Tuesday, 30 June 2015

YouTube Tuesday - It’s a Word Chain Sale!

Hi there!
Welcome to Youtube Tuesday!

I’m afraid that the time didn’t stretch to a video this week.

So instead, I thought I’d air a previous one and have 
A Super Sale!

This little VT shows off our Word Chains, 
our funky, fabulous strips of eclectic word stamps,
which are so popular with card-makers, mixed media artists and scrapbookers alike.
Check out the framing technique here, 
then scroll down for a super deal.

Monday, 29 June 2015

A Gelli Plate trick. Step by Step.

Hello there!
Happy Monday, back to work.
And Monday’s blog is Flowers and Trees.
So after a tedious day at the office, 
grinding away at proposals, write-ups and other such delights,
it was so nice to come home and switch off.
The little Gelli Plate was wimpering in the drawer again, 
feeling neglected and getting all resentful towards the sexy Groovi Plates, which are getting ready to go on TV this weekend.

So I got him out and played with him for an hour, and now he’s as happy as a clam again.

Here’s what we did...

Brayer a small amount of Black Acrylic Paint 
over the 6" x 6" Gelli Plate, (£3 off until July 1st)
which is positioned on the matching Mega Mount.
(1/2 price for one more day)

Lay the stencil on the wet paint,

and blot well, using copy paper.

Remove the stencil, and blot again.

The paint underneath the stencil stays wet, you see.

Lay a sheet of A6 Double-sided adhesive 
on the dry image on the Gelli Plate.
Like so:

Peel and reveal!

Of course, this side is still very sticky, 
so sprinkle with talcum powder 

brush and cover with a big brush.
You will be amazed at the feel. It is like silk.
Smells nice too!

Go rummage around in your stash of background papers 
and find something suitable.
I had a cool Shaving Foam piece which would work well.

To avoid getting bubbles, 
let’s remove the top part of the wax paper,
attach just that part, and then slowly peel back the wax paper, smoothing as you go. 

Love it when it works!

See what an excellent waxy looking coat the adhesive takes on when covered with talc?

Line the outside of the adhesive sheet with a Sharpie Pen and ruler.

Trim and mount to suit.

Happy with that.

It has a really deluxe feel to it.

Mount on white for freshness.


So now I will stop for the day.
Ought to tidy this room up really, but it can wait.
14 hours is ample.
Did I tick a load of boxes? 
Yes. But most of them weren’t mine!

much love,

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Groovi Meadowgrass Border

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Back in Blighty, and coming back down to earth 
after a week in heaven.

Thought I would get in the groove
with a simple Border card.

So here is a step-by-step for you,

the very important Border Plates

Easy, relaxing and very, very pretty.

Let’s get going....

Establish the border first, using the double-line on the borderplate.

Top and Bottom.

Add dots to the lower border line 
with the dots on the other border plate.

Pretty basic really.

 Let’s take an aerial view.
Two double rows, the lower one has dots below it.
Now attach the border you have made to the meadowgrasses plate, 
all ready to add the grasses.

Get in the groove with the small embossing tools 
and emboss the line art.
Stay within the double-line border.

Now it looks like this:

Piece of cake.
But so relaxing.
I can concentrate on the point of the embossing tool 
and completely lose myself in the process.
Or I can let my mind wander back to France, 
and the fun we had.

I want to make a wrap-over.
So a little further up, 
I have scored a single line from the Border Plate.
(Told you, these border plates are key.)

Now I have moved to the Scallop line
and am adding a scallop edge to the straight line.

Like so.
Always working from behind, remember?

Time to emboss the grasses.
This is where the soft side of the mat comes in.
I have to show you something.
I found the gridlines on the soft side of the mat a little distracting.
We actually didn’t ask for them on BOTH sides, 
but when you get 5,000 mats with grids on both sides from China,
you can’t really send them back, now can you?!
So guess what?
I got rid of them.
Now you see them...

Soft sponge,  damp with water and rub gently...

Now you don’t.
I figured it was a lot easier to show YOU 
how to get rid of the lines if you felt the need,
than open all 5,000 packs and clean them myself,
or box them all up and send them back to the manufacturer !!!

Not the scourer side.

Anyway, moving on...

Medium and large embossing tools for the whitework.
Gentle featherlike strokes.
Notice I use the Groovi Plate Mate to clamp the artwork .

Flip the mat to the hard side for colouring in.
Add a sheet of black card, so you can see what you’re doing.

I used only 2 colours.
Green and Yellow over the top.
Colour from the back.

Added dots to the scallop edge.
Had to flip back to the soft side for this embossing trick.

So what have we got now?

Flip to the back again and add a score line 
- a fold line using the single border line.

While we were in France, 
I watched in awe at the experts pricking and snipping.
So I thought I’d have a go at cutting the lace edge, 
and see what that looks like.
Here’s how I tackled it:

I trimmed the parchment back and then snipped up into the curves.
I then found it easy to cut along from scallop to scallop actually.

Slowly does it.
I’ve probably just broken every rule 
in the Parchment Craft Law Book.
So what?
Works for me!

 I figure that if I wrap the flap over the back,
(say that when you’ve been at the sherry!)
then I can attach it at the back!

And it looks pretty, too.

Not sure if 3mm double-sided adhesive was the answer,
but it was worth a go.
So I ran it along the edge of the back of the black card.

It shows through a bit, but hey!
It’s definitely stuck!!!
Maybe a glue runner would have been less evident.
I will try that next time.

The good news is the front!
I love it !!

What a lovely, lovely way to spend an hour.
I have so enjoyed making this!
And the initial border idea is ideal.
You can introduce loads of different patterns and parts of plates
into that area.

Got to go.
Dinner’s on the table!

Lots of love,