts which are so appreciated. 
Just the fact that somebody likes you enough to invest 
that amount of time and energy in a gift for you 
is a gift in itself! 
So imagine my dismay when Dee presented me with this:

How beautiful is this book?!
Actually, I cried when I opened it.
Just sat and wept, 
with all those hours of effort and friendship in my lap.

“Hope you like it,” said Dee.
But I couldn’t speak.

The inside covers of the book were full of Clarity too,

“I just had to add your favourite boy somewhere” she chuckled.

And well, when I turned to the back page, 
my mouth opened in disbelief.

All our stencils, and a little lace.

 I am sure Dee won’t mind my sharing this gift with you. 
Not only is it the kind of work I aspire to and want to achieve,
but to think that a friend made it just for me.

Blew me away.
We knew Dee was clever, didn’t we. 
But did we know just how talented?

So there we are.
Not only very talented, but also very kind and very thoughtful.

much love,

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Leftovers Sunday!

Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by on this sunny Sunday.

Woke up this morning and was pondering today’s blog.
The first thing which came to mind was 
(probably because we’re going to be eating leftovers 
for at least a week!)

So I came up to my little room, and unearthed a bunch of LEFTOVERS from Gelli Plate demos I did at various exhibitions this year, using the Leafy Swirl Stencil
Oh boy! Have I done a lot of demos at shows!!
They are all 6" x 6" prints on copy paper.
actually made them all when cleaning the Gelli Plate each time 
in between demos !

So I picked a good one and got out some new 
6" x 6" canvas boards too, which we now sell.
I shall be showcasing these on TV next Sunday, 4th January.
They are excellent quality, double-primed already,
so good to go.

I decided to use the copy paper print as a background 
for my canvas art.

So using a Clarity Brush, I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to both the copy paper and the canvas board.

Then I laid the paper down on the board.
How to get the right position? 
Fingers top left and bottom right.
Flatten it with a brayer to get rid of any air bubbles.

The copy paper is easy to tear because it is wet with the glue. 
So I use a finger nail and a craft knife where I needed it to separate the art on the board.

To close the paper round the edges, I lifted the art off the canvas a little, added a little more Mod Podge to the board, and then brushed the copy paper into place around the board edge with the glue brush.
When I was happy with the edges rolled over the whole piece with the brayer and then brushed a thin layer of Mod Podge over the surface.
THIS IS KEY. It seals the paper, almost varnishes it. 
This stuff doesn’t take long to dry at all.
It’s great! We’ll have it in stock next week.

Lay the clean stencil over the board in the correct place,

deposit a little Grunge Paste here and there,

spread it out in patches, like so:

Remove the stencil and wash it in warm soapy water 
sooner than later.

Redefine the lines of the inner frame on the background piece,
and let the paste set hard. You can gently help the drying process with a heat gun if you are impatient...

Vital ingredient here: 

Load the brush and lightly start sweeping the colour in 
from the sides.
It will catch the paste.

Take a second brush and add a tiny amount of Quinacridone Magenta over the Gold in the same way.

Now you can see how it is staining the Grunge Paste.

The third colour, Phthalo Blue is what blows me away.
Load a third brush (don’t worry! This paint washes out easily) 
with a small amount of Phthalo Blue
and brush in from the edges again.

When the blue hits the gold, you get the most fantastic blends of green and turquoise. Brilliant!

And because we sealed the background with Mod Podge, 
which is a water-based sealer glue finish, 
you can wipe the paint off it if you like!

So a baby wipe will get rid of paint anywhere you want 
to remove it...

Take too much away? Add some more paint again.

The paint gets trapped in the grooves, and stains the Grunge paste. But you can take the paste right back to white if you want to with a baby wipe.

A fine sand paper will smooth out any rough burrs or edges you don’t want.

 It’s no good. I’m rubbish at keeping good things a secret!
I have to show you a preview of a new line of little stamps we are launching next Sunday on TV.
They are called Wee Folk, because that’s what they are. 
They come as a people chain like the Word Chains.
Absolutely fabulous for landscapes.

The couple on a bench will work brilliantly here ...
Black Archival ink.

Add a little shade underfoot and under bench 
with a make-up sponge!
Blot them well, so that they blend in.

That’ll do.
Time to frame.
Add a sheet of double-sided adhesive on the back.
Pack of 10 perfect for this job.

Attach to the canvas board one size larger, the 8" x 8",

 Display on one of our magic little acrylic stands.
Box of 10. Come flat-packed. 
Perfect for displaying art

Yep. Happy with that.

 Don’t forget to sign your work!
Art Requires Signature Everytime

Time for a walk with Dave over the Ashdown Forest..
There’s a bench just like this where we sit at the top of the hill.

But it’s the leftover scrap in the background which sets the scene, you see...

much love,