Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dream on .....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

A little dreamy down time before bedtime, eh....

Let’s do something simple, 
let’s use the lovely Northern Lights paper, 
and let’s just stamp straight onto it.

Archival black and a whimsy house.

Well, more like a Fairy high rise really.
I love it!
Wouldn’t mind the top floor. What a view!
Mind you, no lift....

Decided to try out our Perga Liners. The Pergamano pencils.

They do a good job!
I only used the waxy ones in the box. 
There are a load of water colour pencils in there too.
Hence the name Combi Box!

Added highlights and lowlights, to give that 3-D effect.

O-oh! Back gnome from a hard day at the office...
fairyly unelfentful.

Tell you what: this little Stardust gel pen is worth having. 
It really does add a little glitter and a shimmer of pixie dust
 on any colour.
Just takes on the colour underneath.

Go for a wander with the Micron pen and make a funky border...

That’ll do.
Cheese on Toast tonight. 
Way too late to cook.
As they say in Fairyland,
if you think I’m cooking after a 12 hour shift at the office
and a blog, DREAM ON!!
Kitchen’s closed - Elf yourself!

Love and hugs,

Monday, 27 February 2017

My favourite boy....

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Had a little hour to myself this afternoon,
realigning my head after a mental morning at work.

Since the paints and Gel Press plate were still on the worktop where I had abandoned them last night, I carried on!
No particular direction;

just more paint and a brayer, combined with my favourite boy.
Well, no, let me qualify that - my favourite boy stamp.

My favourite boy is quite without question Mark, my lad.
His shoulder is healing well, and thank you for all your good wishes. 

I pulled the print off onto Kraft card, which came out well.
and added highlights with our white pencils 
(lifetime supply, remember??)

Used pencils to add light and shade to a moon and the hills I saw.
Ran round the outside with a black Sharpie pen and then roughed the edges with a edge of my scissors.

Added a little town in the distance..
Crowborough methinks.
You can see our house from here!

Yes, and that was it.

A scrap background print,
and the hope that both my kids will come home one day.

Love & Hugs

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Celebrating with Rossella

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Exciting day today.
Rossella Cottrell had her debut with Clarity on Hochanda today.

11am 2pm and 5pm

Oh my!
Didn’t she do well??
I KNEW she would nail it. She is such a professional.
Very, very happy to have her on board, joining the Clarity Team.
I took myself off to my artroom for an hour and made a print to celebrate, in between the 11am show and the 2pm show....

A simple print using the Gel press plate 6" x 6"

and the wonderful Leafy Swirl Stencil,

together with some Fresco acrylic paints.
Was so keen not to miss the second show, 
I messed up with the step by step photos.
No idea what went wrong.
Never mind.
I enjoyed the process though, and I did do a You Tube video on something very similar a long time ago, which I will download for you at the end of the blog. 

I was far more interested in supporting and cheering Rossella!

Spot the card!
Are we having fun yet??

The girl’s in charge;
she knows what she’s doing,
and she’s doing it brilliantly.

Now I on the other hand only managed to take one photo of the artwork in process,

and one at the end!

But the roast pork is getting crispy crackling,
so I had best go and deal with that, 
before that goes Pete Tong too!

Mmm. Fresh apple sauce on the side...
No wonder my derriere is spreading!!!!

Love & hugs,

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Anyone seen my keys? A step by step stamping project xx

Happy Saturday.
Thanks for popping in.

How about a simple step by step stamping project,
using that sexy boot stamp again?

Here’s the Stampset it comes from...

I went with one of the lovely background papers from 
The New England Fall Book this time:

Mount and stamp the boot in black Archival.

Mask off the boot with the mask which comes with the Stampset.
Add a touch of Fine Wine Artistry Ink from the mini set
with a make-up sponge.

Then a touch of the Golden Turmeric in the middle

Now for the fence, the one for keeping the sheep safe.
You need a little tree with a long trunk.
There’s a perfect one in the 

Tear a piece of paper, and then start building the fence.
Start with a long post at the front, and make them shorter and shorter as they stretch into the distance.
The last ones in the far back even second generation ink?
Ink, blot and then plot. 

Using a fine black pen, join them up along the baseline.

Now we need the rails in between.
Use copy paper to mask as you join each post.

That’ll do. The middle one went a bit wonky.
The sheep would definitely be able to get through that gap!!

Add the sheep from the Wee Farm animals Stampset
and the tree itself, and add a little colour to the heel.

Remove all the masking,
colour in the sheep with a white pencil,
and add highlights to the fence.
Remember the lifetime supply of 12 white pencils?
Oh. And a little dropshadow on the undercarriage of the boot,
to ground it. 

Harmony. Yes, I think that is the word for today.

Trim the piece back, and
let’s use a Mini Blending Tool around the edges, 
using the same Fine Wine and Golden Turmeric.

Black Sharpie pen around all 4 sides, then layer up on copy paper, using Punch No. 2.

I found an old sheet of burgundy card, so layered again,
and then onto white Hunkydory card.

A little white shading in the background here and there.
The patterns in the salty background 
are begging a little white highlight.
That’ll do.

Look at the background.
Imagine you are looking down on the world from an aeroplane.
See the canyon?
Fabulous nature.  

Here’s another aerial view...

I think the time has come to clear the decks and start again.
Lost my keys here too....
My workspace has been getting gradually smaller and smaller.
I had already made a decision to only use what was already on the deck, so as not to add to it!!
Hence the boot stamp from last week again!

Rugby or cleaning....

Ireland vs France
or music and a blitz....

See if you can guess what I decided to do...
Answers below please xxxx

Love & Hugs

Friday, 24 February 2017

An Of-fencive Issue.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Friday’s blog a private peek, right?
This morning I visited a friend 
who lives in a fabulous country house near here.
Beautiful outlook, wonderful gardens.
Just absolutely splendid.
Been there for many years. 

Thing is, they’ve got new neighours.
Now these neighbours are a ways away, you understand.
Not next door in the common sense of the word.
They’ve decided they don’t want the deer on their land, 
so they are erecting some serious deer fencing;
as far away as possible from their own outlook, 
and therefore right in my friend’s view. 
Which is such a shame, it really is. 
Believe me when I tell you she could do without this aggro.

As she said herself, the deer have never been a problem.
They do damage plants, but they are part and parcel of living on the edge of the Wealden forest.
You live in the countryside, you expect deer. 
You erect fences to keep animals safe, like sheep fences, to stop them escaping, getting out onto the roads and being hit by cars. 
When I lived in Northern California, the deer used to come into the garden too. To me, that was wonderful. 

But to erect ugly land dividers, just so that the deer won’t encroach on your country garden ...
Harks back to the days of the Inclosure Act.

John Clare, The Peasant Poet, had something to say about it too, 
in his poem 

The Mores:

Unbounded freedom ruled the wandering scene
Nor fence of ownership crept in between
To hide the prospect of the following eye
Its only bondage was the circling sky
Now this sweet vision of my boyish hours
Free as spring clouds and wild as summer flowers
Is faded all – a hope that blossomed free,
And hath been once, no more shall ever be
Inclosure came and trampled on the grave
Of labour’s rights and left the poor a slave
And memory’s pride ere want to wealth did bow
Is both the shadow and the substance now.

So I came home and made a simple card, with sheep and the sort of fencing which kind of enhance our wonderful countryside.

I believe that deer, whilst nuisance they may be,
are magnificent creatures - wild and free. 

Tomorrow, I shall step by step this one.
But just for today, I would like to switch off and kick back.

Till tomorrow,

Love & Hugs

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Calm down Doris !!!

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.
Weathered the storm and went to visit my parents today.
Spent a lovely day with them. Never left the dining room. 
Just drank tea, chatted and caught up all day.
Enjoyed it so much, I hope to do it again next week!
Plenty of trees in the roads;
major wind gusts.
But Storm Doris wasn’t too bad here.
I do hope you are all safe in the dry.

So today, what better things to procure from my stash 
than a stormy leaf out of the Northern Lights Paper pad,

Love love love this set. 
First things first.
Decide which direction the storm is headed on the paper,
and plant the tree accordingly, using Black Archival ink.

Add Doris’s fella.
He’s hanging onto his brolly for dear life here.
She’s got him in a right spin cycle!

Let’s ground him.
Just tear a sheet of copy paper and dab dab dab a dark grey ink along the torn edge, to create a background hill.
This colour Hickory Smoke  has got some punch.

Now for a splash of bright.
This colour, Abandoned Coral, teams up very well with the paper.

Went for it and just smeared the edge of the ink pad 
underneath the tree and shoes. Yikes!

Cut the paper back on all four sides, and used a Micron pen to drag out the tree roots and form a pathway for him...

Can you see the tornado in the distance?
Double yikes.

Drag a Black Sharpie pen around all 4 sides,

and mount it on another sheet of the same paper, 
lining it up in the same position.

Let’s ignore the tornado,
and pretend he is headed in the right direction, shall we?
Well, let’s say he’s headed toward the light, 
and add a little white pencil...
Pergamano do a box of 12 white pencils, did you know?!
You can never have enough white pencils!
Here’s a lifetime supply!

All done.
I like it.
You can feel the pull of the wind in the picture, can’t you?

I wonder where he is headed?
As the verse so aptly stated:

Sometimes in the winds of change,
we find our true direction. 

Be safe,
stay in the warm and dry if you can.

Love & Hugs,