Monday, 21 August 2017

5 more sleeps left - and a little Wind.

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Five days to go before the Grand Paper/Parchment launch on HOCHANDA on Saturday. Rosie and I are working together.
I am doing the early call at 7am
Rosie’s doing the Dutch show at 8am
I am back in the UK with you at 10am
and Rosie’s doing the 2pm UK Show. 

I was thinking about this all day, wondering whether it would work.
Came home early because I had to find out!
I wanted to use the wonderful Wind & Air Element stamp by Mel on parchment, but with a twist.

Follow my thought process here....

Stamp the image on the front of the designer parchment, 
i.e. the more faded side.
(soft side of the mat underneath is good)

Flip the parchment over, so you are looking at the vibrant inky side.
Amazing how well the stamped image shows through.

Use a pencil eraser to eliminate the colour.
The inky line art is on the other side, so no fear of smear!


Flip to the back and darken his pupils. 
Much better!

Add a drop shadow around the outside of the bottom line.
You can do this from the front or back, using a pen.
A Perga Colour grey, or a grey/blue Distress Marker

Trim back and let’s tear some hills -
ye old Gray signature!

But we’ll put them behind the art part.

I need a large piece of plain A4 teal parchment to mount this work on, which I have at the office, so I haven’t attached and finished it yet, but you get the picture!

Did I tell you we have had a whole selection of beautiful new plain coloured parchment made? Yep. Coming off the press this week...

But anyway, in a nutshell, you stamp on what’s usually the front of the parchment (the duller side), but use the bright ink-saturated back as the front. That way you can rub away colour to create wonderful highlights.
And that’s all I did. Very, very simple. 
To be honest these papers are a dream. They make anything look good!

Love & Hugs,

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Stamping on Parchment

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!

6 days to go before we celebrate HOCHANDA’s 2nd birthday this weekend. Where did the time go??
I shall never EVER forget the day we launched the channel.
Who remembers? I was the anchor, just hopping around like a loony, from simple demos to interviews on the sofa!
It may have been a bit bitty, and the light and sound quality certainly left a lot of room for improvement too! But it was probably one of the most exciting things I have ever done. To help launch a TV channel?? Who else do you know who can put that on their resumé ?!
Two years in, I am pleased and proud to still be there. They have come on in leaps and bounds - and so have we.
On Saturday, Rosie and I are joining in the celebrations with some very special brand new things!

Two books of Designer Parchment Papers for starters.
Northern Lights and Indian Summer.
They are of course both available as Paper pads too, but the parchment pads are not just for parchers!!
Are you kidding? Stamper alert!
This beautiful, high quality translucent parchment will blow you away. 

Let me show you what I mean...

I want to show off the beautiful Element stamp by Mel:

But which parchment to use.....

Decision made.  Teals it is.

Here’s how:
Ink up the stamp with a permanent ink pad, like

You have choices.
If you want to do parching, white work from behind, then you need to stamp on the lighter side of the parchment, the front. 

BUT. If you just want to use the vibrant parchment paper as a pure background, then use the back as the front - it is brighter.

Notice I have used the soft side of the craft mat underneath. 
A little cushion is good when stamping large stamps.

You can assist the drying with a heat gun if you like.
Takes about half an hour air drying otherwise.

Let’s do some white work from the back. Flip the parchment.
Soft mat underneath... 

The darker the parchment paper, the harder it is to see what you’re doing.
Enter the Lightwave and the translucent 
It’s a BINGO!

Time for highlights using the Pergamano ball tools.

Smaller ball tools for tight areas,

Larger ball tools and shaders for larger areas.

Take your time, let the work rest in between.
See? The Seal is grey, the dolphin is a little lighter and the orca is really white. That’s because I have worked on the orca 3 times!

Another easy thing to do to create highlights is to erase colour from the parchment in areas. 

Use a brush to dust away the specks and bits. 
See the gentle whiteness? Her face? His beard?
All simply erased on the back.

Check the front.

Time to add colour from behind.
You pick!

Add a little more texture and interest with dots from a diagonal grid

Trim the parchment.
Treat yourself to a Pergamano ruler and Groovi Grip.
It will transform your cutting.

Layer the parchment up on white card, to make the colours pop, then layer up on a piece of the matching paper.

So here’s the million dollar question.
Is this parchment art?

I have stamped onto parchment, and I have used the white stretching property of the parchment to create fab effects.
I have used Pergamano products for sure! 
But then again, we own the company!

Here’s what I think.
You can call it what you like. 
I call it lovely. 
I call it easy. 
I call it achievable and I call it very, very Clarity. 

Love & Hugs,

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Countdown is on...

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

The countdown is on...

This time next week Rosie and I will be celebrating Hochanda’s second birthday on TV, and launching a rather superb new Designer Paper pad: Indian Summer. We have all loved the Northern Lights so much, that I’m pretty sure that a new collection of similar but different colourways will be well received.

Designed by Yours Faithfully

In fact, we’ve gone one step further, really pushed the boat out, 
and created the same papers in parchment!  

Dave and I have also started watching Game of Thrones.
Bit savage, very graphic and quite bloody, so I spend quite a lot of time with my head buried in a pillow and fingers in my ears.
But the storyline is good, and it is quite addicitve.
We started with the very first series and just finished it last night, when the lovely silver haired girl emerges from the fire as a dragon.

It reminded me of FIRE, the fantastic stamp which Mel drew, 
from our new Elements Collection
Also available individually.
So I picked the very first paper from the new book, 
and simply stamped directly onto the paper with Archival Black.

Repositionable Mask is included.
Add a little drop shadow with ink and one of our stencil brushes.

Like so:

Add a flash of colour with colouring pencils to the queen and her protector. It was sad when her husband died, but the blonde knight isn’t too shabby....

Trim back, black edge with a Sharpie pen, and mount on the back of another sheet of the same.

Seven days to go before they go on sale.
I think I will have some fun with one of the new parchment sheets tomorrow. There is a beauuuuuutiful blue one which would work brilliantly with WATER. Although I am really wanting to try out WIND.... 
Did I mention that we have turned the Northern Lights into parchment too? 
Tune in tomorrow, to see where we go next....

Love & hugs,

Friday, 18 August 2017

We have a winner!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Have enjoyed a pleasant day off with our good friends 
Linda and Rob Williams, who are down for the weekend.

Looked through the fantastic new tool book which Linda has written, so now that she has Ok’d the layout, we can move forward with production. You just cannot believe what this woman can do  with a few needle tools. Blows my mind. 

Went for a saunter through the Pantiles, and sat outside in the sunshine watching the world go by.

It felt quite nice to do something normal. 
But hey! What’s normal? Goodness knows.
But it was good to not work for a day.

Remember the other day, I challenged you to write out the instructions for the card below? Tell us how I made it?
 So many of you sent me your interpretations, and several of you got soooo close!
But the winner of the £30 Gift Voucher has to be 

She not only got the instructions pretty much bang on,
but she even replicated the technique and put her own spin on it!

And she even gave them a series title:

How long’s a piece of string?

So please let me know your postal address in an email, Margaret, so that we can send out the card and voucher to you xxxx

Ink pad: it looks like the Artistry "Groovy Grape" - which is what I think you must have been on when you set us this challenge!!
Of course there is also Ranger Jet Black Archival Ink Pad
Stamps: Ducks & Saplings set - you've used both sizes of Sapling but only one of the three Ducks
Gel Press Petites Set 1 - using the Square from this set
7" x 7" Stencil Card (3 sheets)
Pigma Micron 01 Fine Point Pen (Black)
Sharpie pen (black)
The trusty Speedball Brayer
A piece of string (cut into 3)

So, I figure that you start by laying your pieces of string in an artistic shape across the centre of the Stencil Card.
Then, spread the Groovy Grape ink over the gel press with the brayer. 
With the gel press mounted on a mega mount, use it like a stamp, squishing the ink onto the stencil card with the string still in place, which therefore acts as a mask.  Remove the string to reveal the white card beneath.
Take a second sheet of card and pull a second generation print from the gel press – put to one side for another project and a BIG clue!
Stamp the Saplings and Duck strategically in Archival Black
Take the Micron Pen and draw a squiggly line around the whole thing, weaving between the leaves and don’t draw over the duck’s wings, so it looks like the line is behind.
Trim – to about 6” square, then give the card a thin black border by running the Sharpie pen along all four edges.
Mount onto another piece of 7x7 stencil card – leaving a little of the string (which has picked up the colour of the ink) sticking out between the 2 layers (OK, maybe you left the string in the photo to provide an extra clue, but Dawn and I decided it added a little interest/intrigue to include it in the finished piece!)


Almost absolutely spot on. 

I actually used a Plum Archival ink pad. Just dabbed it on the little Petite Gelpress. Didn’t even bother with a brayer; the archival ink would have stained it. But your idea would work perfect too.
Well done Margaret, and everybody who stretched themselves to figure it out. That’s how we learn, folks!

Love & hugs,

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Bags galore!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Having some real computer issues today.
In fact, my Big Mac has died !!
Well, it’s in Apple A&E; 
hopefully they will be able to resussitate him !!

So I’m struggling with blogging,
and shall keep this short n sweet.

Rosie is launching a superb One Day Special this evening at 6pm.

It’s a Pergamano Template launch.
New and improved, so I do hope you like them!
Wait till you see what the team has made with them!

Both teams actually. 
We went ahead and changed the templates a little, so that they work as well for paper craft as for parchment craft.
Rosie will show you exactly what I mean. 

Dave drove all the way to Peterborough and back, just so that these little beauties and many more besides didn’t get damaged in transit. 

Rosie wil also be showcasing some wonderful handmade flowers,
which you can see here on this blue bag by Linda,
who used the blue parchment in the bundle too.

Linda Page

Jane used them here too...

Jane Telford

And so did Glynis, here! 
She used the pink parchment in the bundle too.

Glynis Whitehead

In fact, even Wendy managed to sneak one in!!!
Welcome aboard Wendy!

Wendy Thorburn

See how Wendy has used papers instead of parchment?

Wendy Thorburn

And Gail has gone very Pergamano parchment traditional.
In fact, it was Gail who got them out of the cupboard and said we ought to dust them off!

Gail Sydenham

And just look at this one by Glynis.
I forgot to mention that in the bundle there is some very expensive, very smooth and lovely black and buff paper, perfect for  layering like this.
I love how Glynis has added clear parchment as the final layer,
 like lace. 

Glynis Whitehead

An impressive One Day Special at a great price,
a fantastic display of beautiful artwork by both teams,
and a great presenter: Rosie.

What’s in the offer?

There are 4 different bag templates
Handmade flowers in 3 colourways and several different sizes,
Pink and Blue A4 parchment
Buff and black paper.

I hope you can tune in for what promises to be another top banana show. 
And may I say a BIG THANK YOU to Clare at work, Jim’s mum?
She made every single one of these templates. That’s thousands. 

Watch live on
6pm 8pm 9am 1pm 5pm

Love & Hugs,