Monday, 31 July 2017

Less is more...Half-price Sale ends Midnight

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Just a very quick stamped card, 
to demonstrate that less is more -
especially when you are running late, somebody is coming round at 7, and you’ve got exactly 15 minutes to write your blog from start to finish!! Added to which we are having a major clear out and sort out in this ’ere art room, and all my stash is in a pile, waiting to be filed nicely...

Confession time: 
This tree stamp was at the top of the pile!

Ready, steady, go!!

Cut a strip of Designer Paper (which is 8" x 8" long)

Northern Lights.

Stamp a tree and a verse across it with black archival ink, and wrap it around a piece of Clarity Stencil card, which is 7" x 7" square.

Layer the white piece up on the back side of another piece of the same designer paper (8" x 8").
Trim it back and mount on an 8" x 8" Fold card.


It’s no masterpiece, but you get what I mean about less is more.
The tree comes from this set:

It’s in the Half-Price Member’s sale 
if you fancy one more look before midnight...

That’s the door bell.

Gotta go!

Love & Hugs,

Sunday, 30 July 2017

A Fairyly simple Step by step...

Hi there!
Thanks for dipping in here.
Just had a very lovely day over in Medway with my parents.
While Dave went off to help a friend who needed a man with a van for the day, we went for a slap up carvery lunch together, and then settled down for a good old chinwag and catch up - just the 3 of us.

I LOVE listening to their life stories. Today was particularly interesting; I didn’t know much at all about my Great grandparents on my Dad’s side. One lot were from Glasgow, and the other lot were from Southshields. 

So here a very quick step by step I rustled up for your pleasure, 
it being step by step Sunday...

We need a piece of Clarity Designer paper from Dee’s 

Stamp the little Fairy stamp with the apple with black Archival ink,
and mask off.

FAIRIES SET 1+ masks
FAIRIES SET 2 + masks

Dry brush blue ink downwards across the masked image.

Replace the masks - they are worth their weight in gold!

Bend the verse stamp on the mount before you stamp it into a curve underneath.

Trim back

Darken all 4 edges with a blending tool 

Add a touch of white. 
Use a good white pen, 
or white acrylic paint on a Groovi tool No. 1.

Mmm. Still needs something. Not magic enough yet....
How about a moon in the centre?

Back out with the masks!

Lightly tap white acrylic paint through the aperture 
with a blending tool. The Viva Decor paint is very good if you are looking for a good white multi-purpose acrylic paint 

There. That’s much better.
Picked up a little blue from the mask, so needs a little layer of blue around the outside. Good job I’ve got a 25 year old paper stash!

I am really enjoying these fairies by Mel. 
The butterfly wings are perfect.

What’s even smarter on the Fairy Groovi plates is the wings aren’t attached. Not easily detected though.
You only really get this when you actually get in the groove.

also available individually.

Ah! I have just remembered the new idea we had last week.
Meeting first thing tomorrow morning. Exciting.
Who else gets to go to work on a Monday and can’t wait ??
This is when I am so happy that Design and Production are under the same roof; we can make a plan and implement it almost instantly. 

Before the week commences, there is one thing I MUST DO:
W A T C H   P O L D A R K.

But if he trades Demelza in for Elizabeth, I am selling the telly.

Love & Hugs,

PS. Guess who else is obsessed with Poldark? Yep. Mum. 
She had a right fat go about George Warleggan. I just happened to mention that Elizabeth is mostly off her face on opium, and mum retorted, with “Vell, zat’s hardly surprizing ven you look at zat idiot of a husband, George. Can you blame her? Kreep. ”
Dad just looked at us as if we were mad.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

All I need is Bleeding Tissue!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Just a quickie here. 

Today is spring-cleaning day at home.

Took me ages to squeeze back into my outfit! 
It’s been a while....
But better late that never.

I noticed just HOW MUCH dust was gathering when the sun shone through the window today, (window cleaner must have been yesterday), and decided TODAY WAS THE DAY.
While I’m in the mood for cleaning. 
Which will be very shortlived. 
In fact, I can feel the enthusiasm waining as I write...

Sarah Brennan kindly reminded me of a very cool technique using tissue which bleeds, so I thought I would just use one colour, and rip-tear it to get a rip-torn background....

Tear it, lay it down and wet it with water.
(spritz it or paint it with a brush).

What kind of card? Pretty much any surface will take the stain off tissue; I went with our coated A6 Clarity Card.

Leave it to air dry for 10 minutes.
Peel off tissue and bin.
Leave to dry.

This fab Funky Foliage Stampset is in the Member’s half-price Summer Sale, which ends on 31st July.

It’s a superb set, illustrated by our Melanie. 
Here’s a Club Stamp too. Use it as a base for the leaves.
Cor! Perfect Positioning, or what?!
I forget sometimes who invented transparent artstamps. 
Imagine that. It’s so obvious really. 
So glad I had a moment of Clarity...

follow your dreams

Mounted on black glossy card. Done.
Our black coated stock is white on the back.

Simple, quick and arty.
Love how the light hits it.

No dust here!
Which reminds me, I really ought to get going;
this corset is starting to pinch!

Love & Hugs,

Friday, 28 July 2017

Safarisagood! Port Lympne.

Hi there!
Just got back from our little adventure safari....didn’t have to go very far at all - Port Lympne near Folkestone!
Fantastic place I have to say, although it didn’t start out quite as I had imagined it. Since Grace and Mark have grown up, I am completely out of the School Holidays loop. 
Which is clearly NOW!

Queues of screaming, over-excited children, mothers barking at them to stop frightening the animals, loads of strollers -
and Dave & me in the middle.

I found it comical. Actually, it was Dave’s face which cracked me up. All he said was, “well, they call them zoos for a reason,”
Maybe I’m delusional, perhaps watching Joanna Lumley in India the evening before had conjured up a slightly more majestic scenario, but I honestly had visions of Dave and I in a jeep with a seasoned safari expert, following the wilderbeasts and feeding the giraffes.

In reality, we piled into an old army truck which was towing a second trailer, rammed full of about 50 kids and parents!

But once we got underway, and got over Mrs Bouquet vs Mrs Bucket, it was fabulous. The weather was excellent, the guide was super informative, the views across the park right down to the sea were spectacular -

and we saw loads of wild endangered species, from giraffes, ostriches and black rhinos,

big cats, wild painted dogs, buffalo and giraffes 

This is the Port Lympne Hotel/Mansion we stayed in overnight.
A M A Z I N G.
And not that expensive either. Only 8 bedrooms - and each one more beautiful than the other.

The interior was eclectic, wild, beautiful and really REALLY sumptuous. 

Everywhere you looked the artwork was mind boggling.

In fact, it inspired me to dig out some of our African animal stamps and have a play tomorrow.

Join me tomorrow, and I will show you some of the murals in the dining room and conference room. I want to read up a little about the place too...

But if you were ever looking for a unique overnight, with beautiful gardens, 5 star food and wonderful views, Port Lympne is your destination. I am already planning the next visit.

We also walked along the Hythe coast for miles, 
(to work off the afternoon tea before dinner!).

And today, we came home via Rye, where we walked loads more miles around the bird sanctuary. 

We have only been away 2 days, but it’s as if we’ve been gone for weeks to an exotic place thousands of miles away. 

Love & Hugs,

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Wanted to share a beautiful, brand new Claritystamp set with you.
It was launched at our Crowborough Retreats, 
and now it is available on our website.

You Hung the Moon.

Designed by our Ani. They are definitely going to join the Fly Away Boy in my Top 10 Favourites box!

Here are the finished projects we created at the retreats, 
using these 2 lovely stamps.

The stamp is 4” tall, 
from the base of the ladder to the tip of the moon.

A Gelpress Paint frame

An Old Book 

A Brick Wall Stencil

Here is the link to the set on the website.

But now I really must dash.
Suitcase packed.
Off on a mini adventure....

Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

We have a winner!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Taking a little time out today.
I think I perform better when I’m not half asleep!

Tomorrow Dave and I are off on Safari, 
so I must pack a bag and some mozzy spray!

In the meantime, we found a winner for naming these two little fairies. There were so many delightful suggestion, so I really just span the screen until it landed...

Peri and Winkle.

Gayle, I think Peri and Winkle are perfect names.
So you will be receiving not only the artwork, 
but also a £20 Clarity Gift Voucher.

The last time I went on a Safari was in Sri Lanka!
The HUGE spider in the long drop loo 
and the monkeys with the really long tails are what I recall.
Oh, and then there was that formidable Giant Monitor lizard.

Ask me if I got out of the jeep!

Am I really going again ???
More will be revealed... 

Love & Hugs,

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Isn’t Nature Wonderful?

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Maria is on Hochanda today, showcasing a collection of the most amazing Clarity Stamps ever! 
They have been illustrated by clever Melanie Turner, and we have captured them in both Stamp form and Groovi.

available separately

available separately

Here are a few samples of the latest addition to the set by 
Dee Paramour, who has once again, worked her magic.

Introducing AIR & WIND

Believe it or not, this one is on parchment!

And here are a few more delightful samples from others of our super Clarity Team:

Chris Walker - Groovi

Glynis Whitehead - Groovi

Barbara Lancaster - Stamps

Jo Rice - Stamps

Maria is on at 10am this morning and 4 pm this afternoon.
If this artwork is anything to go by, these shows are a must watch!


Love & Hugs,