Tuesday, 14 November 2017

A Birds Eye View...

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Here’s a Groovi step by step which Paul did on TV recently,
using one of the beautiful new Autumn Round plates, 
illustrated by our Mel.

Simply emboss a portion of the image on this yellow landscape from the Shenandoah Parchment - as much as you want - 
and leave the rest behind.

Here’s a flash of the paper pad:

Here’s a top tip which Paul demonstrated on the TV:
By embossing one of the birds from the back of the parchment, 
and then debossing the same bird from the front of the parchment, 
you can achieve perfect symmetry -
aka a reflection.

Tomorrow it’s Maria’s turn to wow you!
She will be gracing your screens on HOCHANDA again,
12 noon and 4pm.
  • SKY 663 (24/7)
  • FREEVIEW 85 (6AM-7PM)
  • FREESAT 817 (24/7)
I do hope you can tune it to watch her work her magic with some spectacular stencils, illustrated by guess who?
Yep, that’s right: our Mel again!

Off to do some ironing now....
a woman’s work is never done and all that!

Love & Hugs,


  1. Loved Paul's demo on Hochanda as much as I love this paper/parchment design. Cannot bear to use mine until I come up with something worthy of it. As for women's work - about to renovate pots and pans which have been in storage since we relo-ed back from the States as a few of our trusty Le Creusets have finally become an H&S risk. Well, I think I would have become a risk too had I been made to work over high temperatures for sustained lengths of time over thirty years and in six different countries! LOL ;~}

  2. Fabulous. must try something soon with my paper, which is so beautiful. . Will have to record Maria tomorrow Love xxx

  3. I'm scared to use my parchment ! It's not as if I can't get some more if I mess up but it would be devastating to do so. I didn't go for these plates as I'm not a bird person - a relief I could save some money for later ! Did my ironing to Countdown this afernoon ! x

  4. Hi Barbara
    Wow isn't this beautiful, the background parchment is stunning, it doesn't take a lot to see the mountains and lake the bird is flying over does it. The plates are lovely, Mel is so clever. I will be tuning in to see Maria tomorrow while I do the ironing, I've allowed it to pile up a bit! Thanks for Paul's top tip on reversing images.
    Love Diane xxx

  5. Absolutely beautiful love the birds specially the owl looking forward to stencils tomorrow TV set to record just in case don’t get to watch straight away . I’m blessed Bob does the Ironing so don’t envy that Job hope you get it done quick enjoy your evening xxx

  6. Saw this one on TV, great demo then and it's lovely to have a 'proper' look at it here. Not really a bird person (love to see them in the garden tho!) but appreciate the artwork! Got my ironing planned for tomorrow - Maria will keep me occupied while I'm busy with it. Xx

  7. Great project love that it's so easy to do a symmetrical picture using Groovi. Love my new pads, beautiful papers. Xx

  8. Evening bloggy friends hope everyone is well. Planning a start to my Christmas cards at the weekend...let's hope the planning actually turns into doing!!

    1. Hi Donna,
      I'm sure it will! Good luck! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Fabulous! I watched Paul do this on tv and was so impressed at how " easy" it was. The papers are fantastic and for once I could actually work out what the landscape was without being told, lol! The mirror technique is so clever and easy to do too. Thank you , Paul, Mel, and everyone at Clarity Towers. Love and hugs Alison xxx

    1. Hi bloggy friends,
      Managed to get another 7 Xmas cards done today, so was really pleased with myself! One of my friends took me out for lunch as well, so all in all I've had a good day - oh forgot did a record for my mile swimming today too! Love and hugs to all, Alison xxx

  10. Thanks for call the blogging you do Barb, always so clear and concise, I do record all the shows but obviously can't keep them all, so this a real help to me xx

  11. Gorgeous work with these pretty birds Barbara and love that parchment which makes such a terrific background. Will try and watch Maria tomorrow. x

  12. Beautiful project. Well done Paul! x


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