Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A Hare in the Gelli - YouTube Tuesday Sale offer

Hi there!
Thanks for popping in.

Excited to be launching these two new stencils here today.


Mel drew them, and they are fantastic.
Absolutely blimmin’ beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed that little session?
I certainly did!

So there’s a super special  20 % OFF these 2 beauties for their launch - and - as with all our YouTube Tuesday Offers,  it will be honoured until next Tuesday.

The other ingredients I used in the video are also in the 20% YouTube Tuesday Sale

This week's offers can be found 

See you tomorrow!
Love & Hugs,

Monday, 19 February 2018

Lace shrinks too!

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

Was clearing away yesterday’s mess on my desk, so I could do today’s blog, and the shrink plastic from yesterday beckoned to me again....

It occurred to me that perhaps we can shrink lace too...

So I got out the round Gelpress Petite and a couple of Archival ink pads, brayered some ink onto the round which is mounted on its little Megamount,

then placed the lace swatch over the shrink plastic sheet, 
and press the inky plate down onto the lace directly. 

So the question is, will the lace lose its detail when we shrink it?

Drew round a pot with a thick pen and a thin pen, to see which one was better (thin)

and cut the rounds out with scissors.
Punched holes into them with my croc, 
just because they will be more useful that way,

and then shrank them with a heat gun.
Where’s Dean Wilson when you need him?!?

I prefer the lighter one, so I’ll just carry on with that one.

See how much it has shrunk? Brilliant

Just in case you’re not into shrink, look: 
here’s the lace printed onto a little card tag.

This side’s done as on the shrink,

the other side’s done by just flipping the tag over, and placing the Gelpress Petite back down on it, to print off what was left on it from the original print. 

Very very cool.

Found an old earring loop and added a bead.

What impresses me is that the detail of the lace is not compromised in the least - even when it’s shrunk so radically.
If anything, it gets sharper.

Time to stop for the day.
Here are the links to the ingredients I used:

Love & Hugs,

Sunday, 18 February 2018

I’ve shrunk!

Thanks for popping in.
After a long day walking the NEC Trade Show in Birmingham, 
what better way to unwind than play with shrink plastic ?!?

So I took one of our lovely Art Nouveau stamps, 
and turned it into a brooch.

Complete with pin on the back.

I used the larger panelstamp.
The shrinking took less than a minute in the Aga...

How did I add the colour? Before the shrink.
Brilliance pads and Versamagic are perfect for this.
And you don’t need much. When it shrinks the colour gets much more vibrant.
Then stamp with Black Archival.

Cut out, punch a hole for a dangle,

...and pop in the Aga, or preheated oven, or use a heat gun.
Whichever comes first.

Wow! It doesn’t half shrink too!
Look at the difference between the stamped image and the brooches.

Now you see me - now you don’t!

Hands up who has still got a Krylon pen from the good old days!
Get it out and edge the brooch. And while you’re there, colour in the back with the gold pen too

Now spend an hour looking for your beads and wire. 

Dearie me. What a shambles...

Abandon beads, Use wire which you DID find.
Cor. How long ago did we do this stuff all the time?
Time to have a revival!

How delightfully simple.

We sell shrink plastic you know.
The good gear.

click here

In fact, I spoke to Rosie today, when we were at the NEC, and she was saying she is going to use it on Wednesday when she does the One Day Special with the beautiful Mandala Groovi Plates and Stamps. 
Great minds think alike, because I had already planned on using it on my next Sunday show with Stencils! 

That’s probably why I had Shrink Plastic on the brain when I got home then! What a pleasure and fun it is.

Love & Hugs,

Saturday, 17 February 2018


Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Writing very fast here.
Got a friend coming round, and we’re all going for a walk.

So with her in mind, I want to just spend half an hour contemplating the essence of friendship whilst I make a simple card, using an old favourite.

I LOVE this stamp.

Ironically, the bamboo with birds comes with another favourite of mine, called entwined humming birds. What a superb set they are.
Old is gold, eh?

Entwined Hummingbirds
So stamp onto a piece of our Designer paper from Indian Summer
using a black Archival dabbed with a little Groovy Grape or something maroon.
Trim and line with a black Sharpie pen.

Add a watermark of the bamboo using a Versamark Watermark pad. After all, that is what it was originally intended for.

Add the word Friendship top and bottom, to frame.
Another one of my old as dirt stamps...

Let’s add a moon. The Versamark will work using a mask and a blending tool.

Will darken as it dries. 

And you can always help it with a touch of black.....

Time to go find Dave and my walking boots.
The cleaning can wait.

Walk with friends much more nourishing and important.

Love & Hugs,

Friday, 16 February 2018

Read a Book

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Friday’s blog a private peek, right?

Wall plaques. They always draw me in.
I have to cross the street and find out who resided there...

round the corner from marylebone train station

You know this property was for the well-to-do back in the day.
Still is, I’m sure! Shame about the metal grid on the windows.
Sign of the times?

So who do you think lived in a house like this?

Ahhh. The Razor’s Edge

W. Somerset Maugham.

I have just googled him. 
Spent 10 minutes educating myself on this man.
It’s amazing what Life can throw at people, isn’t it.
He may have been from good stock, so food on the table never an issue, but by God. What a turbulent childhood! Poor bloke.
If you have time, read up on him. His story will give you gratitude. 

But back to the plaque.

“To acquire a habit for reading
is to construct for yourself
a refuge from almost all the miseries of Life.”

Thus spake the voice of experience. 
When I read his words on the plaque in London, I immediately thought he evidently had had trauma in his life. 

I won’t regurgitate his life to you - it’s not my story to tell.
But whether you read his works or his life story, it too will give you that respite from what ican so often be a sad or harsh reality. 

Love & Hugs,

Thursday, 15 February 2018

It’s a good job.

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.

It’s a good job I have learned not to say what I think.
Because if I said what I thought right now, it would make some people blush, it would embarrass others, it would give the gobby few a platform to accuse me of not understanding how a democracy works. And despite being asked to tread gently and be kind, they will come bulldozing through the lives of my friends, blurting out their opinions and crushing people.

So it’s a bloody good job I have learned not to say what I think, or I might tell them what I really think of their ignorant behaviour. 
And that would not do at all, would it?

One day, I may just forget the rule of civility too. And on that day, look out. Because my memory is very, very good. 

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Great day today.
Very long but also very fruitful and constructive.

Came home to test some delightful new stamps which lovely Linda Williams has designed, and well! I just had to see whether the lineart really was as fine as it looked...

Oh yes. Splendid print on an inky scrap.

This stamp collection is superb. 
Wait till you see the rest of the collection - the feathers, the arrow and the peacock himself!

Actually, these will also be available in Groovi format. 
If the stamps are this delicate, the Groovi plates will be fantastic.

I know. I’m teasing you again, and no, these stamps aren’t for sale for another month!
We shall be launching them at the NEC, and will be showcasing them on the Live TV Hochanda shows directly from Birmingham.
Linda will be showing off the Groovi plates on TV on the Friday at the NEC, and I shall be bringing on the stamps on the Saturday.

I just wanted to give you a hint as to what is in the pipeline.
And today, Mel came over with another set of phenomenal wildlife stencils. Insanely good. I cannot wait to show you them. There’s one with little squirrels and a hedgehog....

Anyway! Enough teasing. 
Time to chillax for an hour. I’ve had my inky fix.

Love and hugs,

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Happy Day for the Big Day

Hi there.
Thanks for popping in.
Back in Blighty again, and although I was sad to leave Gracie, 
it was good to get back to Dave, too.

I do love NEW YORK though.
There’s a kind of strong, powerful energy surging through its streets, and I enjoy getting swept up in it. 
And I find the New Yorkers very pleasant too.

Now many years ago, back in the 90’s I remember feeling very intimidated, almost fearful, in New York. Yet now I love it!

So has New York changed? Or have I?

We met this lovely lady, Sylvia, whilst out shopping on Monday. 

She works in the Weddings Department at Macy’s in New York.
Has done for many many years.
She’s 84 years old and blimming amazing!
What a character. 
She has her own blog and has written and published several novels!
Once I have unpacked and settled down, I think we should visit her in Blogland, don’t you?
She helped us pick the dress. THE DRESS.

It was the first one I tried on, and it was just perfect.
No need to make any adjustments, nothing.

No need to keep looking, said I. 
It won’t get any better than this. 
All sorted in less than half an hour.

It’s white, it’s beautiful, and it’s hanging in the closet upstairs!

Didn’t take long to find one for bridesmaid Grace either.
A beautiful dusty pink lace. She looks like a million dollars in it.


Big box ticked on that particular list!

Must dash. Maria’s on the box!!!
Love & Hugs

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Time to get Groovi with some Grids!

Hi there.
Paul here, 
stepping in for Barbara as she makes 
her way home from The Big Apple!

So today is You Tube Tuesday and we have not one, but two tutorials from the lovely Rosie.

In the first video Rosie talks about our Groovi Grids.

In the second video, Rosie shows us how we can make 
our own patterns for the beautiful lacework.

So don't forget we have 20% off the following products
from midday today until midday next Tuesday.

1-needle, 2-needle & 4-needle

In the second tutorial, Rosie talks about a download which you can find below:

Straight Grid - Download Here
Diagonal Grid - Download Here

Also, just a reminder that the lovely Maria Moorhouse will be live on HOCHANDA tomorrow at 12 noon and 4pm with some beautiful Groovi Plates, Stamps and Stencils.

I love all 3 of the different floral designs Maria will be showcasing, 
Lily of the Valley
Spring Bouquet

They are perfect for 
Mothers Day, 
 Birthdays and so much more.

Happy Crafting!
Paul xxx