Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Miss you bunnies

Hi there!
Perga/Burger Man again!

Just had a garbled call from Barbara & Linda.....
Apparently, they are stuck in a shopping centre 
with a poor signal (yeah right!) and 
could I post the blog that she prepped earlier!

Mmmmmm, what do we think?
"Stuck" in a shopping centre?
Don't you call that late night shopping?
I think Barbara mentioned something about
2 new dresses, a handbag, shoes, 
chocolate before the call cut out!

Anyway, I'll let you decide if they are "stuck" or not!

Over to Barb

When I was last on the telly, I did a quick demo 

Take a piece of the A6 coated Clarity card,
tape down using some low-tack tape onto a piece of A4 paper.
Ink up the set of 3 boxes using Pitch Black Adirondack and stamp into position.

Be careful not to slip and slide!

When the ink is dry,
cover up with the mask and then stamp the single box at the end

Cover up the 4th box and then stamp the 
3 boxes underneath and cover them up as well.

You have plenty of masks on the sheet.

Now take one of the bunnies,
you have 4 to choose from 
and stamp him on top of the boxes.

Cover him up with the mask.

Take a Moon Mask and position as below

Ink up the brayer with Denim Adirondack and
 starting in the top right hand corner, 
gradually work your way down,
making sure you stop near the top of the boxes

Now ink up the brayer with Pitch Black Adirondack
and starting in the same place, gradually work down
this time stopping half way across the moon.

Next take a torn piece of A4 paper to create the hills.
(If you struggle to create hills, did you know that 
our blending mats have 2 different edges to help!)
Ink up the brayer with Pitch Black Adirondack and 
this time, start at the bottom.
Move your hills, but don't add anymore ink to the brayer.

Now for the reveal!
Remove all the masks and place back onto 
the sheets they came from.

Now ink up the foliage stamps with Pitch Black
Adirondack and stamp across the bottom.

Slowly remove the low-tack tape.

Stamp your letters into the boxes and
then when the ink is dry, polish using a soft tissue.

Can you see the shine?
That is the coated Clarity card doing
what it is meant to do!

Finally, take a black micron pen and go
around the edge of your work.

Mount on a piece of Designer paper 
and then on to a card blank

The coated Clarity card really does look stunning

One of the great things about having the
 Letterbox Set of stamps, 
you can create whatever message/greeting you want!

Love and hugs,


  1. Hmmmmm, I think shopping! Lovely to have this demo on the blog to look back on. Keep up the good work Paul. Xx

  2. You do make me laugh Paul 🤣
    Love this Barb - enjoy the shopping x

  3. Evening bloggy friends, must have clicked on the blog at the right time to be first. Hope you all had a lovely day like we had, beautiful blue skies and warm too. Xx

    1. Hi Donna had a lovely day here too, I went out without my coat, it will be snowing by the weekend! Sending hugs xxx

    2. Not sure about snow, but might be raining when storm Stella blows in from the States! I was out at playtime with no coat and we were on the field, oh happy days. Xx

    3. Hi Donna,
      Not as nice here today unfortunately. Still ive managed to finish clearing out the kitchen with only the essentials left in. My new Kenwood Sense mixer came today, so guess what im going to be doing tomorrow! Love and hugs Alison xxx

    4. Hi Donna, lovely sunny day here as well, 17°C. No coat for me either this afternoon.xx

  4. Late night shopping!! Well you are on holiday!
    We done to Paul for coming to the rescue again!
    Great artwork.. The letterbox is a great stamp set to add to any card!
    Enjoy your evening. Love and hugs xxx

  5. LOL that's the sort of 'stuck' I like too. You go girls!! Love the bunnies and the gorgeous design made with them. I'm going to have to think about investing in this set. x

  6. Sounds a good place to be stuck if you ask me !

    Love this artwork! Missed the shows today so have to catch up on Hochanda. Hubby's 70th birthday took over, a stream of visitors, making tea, sarnies and handing out cake. I'm shattered and I can give him 12 years ! Xx

  7. Hi Paul
    Haha yes I think "stuck" definately means enjoying late night shopping!! Thank you for posting tonight, hope you are at home relaxing tonight having a proper dinner!! What a great card today, traditional Barbara with Clarity card and Breyer, fabulous. It's lovely to gave it as a reference point on the blog, I get confused as to how far down to go with the ink so this is ideal. Barbara I hope you are having a wonderful time and Linda too.
    Love Diane xxx

    1. Hi Diane,
      sending hugs xxx

    2. Hi Diane, glad you had sunshine too. xx

  8. Ooh I can't believe that Barb and Linda would tell porkies....! Anyhow, it's great to have you come to the rescue of the damsels in distress (or new dresses lol!) Fab step by step, thanks Paul x

  9. Oh Paul, I don't think you were meant to tell us WHERE they were stuck, that'll have Dave rushing to the phone to cancel Barbara's credit card!!!! Stuck in a queue waiting to purchase, stuck on deciding what to buy, stuck in the toilet queue.... No porkies there! Unless she's really out partying on that boat she was on yesterday. I guess Dave thinking she's shopping is the better option there then eh!!!!

    Thanks for posting this beautiful demo. Hope you're having a lovely evening. Barbara sure is. The way she's going - rides on strange men's boats, love padlocks on the bridge, refilling her wardrobes, she better make the most of it as Dave won't be letting her out of his sight ever again!!!! And as for Dubai, well methinks you can forget that one ladies!!!!

    Love Brenda xx

    1. Hi Brenda, hope you had some sunshine today.xx

  10. Girls have to shop would be rude not to hope you got some lovely goodies ladies. Love this little bunny card xxx

  11. Sounds like a bit of retail therapy is doing Barbara and Linda a world of good. Thank you for posting this tutorial Paul, with that sweet bunny and that fabulous scene in the background, and on one of those wonderful papers to show it off. x

  12. Good for you Barbara! Spending your birthday money on clothes and chocolate - well, you don't need to spend it on Clarity goodies like the rest of us, do you?!!! Enjoy x

  13. Hi Paul,
    yep, i reckon a bit of late night shopping was on the cards! Anyway, thank you for posting this. I really enjoyed Barb creating this on tv but as others have said, its great to have the step by steps to refer to.Hope things are going well for the two shoppers .... oops i mean crafters! out in Slovenia. Love Alison xx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      hope you've all had a good day. Finished emptying kitchen today, now I'm just panicking at the thought of getting it all back in! Just hope I'll have enough drawer space ( went for pan drawers instead of cupboards as I can't get down to get stuff out of cupboards anymore!!). Love and hugs, Alison xxx

  14. Have fun with your new mixer Alison. Xx

  15. Hi Paul, think you may have their measure, can't blame them though, when opportunities come up you just have to take them, ha ha. Thanks for bloggong for Barb. Love those Bunnies Barbara great step by step. Watched Maria on catch up on the computer lovely samples from the DT. Glad to say have some of the stamps.xx

  16. Fabulous step by step and do love these cute bunnies. Shopping, now Paul you know it is something us girls love to do! Have a good day.
    Linda xxx

  17. Sounds like they are having a whale of a time lol... great card & step by step x x x

  18. Now if I had to be stuck anywhere it would be shopping . Stunning card, I love these bunnies... must treat myself to them sometime soon. Must try this out using my masks, I forget they are with the stamps. Hugs xxx


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