Thursday, 31 March 2016

Funky Foliage - Bloggy Sale....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Sunny day down here.
I actually sat out in the warm sun and drank my tea outdoors earlier!
It felt very good. Very relaxing.

But then again, I am sprung like a bloody coil today, 
so drinking a cup of tea ANYWHERE was a bonus!!!

What about you?
Let’s go blue today, 
it being Thursday’s Blue Blog Day!
And the Bloggy Sale goes on.

These leafy stamps are very lovely to use.
If you haven’t already got them in your stash,
I highly recommend them.
Melanie drew these - fabulously bold.

Is that a marijuana plant on the left?
Nope, she shot back, only has 5 leaves.
Marijuana plant has 7. 

How does she know that?
I had to check!
Don’t be spreading rumours there!!!
Pretty though....

This project I blogged last August 15th ,
so if you want a step by step, simply check back.

Here’s another card I blogged using the same stamps
Step by Step on the 31st July, 2014.

My oh my, how time flies...

I remember doing another project blog with these stamps, 
but the colours were all autumnal.
That was nice too.
If you’re bored, do go and find it for us!
Let us know below where it is, would you?

There’s a lot in the set, all very funky.

So I think we will adjust the price from £19.99 to 14.99 until midnight tomorrow. 
ooooh I say! That’s a baaaaargain!

love & hugs,

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Don’t Sweat the Small‘s distracting!!

Hi there.
Good of you to drop in.
I can’t stop long; 
have a mile long list and two hours to do it all in.

And then she heard herself, and the noise in her head.
This will not do at all! she exclaimed.
If you are going to write a blog about being mindful,
then be blimming mindful!

So she went and poured herself a large glass of cold water,
for after all, it is the great life giver, is it not?

Do you get tired at about 3 in the afternoon?
I do. 
But a large glass of water will revive me like nothing else can.

So let’s focus on what we are doing right now. 
You are reading these words; 
I am writing them.
So I am focussing on you,
 and you are focussing on what I am writing.

The minute I concentrate specifically on EXACTLY what I am actually doing, the noise in my head stops and the anxiety 
around Clarity business disappears.
Interestingly, my ears have picked up the birds twittering away in the garden for the first time today.

So let’s talk about Distraction today....

A thing that prevents someone from concentrating 
on something else.

They are everywhere! It’s easy to switch off the external ones, 
like Facebook, Twitter, the radio, the phone. 

It’s the inside distractions that I am talking about, the thoughts that come into my head, or that other people plant there.

There were so many things niggling away at her;
 it was unrelenting!
One thing after another after another after another.
She was completely bogged down, exhausted.

I’m not going to bore you with the details!
It is all way too insignificant in the big picture to even consider!
But I have to do something to block those distractions or go mad.
If the game is to divert my attention and take my focus away from what I am doing, then the solution is to intensify my focus and put up a Distraction blockade. 

The challenge is on!

Here’s what I have come up with:

Groovi artwork.  
I get in the Groove and stay there until I am settled again.
That’s easy; I just prep a blog or a TV demo and get to tick a positive box at the same time.  

Gel Printing art
I get the paints out and get messy and just enjoy the arty ride until I am calm again. 
That’s easy; I just prep a blog or a TV demo and get to tick a positive box at the same time. 

I take a brisk walk and concentrate on the actual walking, 
the one foot in front of the other, until I have cleared my head. 
Once I can get over the notion that walking is a waste of time, 
I’m laughing all the way through the woods!

Singing & Dancing
I sing my heart out to happy music really loudly.
We bought a karaoke machine when the kids were little, because they both loved singing, and Grace wanted to become a performing artist.
So the kids are gone, but the Karaoke machine is still used regularly! And I do enjoy a dance in the kitchen when I’m on my own!

The Great Leveller
I think about the children in Pakistan in the Park at the weekend
or about the survivors of Brussels last week.
And then suddenly nothing is even remotely important,
let alone worth fretting about. 

1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
2. It’s ALL small stuff.

So what about you?
Do you get me?
I’m not alone with this washing machine head, am I ?????

That’s it. Walkies.

She decided to make the most of the lighter evenings,
and got her old boots on. 

Love & Peace,

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Cock-a Doodle-Doo! A bloggy Sale for you!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!

It’s Tuesday and the sun is shining.
Am ticking a load a load a boxes here!

So let’s tick the Bloggy Sale Box too!
One of the most fun things we have done in a while 
was the Jigsaw Puzzle.

It really is a proper jigsaw!

created by hand with stamps, just as if you were making a card - except you do your artwork on a jigsaw blank.

We sell them in packs of 16 x A5.
£10. Let’s change that to £7.50 until midnight tomorrow. 
They are coated on one side, 
so dye-based inks work beautifully on them.
which is just brilliant and so fun to work with.
£19.99 . Let’s change that price to £14.99 until midnight tomorrow.

Have I shown you the beautiful tin 
that clever Dee made a while ago?

It has pride of place here in my little art room.
It has the same feel as the jigsaw puzzle, except it’s a tin!!

And then there was the little funky canvas I made last summer...

Gritty paint on canvas board backdrop.

This is so simple! You see? 
The birds are stamped, embossed and stuck onto our sheets of double-sided adhesive before they are cut out.
Even the moon is just punched out of white card. 

I think I’ll drop the price on all canvas boards today too.
If you are sitting on the fence, believe you me: 
Canvas Boards are so fun to make!

We are always making cards, 
but there are so many more possibilities!

So to go to our current bloggy offers,
You will find Jigsaws, Cockerel Stamps and Canvas Boards -
going for a song. xx

love and best wishes, 

Monday, 28 March 2016

A Groovi Tree-t....

Hi there!
Windy, innit!!
We’ve got a few trees down around this area.
So Storm Katie is definitely blustery!

Monday’s blog is flowers and trees, 
so nothing more appropriate today, 
than our new Groovi Baby Trees, 

Designed by our lovely Melanie. 

These are so delightful to use, 
I thought I’d do a little step by step for you this morning,
while the wind is howling round this little upstairs artroom  
and the trees are swaying to the music......

I need the Groovi Numbers Inset
(the collar which comes with a Tags Baby Plate)

to clamp the Baby Plate in the Large Groovi Plate Mate.

If you’re in the Groovi Club, you receive a smaller Baby Plate mate to frame all the Baby Plates too.
So: either Large Mate (in Starter Kit) + Inset
or Join the Groovi Club! 
(£5 a Month is all. You get a Baby Plate & projects every month)

I love the shape of these little trees.
But how about adding some leaves?
Just trace out some of the branches,

and add leaves from the Basic Border

 How pretty is that?

Let’s add a different inner to the outline of the Leaf-shaped tree.

Now they belong together!

Square nested Plate to frame the trees.

Gate and a Picket Fence from one of the Houses Baby Plates....

Let’s add a lovely house, 
set back behind one of the trees....

Landscape Plate from the Starter Kit to add the path and garden.

Birds and a sun from the same plate.
And let’s add a little texture with the new diagonal Grid 
and the No. 2 tool.

So where are we now?
That’ll do.
Now. Looks at watch. 
Has she got time to do the whitework as well as the proposal for the Ally Pally live TV hour?
Maybe. Maybe not.

But I do love this look. 
When the leaves are white.
And you can’t have a white Picket fence that isn’t white, 
now can you???

I had a friend once, 
who had a beautiful house 
with a little white picket fence all around it.
Was I envious? No, not envious, but I did dream of living in a beautiful house with a perfect little white picket fence. 
She was a very unhappy woman, 
and took meds to alleviate her unhappiness.
But the meds made her really whoozy and dizzy,
and one day she fell over her little picket fence 
and smashed herself up quite badly. 
And every time I see a white picket fence I think of her.
Because I learned way back then, 
that wealth and trappings don’t make you happy.
And meds didn’t make her happy either;
they just blurred her vision, if you know what I mean. 

Time to add a little yellow to the back with a Clarity Brush.
These Brushes certainly do the trick!

Very light and dreamy.

Have you seen our new corner punches?
There are 4 of them.

I want to use the corners as little clips to hold the artwork in place. 

So I have cut a piece of white card exactly the same size as the parchment artwork, and then I can slot the 2 layers into the outer hole. 

There. Nice Spring scene.
I highlighted the sun, frame, windows and lawn with a Squeezed Lemonade Distress Marker; that’s why they are darker. 

I do enjoy doing Groovi Parchment.
It calms my racing mind. 

Now let’s have a bloggy sale!
The set of Baby Trees. Let’s make them £14.99 instead of £19.99
The set of Clarity Brushes £14.99 instead of £19.99

CLICK HERE for the Offers
end midnight tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of Easter Monday!