Saturday, 28 February 2015

Date with a Younger Man...

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Paul Church came round for coffee and croissants this morning.
Dropped off some fabulous artwork for the TV tomorrow.
He is such a good friend.
Knits hats too!

We had a chat about the new Spectrum Aqua Pens, because he used them in a couple of fairy pics, 
and I commented on how lovely his backgrounds were.
So then we had a play, so to speak,
and combined what he had worked out with what I had worked out, and the result was super! Thanks Paul !

Saturday’s blog a new technique.
Now this may be old hat to you, but for me and my set of new Aqua Pens, this was a breakthrough!

Quick, easy and arty.
And no! I’m not talking about Paul!
Here’s a quick, easy and arty technique you may enjoy.

I had to make a special card today anyway, so here goes...

This is the one we sell. Good quality, good price.

Cut a panel, spritz with water,

Spread the water over the card with a big brush.

Scribble a selection of colours into the wet paper.
If the pens get watery, 
run them on a piece of copy paper and carry on!
The colour comes straight back.

Get in close and spritz well with water.

The colour will bleed beautifully.
Use kitchen roll to mop up any puddling.

Speed dry with a heat gun, or leave to air dry.
I have to get a wriggle on, 
because I have an important date
with a hunk of a man!

These are the colours I used...

Time to make the card.
Thought and composition can’t be rushed.

Got it.
Starting at the base,
stamp the little boy from the Wee Folk 2 Set into place.
They’re on the TV tomorrow.
Black Archival ink is best.

Word Chains speak volumes.

Work upwards.
This little lad is great, 
because you can make it look as though he is placing the letters.
I love that. He is in control.

Space out the words as you go up.

He may be mine,
but he’s not mine to keep.

That said, wherever he goes,
he’ll always be my boy, won’t he.

That’s one thing which is indisputable. 
Needs a little grounding.
Needs to get his feet planted.

So he’s off to live in California, where the sun shines.
Lucky lad leaves Thursday.

But now I have an important date.
Time to go watch him play his last rugby game 
for Crowborough this year.

Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

See you tomorrow maybe!

much love,

Friday, 27 February 2015


Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in.

I think DROP is the word of the day.

The kettle’s on because I need a DROP of Rosie Lee.
The sun’s pouring through the window here -
and life is good.

Friday’s blog a private peek.
Well, what can I tell you except that I DROPPED my Ipad on my toe this morning, stumbling around in the dark, 
trying not to wake anybody. 
Ouch! Hurties!
I didn’t break my Ipad. 
But I think I broke my toe!
Ipad Air my eye! 
Ipad Breeze as in Breeze block!

Not going to take a picture of it. 
Photos of peoples’ wounded body parts is not really that pleasant, is it? 
I was lying in bed, wide awake at 3 in the morning 
with Wurka on the left, and Hollick on the right,
freaking out about the length of my 
Got-to-be done-by-Monday list.

Finally I decided that the only way to deal with it 
was to deal with it.
So I quietly gathered up my clothes in the dark and crept into the bathroom. Forgot I had the Ipad clutched under my arm. 
(Had taken it to bed to read the hilarious limericks).
Remembered it very quickly when it landed on my foot though.
Ah well.
Ipad’s fine, and my foot will heal...

But the good news is I have done all my prep for the TV and it’s not even lunchtime! Love ticking those boxes...

Time to DROP a meal into my brother.
He is ill again, poor Steve. Pesky kidney stones again. 

Let me show you something I did this week, 
whilst getting ready for the show.

It’s supposed to look like a Meadow of wild flowers.
I thought the fairies would look lovely fluttering around.
It’s not finished yet; 
I still want to add detail to some flower heads, but I do like it.
Check out the bluebells. Can you see them?

You can if you step away and squint...
Squint long enough and you may even see the fairies!

I DROPPED paint directly onto the paper with the tip of the brush to make the larger flowers.
DROPPING the paint into place like that 
gives you so much more control!

I put on my Clarity Apron (thank goodness!)
dug out some paint - 
Water colour paints and Paperartsy Chalk paint.
Used a Megamount as a paint palette because I couldn’t find the lovely porcelain one that makes me feel like a REAL artist!

Then I proceeded to flick loads of different colour blends 
at a sheet of water colour paper.
I tried using my electric toothbrush, and it worked fine - on the apron, on my face - in fact everywhere! 
A little even landed on the water colour paper!
So trying this technique on live TV was, I decided, not an option.
Hahaha! See the toothbrush handle in the pic?
Dave thought I had finally lost the plot.

I’ll give it to Jim. He can use it for a  Banner backDROP!

There we are.
A glimpse into the mad mind of an overwhelmed, 
middle-aged chick.
I shall see you on the telly on Sunday, Create & Craft 9-11am 
You can’t miss me - I’m the one with yellow teeth.
Cadmium yellow !

much love,

Thank you so very very much everyone,
for the gift of limerick laughter.

We were rolling around in bed.
I kept reading them out to Dave.
It was the ones which didn’t rhyme at all that cracked me up most!

We tried to pick a winner, but it was impossible.
The strimmer one, the lawn mower one, the dairy one - 
the list goes on and on!

So I hope you will agree with me that a random pick is fair.
Let me close my eyes and scroll with the cursor....
Ha! Twas meant to be:
Ironically, the random pick is BridgetCG - The Strimmer Fairy!
Let me go copy paste it for you...

There once was a fairy called Mary
Who's legs were frightfully hairy
So she got out the strimmer
And in just a glimmer
Her legs were once more light and airy.

£20 Gift Voucher on its way to you Bridget, 
as soon as you tell me where to post it!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Playing the safe card...

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in!
Have you looked at all the limericks 
about Mary the hairy fairy on yesterday’s blog ???

But I am so backed up (with work, she added quickly),
that I haven’t got time to read them all and enjoy them all until bedtime.
So Dave and I have made a date to have a limerick reading session and a blimming good giggle before we go to sleep. 
“Has it come to this?”
I think I heard Dave murmur as I left him in the kitchen....

Anyway, scrambling here, to prep for the TV on Sunday.
The problem is that my creative mojo has up and left me this week. Just done a runner.
Everything I have tried has been next door to wubbish, 
and those pesky little gits Wurka and Hollick 
have been having a fine old time in my head, 
smirking and tapping on my cranium, 
telling me I’m wubbish too.

And the louder they got, the wubbisher my work was!
Until finally, today, I had had enough.
It was time to either give up 
and go back to whatever it was I did before Clarity.
Or turn it round!

Quite by chance, 
whilst hunting for a bone folder in this chaos 
that I have created with my own fair hands,
I came across a couple of old projects I did on TV 
when I first started with Create & Craft. 
Must be 6 or 7 years ago now!

Oh boy! 
Do I remember the anguish and the fear of going on telly to do these little projects!
So today when I found them, I realised how far my own creative abilities have actually been stretched during those years.
I mean, the hands still get clammy and my nose starts dripping like a tap as soon as we go live,
but at least I don’t lie awake all night panicking, 
and tremble like a leaf. What a way to earn a crust!

Want to have a look?

They aren’t bad. I mean, I think they are ok.
In fact I really ought to get the brayer out again,
because that was quite a neat trick with the moonbeam.

Remember the reflection trick with the brayer?
And the screwed up paper for water?
Cor those were the days, eh.

The thing is, and this is how I turned it round in my head earlier,
I haven’t forgotten how to do those things;
I am just trying new things now, and sometimes those new things take some practise, just like these things did. 
If I wanted to play the safe and easy card, 
(forgive the pun)
I’d just get out my brayer and roll a landscape into place.

I remember reading back then on one of those toxic forums,
 that my work was boring and very samey. Maybe it was.

The last criticism I read was that my cards were too flat.
I didn’t even take that one seriously. 
A card that’s too flat? FFS.

Enough woffle.
Time to try again.
But if you see me get a brayer out on Sunday and do a moonbeam,
you know it didn’t go well!

much love,

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

There once was a fairy called Mary...

Hi there.
Thanks for dropping in.
Where did the day go?

One minute I was engrossed in prep for the TV on Sunday,
the next it was pitch black outside.

So before I call it a day,
here’s a little card I made to showcase 
some new and rather special little stamps 
which are coming up on the Sunday Show:

Our new 
Wee Folk Fairies, Elves & Whimsy.

When the first Wee Folk landed, 

there was much excitement,
and thousands of them went to happy homes all over the country.

Then our friends and fairies in Never never land 
said they would like to play too, get arty, help.

So on Sunday, they are joining me on the telly bright and early for their first airing. 

I managed to talk a few of them into popping on here tonight, 
to say hi.
They’re quite shy, 
so don’t make any sudden movements...

Let’s take a look at the background...

The circles were made with the moon masks,
stencils brushes and various ink pads:
Spun Sugar
Tattered Rose
Tumbled Glass
Shabby Shutter

Just move the moons around the Gelli Card, 
brushing colour through the holes,

 until the card is full of colourful circles.

Cut a panel.

The Rooftops mask reminds me so much of Peter Pan!
So let’s get it out...
Colourful bunting. 
Wild Plum Adirondack certainly packs a punch!

Two rows if you please.

Rooftops required. 
Black Soot Distress or Pitch Black Adirondack 
with a make-up sponge.

Outline the bunting with a fineline Micron Pen.

Add a little fairy dust with a clear Sakura Gel Pen...

London smog round the edges, 
and now the scene is set for our new visitors.

Here’s one!
She is so pretty!

Aha! And here are the boys!
We decided to invited the boys to the party, too.
Well actually, the girls insisted.
Said they were fed up dancing round their handbags.

Amazing little sets - 
you’ll see the tiny bluebells and toadstools on Sunday too.

Amazing here is from Word Chain No. 9

Time to lighten up!
Add a light layer of Moonlight white Brilliance to the whole piece, by lightly tapping the ink pad all over the card.
Go easy though ; don’t want to startle the wee fairies...

Yes, they look like they’re having fun now!

It’s a busy piece,
but they say your artwork reflects your mood, don’t they!

Oh no!
I can feel a limerick coming on...

There once was a fairy called Mary,
whose legs were frightfully hairy!

over to you !
Let’s have some fun.
Finish the limerick below
and then tomorrow we will pick a winner
and send that poet a £20 gift voucher.

hahaha - I can’t wait to read these...

much love,