Monday, 10 July 2017

We have a winner!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Can’t stop long.
Got to finish up the Groovi Parchment project for the retreat next week. Snip snip snip...
I have been going backwards and forwards on it.
Brand new plate. Brand new paper.
It’ll be easy for some, trickier for others.
Mind you. If I can do it, then it can’t be THAT hard!
The happy news is that we have plenty of pretty advanced parchers mingled in next week’s groups - so if it’s too easy for them - they can help the rest of us !!! 

But before I press on, remember we had a little blog candy the other day, and you were going to suggest a title for this here Fairy House?

I was going to pick a random name from the posts and send that person the canvas and a £20 gift voucher.
Well, I did just that, and 

This Ol’ Fairy House
is going to


together with a £20 Gift Voucher.

Well done!

Must press on.

Love & Hugs,


  1. Excellent Sue enjoy spending!

  2. Congratulations Sue, enjoy spending your voucher !!

  3. Well done Sue and Happy Parching Barbara. x

  4. Well done Sue! Lucky girl!
    Evening Barbara! Well I was getting excited before and now you've mentioned it I am even more so! And I think it's brought home to me what being retired from teaching means! If I'd still been working I couldn't have made it this time round!
    I'm intrigued to see the new plate and paper that you'll be tempting us with!
    Have a lovely evening
    Love and hugs xxxx

  5. Well done, Sue. Enjoy your prize. xxx Maggie

  6. Well done Sue. Enjoy choosing what you would like with your voucher.

  7. Congratulations Sue enjoy your voucher wonderful xx

  8. Well done, Sue :) Enjoy choosing what to buy!! Mxx

  9. Congratulations to Sue!

    So looking forward to my first ever Clarity

    1. You'll have a wonderful time - my first last year, gutted couldn't make it this time! X

  10. Oh darn it - I had just the perfect place marked out for it on my craft room wall too! Well done Sue!

  11. Oh yikes - I'm slightly anxious about the retreat now as I've never snipped in my life, and only groovied once at a taster session!!! Still, I'm up for a challenge, and I guess I wouldn't be coming to a retreat if I didn't want to learn something new - put my efforts at the back of the photos please! x

    1. Don't worry Susan you'll have a great time and will learn lots, gutted can't make it this time around! x

  12. Evening, well done Sue I'm sure the fairy house will look good on your wall. Have fun prepping for your retreats bet everyone who's going is starting to get excited. Xx

  13. Evening bloggy friends, been enjoying Wimbledon today so no craft for me. Sad to see Raffa go out. Xx

    1. Hi Donna just seen this on the news, I missed the game. Are you getting to the countdown stage yet? Xxx

    2. End of next week and I can do as I please till September! Xx

  14. Congratulations Sue, enjoy your canvas and spending your voucher. If I had been the lucky winner it would have hung in my granddaughter 's bedroom in the house they are building in my garden. Guess I will have to do one myself!!!xx

  15. Hi Barbara
    Well done Sue enjoy spending your voucher and admiring the canvas, what a treat for you. Let us know what you've got your eye on.
    Love Diane xxx

  16. i am very late writing this, as last night I was packing for my holiday in Italy. Leaving in a couple of hours and looking forward to a week of good food and beautiful scenery. I have a colouring book and pens, just in case I can't cope with the crafty withdrawal symptoms.
    I am looking forward to seeing what delights come forth after the retreat and to using my new plates, which will be delivered whilst I am away.
    Congrats to Sue on winning the canvas and best wishes to all going on the retreat, you lucky things!
    Thanks Barb.X

  17. Congratulations Sue.

    I'd love to go to the retreats sometime. But I saw at the weekend that Crafters Companion are planning to run some Clarity classes at their new store in Evesham - that is just a half hour away from me, so I am very excited about that.

    Hope the rest of your preparations go well Barbara. I am sure everyone will have a great time.

    Ruth x

  18. Congratulations Sue, have fun spending your voucher! Will look forward to seeing everyone's artwork from the retreats - after the event (obviously) as don't want to spoil surprises for anyone attending over the week. Xx

  19. Thank you so so much Barbara for picking my name out, I am still in shock really, didn't know anything about it till this morning and got all these messages etc about winning.
    You really have made my day, week and month all in one go Barbara.
    Thank you also to everyone who has congratulated me I appreciate every single one

  20. Congratulations Sue, I am sure you will get lots of pleasure from this wonderful canvas. Enjoy spending your voucher too!
    Linda xxx


Thank you for your kind messages and I hope you get inspiration from my ramblings.

Barb x