Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday’s blog a private peak? Don’t look!

Hi there!
Thanks for dropping in.

How’s your Friday been thus far?
Ask me.
Go on, I dare you!
TGIF !!!

 No, not bad really.
A friend once told me that we have good days and growing days;
well this has been a 

Found this picture.
Ingenious face-painting; spoke to me today!
Time to squint again...

clever huh?

But d’you know what?
It ain’t over till the fat lady sings -
and she ain’t sung yet!
In fact....

Still time to go for a little stroll in the late sun with Dave.
The disused railway will be perfect. No slopes!

Let me go find the man.

Tomorrow begins a Groovi Week.
We have got some excellent, brand new Groovi Plates 
to show you, and I hope to blog some Groovi stuff !

love and hugs,

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Collage de Paris...

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
Thursday’s blog is something blue, right?
And since the Gelli Plates are on sale at a really great price on our website until Sunday,
let’s take a look at my Gelli Plate background stash, 
which I made and age ago, using 

and the 8" x 10"

and a bunch of Daler Rowney Acrylic System 3 paints:

Before you wonder, Dave is in good company;
my brother Steve came over after work to cut the grass and strim along the front fence, so that it doesn’t frustrate Dave more than he is already frustrated, not being able to do it himself.

So no worries about spending an hour up here with you.
I enjoy it, I really do.
Just to switch off and make a piece of artwork is the best tonic!

Ok. Here goes:

Here’s a pretty dire print I did last year on the 6" x 6" Gelli Plate.
Not great, is it...
Bubble wrap, punchinella and way too much Phthalo Blue paint!

But hey!
Let’s work with what we’ve got. 
I like the colours anyway...

Red, white and blue....

Rummaged around for a Paris collage stamp I designed many years ago...
I know it’s here somewhere....
(Now unmounted and less expensive)

et voila!

Zut alors!!!
(loosely translated: darn, damn, blast!)

So why, with all that expanse of blank white card, did I stamp it into the area where you can’t read what it says, or see the top of the Eiffel Tower???

And trimming it hasn’t made it any more legible.
Aha! J’ai une idée...

Stamp the portion which is lost onto a scrap of the card I just trimmed away. Oh the joys of transparent stamping!
Just fits!

Before I cut it out though, 
I am mounting it on a double-sided sticky sheet.
Oui oui...
upstairs pour le thinking
downstairs pour le dancing..


Added a little Milled Lavender to tone it down.

Then roughed up the edges avec les ciseaux.

Now have I told you about my bounty? 
My Gelli Plate stash?
This was a while ago, when Perfectionism still tormented me;
when I was trying to create a lake with hills in the backgound, but it wasn’t really happening! As you can see!

Great as a backdrop for the Eiffel Tower pic though...
just need to work out where to position it..
That’ll do.

Looks pretty cool when you mount 
and separate with a little black card.
And squint.
Go on.
Squint. It looks fantastic!!

Trés bien. 

You’d think I had a plan when I started.
Well, I did! To blog something blue!

And the moral of the story is 
Because in a year or so, you will be so happy you didn’t!!!

If you haven’t got a Gelli Plate yet, 
you really don’t know what you’re missing.
Save £4 on the little one and £10 on the big one!

I love Paris.
Would enjoy a long weekend there again some time...

Not going via the tunnel though.
And certainly not to Disneyland.

Am I being contentious?
I don’t think so.

Would you like to have this card?
It’s not bad, honest guv!!
Leave a positive, uplifting comment, 
and on Saturday I’ll pick a random winner.
Oh. And I’ll pop a £20 gift voucher inside! 

love and hugs.

PS. The clever Winner of the Card Instructions competition 
last week is.....

You were pretty much right on the money.
Well done Jenny. You really nailed it!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Hi there.
Thanks for being so patient.
I really do want to start blogging in the early mornings. 
I am always much happier first thing.
How about you? 
I’m a pretty chirpy riser. 

Ooh, got to go. Somebody at the door...

Well, there you go go!
Three hours later, I’m back.

My dear old friend from school days pitched up with the biggest, 
most beautiful bunch of sunflowers for Dave!

So we had a catch up, then some supper,
and before you know it, the clock has advanced by 3 hours!

Ironically, Jenny Day, our dear art teacher from way back when,
 sent me a pic of the two of us only yesterday.

It was taken back in 2006, 
when we were visiting our old English lit teacher,
Ingrid Hurren. Darling woman passed away last week, 
so Jenny was letting me know.  

Ingrid. Phenomenal woman. Fascinating intellectual. 
She was German, married to an English artist, named Eric Hurren.
(Yep. She was our English teacher!)
He was Head of the Art Faculty in Canterbury, where they lived. 

You know how you have a favourite teacher, the one you adored, the one you would do somersaults to please? Well Ingrid was that teacher for me. I used to hang on to every word she spoke, because it was always so meaningful.
She always used to come into the classroom and sit on her desk.
Not behind it.
On it. 
And there she would sit, swinging her legs,
asking searching questions, stretching us, expanding our minds. 
She really was brilliant.
I remember that she always made me feel good. 
Worth listening to.
I understood through her very early on
that the highest form of wisdom is kindness. 
She handed it out in spadefuls.

As Maya Angelou once said,
‘I’ve learned that people may forget what you said,
people may forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.’
But I ramble. 
It was good to see Anita this evening. 
For a split second, I thought, damn! The blog.
But no sooner had I thunk the thought, than I let it go and enjoyed spending time with my old friend.
I had wanted to write about Life, and how it must go on regardless.

And then Anita pitched up, and today’s lesson was learned. 

love and hugs,

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Top 2 Clarity YouTube Videos 2014

Hello and welcome to YouTube Tuesday!

Thank you for popping in.
Thought today would be an ideal Tuesday 
to take a closer look at just how many people 
have been enjoying and watching our YouTube videos 
during the past year.

Whilst we cannot boast the tens of thousands of viewers 
which some VTs attract,
we are happy to say that over 18,000 people have watched 
the Torn Gelli Plate,

and almost 16,500 have enjoyed the Cling Film video.
That’s a lot of people if you gather them all together!
Lot’s of cups of tea and biscuits!!!

If you google our Claritystamp Youtube Channel, you will see that we have built up a substantial library of crafty videos.
Great reference material!

Any time you feel you have lost your mojo, 
just pop along to the Clarity Youtube library;
I’ll be there, waiting to cheer you up.

To celebrate what I consider a successful little venture,
let’s take a closer look at what was used in the two VTs here:


The 6" x 6" Gelli Plate. 
Let’s alter the price for a few days...

If you were thinking of going large, 
I must have gone a bit wobbly myself, because
the 8" x 10" Gelli Plate is a cracking good price too!

Next, let’s look at the Cling Film trick.
Pleased to see you like my favourite stamp,
The Boy in Flight

Let’s see..
If you buy the unmounted Boy and the Branch Claritystamps, 
(which I used in yesterday’s blog actually!) 
we will send you the little girlfriend and the heart-hedge FREE.


These offers will end at midnight on Sunday.
Am I trying to compensate for not doing the Sunday TV Show?
Of course I am.

Life goes on.
The business still goes on.

I think I will blog about that aspect tomorrow....

love and hugs,

Monday, 27 July 2015

A quick n easy, chirpy card.

Hello there!
Thanks for popping in.
I really ought to get up early and blog, 
rather than leave it to the end of the day... 

Getting up is soooooo haaaaaard......

here’s a little card again, 
inspired by a get well soon card that Linda Spencer sent for Dave,
using all the birds I could find scattered around my art-room.

10 Minutes start to finish.
Note to self: must put birds away!

Cut a 7" x 7" Piece of Gelli Card down to size

and stamp the lovely branches which come 
using Black Archival.

Then stamp birds into the background.
Geese, ducks, all sorts.

At Clarity we have so many varieties of bird stamps and stencils.
Have a look at the website; you will be surprised!

Perch the small ones on the branch, too.

Now for the background.
Using a Clarity Stencil brush, simply load and brush some Stonewashed around the edges.
to create a kind of vignette.

Tear a paper hill and add a Denim hill at the base.
Am I getting repetitive, or what?!

Dust some clouds into the sky, using Stonewashed 
and our Cloud Mask.

Change brushes and add some Latte.
The combination of Latte and Blue is excellent.

Add a couple of Latte clouds in the gaps.

Mount on another piece of Gelli Card 
which has been brushed with Butterscotch around the edges.

That’ll do.

A ‘cheep’ and chirpy card,
for many occasions.

When you look closely, you can see all the birdies in the tree...

I think I shall get up tomorrow at the crack of sparrows,
and join the dawn chorus.

It is rather splendid after all.
Makes me glad to be alive.

So much to do,
and so little time to do it in!

love and hugs,