Monday, 31 October 2016

Jayne’s Pine Branches - Superb

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie, something I did very quickly on telly yesterday,
using Jayne’s wonderful Poinsettia Stamp Set.

This is so quick,
blink and you’ll miss it.
Stamp pine branch in corner using Library Green Archival once.
Add a couple of little berry bits.

Place a square Post-It.

Repeat the stamping in the other corner.

Piece of cake.

Load Stencil brush with same ink, 
and dust across the other two corners.
Back and forth.


Add NOEL, once.
Then again, down and to the left a tad. 

Trim card down.
Colour in the berries with pink and red.

Drag the pink Promarker round all 4 edges of the card.


Add Stardust shimmer with a Sakura Gel Pen.

Time to go watch Paul Church wind up the ONE DAY SPECIAL on Hochanda,
so I can’t hang about  -

He’s on Now!!

Love & Hugs,

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Holly and the Ivy....

Hi there,
Thanks for popping in.
Just in case you didn’t get to watch the 2pm show today, 
I was working with the beautiful new Christmas floral stamps 
by Jayne Nestorenko. 
I’m hoping to get to see her next week. 
Hoping to visit her while we’re up at the NEC.

So let’s do a very traditional kind of stamp art -
just as Jayne would like it...

Big frame first...

Do you know how many times I have to stamp the same thing 
for the stages on a TV show ?
No wonder I can do it in my sleep!

Post-Its round the edge to mask.
Stamp the beautiful holly sprig into the corner.
I use the soft blue mat underneath from the Groovi Start Kit.
Gives a bit. Easier with large stamps.

Long elements round the frame.
These lovely trellis weaves are beautiful on their own too.

Post-its to mask the frame again.
Let’s tone the white down by adding a little yellow ink on one of our brushes.

How about a little trick?
Stamp another of the leafy ivy trailers in the set into the top.

Move the mask and continue the stamp into the frame.

Add a sun or moon, and brush in some yellow into the centre area.

When you lift off the mask, 
you can see how the white frame pops out. 
Colour in the flowers and leaves.

Takes time, this colouring in lark....
but well worth it.
Good for the head too.

Red berries. They make it.

Let’s dust a little greenness around the outer edge 
with one of our brushes.

Add a drop shadow on the lower side of every element 
with a dark grey pencil.
Every leaf, every frame, everything.
But only the underside.

See how it suddenly looks 3 dimensional?

Mount on red, and decide who’s getting this one.
Happy Christmas Mum and Dad!!!

Time to get ready for the next show at 5.

And then the One Day Special.
Groovi all the way !

Love and Hugs

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Owls and Lace - a winning combination....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
I’ve been busy blitzing the house today.
It certainly needed it.
There’s something very rewarding about leaving housework
 to the point where it looks like it’s been burgled though.
Firstly, you see a really significant result instantly.
Just by folding the mountain of clothes 
and thereby creating a clear pathway through the bedroom!
And there’s nothing like a Dysson vacuum cleaner for actually SEEING the benefits through the window.
Quite worrying really....

But that’ll do for another wee while;
let’s not get carried away!

Instead, let’s take a look at one of the colouring preps I have done for the 5pm Show tomorrow.
I can’t get enough of these Petite Gel Press Plates and lace.
So I thought I would see if you can use it to create a funky background ....

Let’s take one of the Bookmarks - the Owls.

Ink up the Square Petite with a lovely Pink. I used  
Artistry Rosy Cheeks

Press through the flowery lace,

Start in the centre and work your way outwards.

Mmm.... So do we think we will be able to bring the delicate owls back out of this busy camouflage?

Here’s a Postcard prepped too....

Grey and pink pencils only.
Now watch how they appear again.

Tackle each owl individually, 
and watch as they slowly begin to take form.

Can we bring them out of the lacy background?

Not half!

And the shattered lacey design in the background really sets it off.
Good enough to frame.

Or make a very long card!

Delighted with that.
I reckon this would look excellent in blue too. Towittwoo!

Hope you can join me tomorrow on HOCHANDA.
2pm Stamps
Two beautiful Christmas stampsets illustrated by Jayne Nestorenko.
These two sets, Poinsettia and The Holly & the Ivy, are created in the same way as the Rose, Dahlia, Agapanthus and Fuchsia which we launched a couple of months ago. 
Built to sit in the huge window or picture frame.
We already have them in Groovi; 
tomorrow we launch them as stamps. 

5pm Colouring (The mountboard frames are in!)

We shall take another look into our Feathered Friends Colouring Book. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas Presents!
And this colouring bundle complete with mountboard frames would make an amazing gift. Or two. Or three. Or thirty!

8pm Groovi launch: Build-a-wreath Linda Williams Style!
Now these Groovi Plates you have to see to fully appreciate just how brilliantly versatile they are! 

You do realise that you can watch on the HOCHANDA website too, don’t you? It is streamed LIVE, and then available to view for about a week on their catch-up.
So if you live in the States, or Australia, or Europe, or you simply can’t get us on your TV, go to - and there we will be!

Looking forward to it!

Love & Hugs,

Just realised something.
Do you know I have blogged every single day since 16th October 2013? That’s over 3 years.
And today is a very special number of blogs.
Ready for this?
1,111 posts.
One thoudand, one hundred and eleven.
That’s substantial.
Can I stop yet?
Time for a cup of tea...

Friday, 28 October 2016

Eeek! There’s a spider in the Corner!

Do come in.
I know it’s rather spooky.

Amazing what you can do with our Town stencil, 
a dose of Grunge Paste and a bit of acrylic paint...

The sequence is worth noting.
1.Cover the card with paint by walking the brayer all over,
left to right mostly.
2. Drag some Grunge paste through a portion of the stencil,
in from the bottom, letting it fade as it gets to the rooftops.
3. Once the paste has set, walk the brayer back and forth lightly over the houses.
4. When that paint has dried, use sandpaper 
to bring out some white.

mmmm. Halloween is round the corner.
I’m not really a Halloween fan, 
but many of you are, and that’s cool.

So I was thinking we could add a spider’s web in the top corner.
Here’s how.
Get out your square Gel Press Petite

Mount on a Mini Megamount. (4" x 4").
Tap the Blue Archival onto the plate.

Aha! Look what I found:
Spidery lace!

Press the inky Gel Plate through in the corner,

Not too much. Not too kitch.

Just subtle. Less is more.
Little things please little minds, and all that.

TV prep all set.
Which I am really chuffed about, 
because - aside from this ‘ere blog, 
which is always a pleasure never a chore -
I can have a day off tomorrow.

Time to clean the house.
It really is starting to look like a haunted house, and boy oh boy! You should see the size of the spider Paul evicted for me from the kitchen this afternoon!
Had teeth and a cape on, I swear!
(The spider, not Paul!)

A demain....

Love and hugs,