Saturday, 30 September 2017

Today we raise a glass to the happy couple !

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in!

Today is our Maria’s Wedding Day.
Today, she ties the knot with Peter Moorhouse.

Dave and I are there to celebrate, 
and raise a glass to the happy couple.

Tina Cox
Too busy clapping, cheering and dancing to blogalot today!

I do love a good wedding, don’t you?
Mmmm....Speaking of weddings.....

Love & Hugs,

See you tomorrow at 2pm with Tina!
Wait till you see the new ii-Books and beautiful stamps! 

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Friday, 29 September 2017

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Well this is all very exciting, isn’t it?
Running around like a headless chicken here, 
sewing buttons on trousers, ironing my best frock,
trying to get out the door to Liverpool.
(In the time it took to find the sewing box, we could have gone to Blue Water and bought a new pair!)
Next problem: a shirt that will go round his neck!
(Now I am really REALLY laughing. Read that last line back to myself, and had missed out the R in Shirt!)

Liverpool? Why? What’s going on up there?


I am so so happy for her.
I’m sure you will join me in wishing her and Pete 
health, wealth and happiness always.

We will be going straight from the celebrations to the TV studio early Sunday morning, so you can imagine, what are the chances of remembering everything??
The only redeeming factor is that Paul is here to load the waggon, so if we have missed a vital part, we can blame him!

Two more sleeps to the Groovi Go! Launch....

I must show you these Go-Figure Plates which our Jim designed.

They aren’t actually part of the Groovi-Go! Starter Kit; that’s a whole other story, which includes Tina’s brilliant flower plates. But they ARE on the show on Sunday, at a great introductory price, and they slot into the Groovi-Go! Plate Mate like a treat.

When Jim showed me his mad mix n match idea, 
and the various crazy variations, permutation, possibilities,
I curled up. I just played with the plates for half an hour, chuckling, giggling, wheezing with laughter.
Lisa and Becca joined in, too. Just big kids.
And Jim just sat back and watched us gooning about. 

I do like to laugh, don’t you?

The things is, there aren’t that many design plates for US to make cards for our young friends, so these will be perfect.

And wait till you see what our new Junior Design Team has rustled up with them! We invited a few young friends to have a play,
because we have known for a long time how much kids - boys AND girls - enjoy Groovi Art.


I think the whole modular concept has legs.
And arms.
A definitely a head!

Must crack on.
Got a wedding to go to!
Mmmm.... on that subject.......

Love & Hugs,


Thursday, 28 September 2017

Count down to Launch begins here! Competition Time!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in!
Things are hotting up here above the garage, I can tell you!
Preppy - snippy - happy - dappy!


This little demo, inspired by a masterpiece which Karen Jackson sent in, nearly sent me over the picot edge.
(Picot should be submitted to the Collins English Dictionary as a new urban swear word, 
synonymous with poxy, another affliction).

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the Tina Cox plates, included in the Groovi Go! Kit. I decided to teach myself how to lay out Groovi images in a box, in order to create areas for cutting out.
Like Karen, I just picked one single element
- the damselfly. 

A certain lady is celebrating her 80th birthday very soon, 
so I thought this would make a perfect little gift.

So I started in the middle, and just kept adding damselflies, 
turning the parchment, and making sure they touched.

Fast forward....simple whitework on the wings....

And then the games began...
Join me on Monday morning HOCHANDA 9am 
for a breakdown of the process.
Or maybe just a breakdown!

Snippy snippy snippy...

Necky hurty...

As Rosie always says,
how wonderfully satisfying is that lovely snipping sound,
click, click, click...

And what a sense of accomplishment when it is done!

My Mum will love it.

She will appreciate that more than anything I could buy her, 
I know that. 

Mind you, halfway through, I was going spare, wondering what possessed me to try something like this today of ALL days!!!

In fact, 
I think we’ll have a caption competition!

Post a fitting caption below, and we will pick a random winner on Sunday. I will announce the winner on Monday on Telly at 9am,
and will send you a £20 Clarity gift voucher.

Got to be in it to win it!

Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Sorry - haven’t read the rule book!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

The sun is pouring warmth through the windows, 
the leaves on the trees are changing into wondrous reds 
and oranges,
Paul and I are prepping for this weekend’s TV shows,
and Life is good.

The weekend shows are actually full of fresh ideas and great designs.

If you are a stamper, then be sure to join Tina Cox and myself on Sunday 2pm - 4pm.
We have converted some of Tina’s Groovi designs into stamps, and I was playing with them this morning. 
Do you recall my old pattern building tricks with the Clever Corner stamps? Well, apply those techniques to these designs - and prepare to be impressed. I certainly was.
And even if you just like inky stampy, then they are superb...

barbara lancaster
wendy thorburn

I will tell you all about the very cool One Day Special tomorrow,

The Groovi-Go!

but today I want to touch on a couple of other brand new Groovi plates which are being launched at 6pm alongside. 
We are calling them ABC D-Boss plates. 
Finally, a solution for those of us who struggle writing backwards!
In the words of that old boy on POLDARK who drank too much,
’Tain’t friendly, ’tain’t natural.

And since we haven’t read the rule book here at Clarity, who says we can’t make a Groovi plate to help you write the right way round!!! Or do I mean right the write way round?
(Actually, it was Rosie’s idea - and she’s certified!!!)

It’s about having the choice, isn’t it ?

Sometimes you need to step away from the plate 
(if you’ll pardon the pun) to see the obvious.

And as we see it, we may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb! Many traditional parchers have been calling us cheats for years, so we may as well give them something to get their teeth into!!

Love & hugs,

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Frilled to tell you Rosie’s on the Telly today!

Hi there!
Fanks for popping in!

I’m frilled to tell you Rosie’s on the telly today!
She’s already been snippin away on HOCHANDA, 
showin off our new square frills and friends

Not only do you get a frill, 
but also flowers and butterflies!

Now, to a Londoner, that sounds like a brilliant Birthday!

The frills are here due to popular demand actually.
Several of you avid parchers asked for square frills too,
so here they are!

We already have the round frills and friends, don’t we?

And what, with all the other flowers, baubles 
and butterflies thrown in, 

I guess you could call it a cheap frill!
(sorry, couldn’t elp meself!)

Rosie will be back on your screens at 12 noon and 4pm,
so tune in to watch!

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Love & uggs,

Monday, 25 September 2017

A little play with Viva Inka Gold....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Monday Monday already!

Thought I would play with the texture paste and waxy metallic pastes from Viva Decor.
I am not an expert with this gear, but the more I play with it, the more I will learn....

Love this stencil Chinese Lanterns by our Melanie. 
It is such a versatile one:

Attach it to a sheet of our glossy black Clarity card.
Drag a thing amount of Texture Paste through the stencil.

Remove the stencil,  and allow to dry for an hour or so.
Clean the stencil in warm soapy water. 
Dry off, ready for later.

Once the artwork is dry, you can chop it up into centrepieces.
Square, tall, whatever you fancy.

Sponge a little teal green ink here and there,
 then sand it away again. 
The sanding will remove any texture paste peaks too.

Relocate the clean stencil and tape down at the back, 
to hold in place.

Now for a little gold...
I used my finger to rub the waxy Inka Gold gold
through the stencil onto the paste.

Then I added the beautiful dark blue haematite paste at the bases of the Chinese Lanterns. Pounded it into place with a Spot on sponge.

When you remove the stencil, you can see why you had it in place while you applied the metallic pastes.
The black stays true and clear.

Buff the paste to a high gloss with a cloth.

Really effective.

Sand the edge of the little centrepiece, and mount on another pristine sheet of the glossy black card.

Very simple. Very classy.

And the gritty imperfection is what makes it really arty.

Got to go!
Dave’s taking me out for lunch.
La Cuisine est fermée aujourd’hui!

Love & hugs,
(aka cream crackered)

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Sunday - Upon Reflection.....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Just got home. 5 hours door to door, which isn’t bad in a van -
except when you’re the one in the middle.
It was so hot !!! The next van we buy needs air-con, 
or I’m building a bed in the back!

I remember many years ago taking Grace up to the SECC, 
to the Glasgow Christmas show.  She really was just a youngun, and we made a seat/nest for her in the back. And there she slept, surrounded by boxes and crates, all the way there - and all the way home. I can’t imagine that’s legal nowadays! 
(Or if it even was then!)

I remember she discovered giant Yorkshire Puds filled with sausage & mash at the Harry Ramsdens in Paisley Road, and thought they were the best thing she had EVER eaten! First thing she did when we got home was show her brother how the Scottish eat Yorkshire puds!

Funny isn’t it, the things you remember....

Well yesterday, certainly was a day to remember too.
Coming home in the van today, sandwiched between Paul and Dave, I asked them what I usually ask after an exhibition or event, “what could we have done to improve on yesterday?”

They both went quiet, and reflected on the day.
This is what we concluded:

1. An extra member of staff to help Heather stock up would have been good.

2. More shopping baskets. There weren’t enough to go round.

Well, blow me. If that was all we could think of, I would say that the day was as close to perfect as we will ever get. 

Sure we ran out of things, and of course, there is ALWAYS room for improvement.
A L W A Y S.
But I have to tell you, I feel an immense sense of satisfaction.
Somebody asked me yesterday whether I was enjoying the day, and it stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t honestly tell her at that point. It reminded me of Christmas Day in a way. All the prep and work that goes into the 24th and 25th. All the family comes over, and I spend at least 10 hours in the kitchen, nursing a poxy turkey and sweating bullets over the Christmas Dinner.  
Every year, when it’s over I reflect on the day, and ask myself whether I enjoyed it or not, and the truth is, YES! Of course I did!
 The people I love are in the house, hanging out and having a great time. We are all together. And if they are happy and having a good time, then I am happiest of all of them. 
I am pretty certain many of you will be able to identify with that analogy. 
So yes, I enjoyed yesterday thoroughly. 
Because everybody else did.  

You get me. 

Love & Hugs,

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Oh what a day !!!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Just got enough time before supper to tell you about our day in Leyburn...

This was yesterday evening, all set up 
and ready to go.

We were all pretty nervous this morning, wondering how it would go today. As I said, just before the doors opened, trying to calm the apprehension,
“We’ve put in the action, we’ve done all the prep we can. 
Now we have to hand it over, and relax into the day.”

Then everybody arrived and we lept into action.
Oh boy! Did we hop about!
But it was so excellent!
Having double the space was ideal.
The beautiful restaurant which opened straight into our hall was just perfect.

Hundreds of happy crafters!
Honestly, the atmosphere was just brilliant.
I was lucky enought to see loads of friends and familiar faces.

Theresa presented me with an exquisite piece of artwork...

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Which shall have pride of place back at base.

Look! Bloggy friends!
Gillyflower, Pam Kershaw and Jeanette Butler.
There were so many from this little Bloggy community there! 
We invited folks to wear their names, which I think was a great idea, because Facebook friends etc  who had never seen each other were able to recognise each other. 

Emma Burns was in town too.
Here she is with the Scottish Clan!
They were a real pleasure to spend time with.

I cannot express in words how happy I am that the day was such a resounding success.
And I’m not talking about money. 
The venue was lovely, the service was second to none,
the demonstrators were super, the snip clinic and the make & takes were fun and informative. 
All our hard work paid off, 
and hundreds of Clarity friends went home happy.

And that makes me happy. 

Like Theresa’s artwork says:

Love & Hugs,